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Monday, 15 May 2017


It's that C (December 25th) word again. These 2 were from a week ago and I was pleased with both items.
A Fortnum and Mason ( I assume it's genuine) basket which will become a Christmas Hamper for Sister or Sister in Law (although I really want to keep it). It was £3. The pack of two pretty notebooks was 50p and will be a draw prize for W.I.
Then on Saturday, on the way to visit Col in hospital, I called in at the giant car boot sale and spent £2 on a new doormat for the conservatory, £3 on a basket for kindling wood and £3 on a  handbag, but then when I put my stuff in the new bag I discovered the handle was coming loose - b****r!
I had checked the inside was all OK, and it looked in new condition but missed the fact that when full and held by the handle or shoulder strap all the stitching at the back of the handle was pulling away from the bag, which had torn a bit. Grrrrrrrrr hate it when I've bought  a dud and nothing to be done about it.

The visit to the small Antique and Vintage fair ( on the way to visit Colin on Sunday) yielded nothing. In fact it seemed not much more than a glorified car boot sale and it didn't help that there was a sudden downpour and half the stalls were covered up!

Not the most successful of weekends.
Ho Hum

And Col said the radish nibblers could also have been ants - I'd forgotten the problems they used to cause at the smallholding, especially in the dry soil of the polytunnels. They often spoiled the strawberries too. So ants, slugs, mice or's a wonder we get anything to eat at all. BTW Col is still in hospital, 9 days now, the infection has been fought off and he should be out in the next day or so.......we hope

Back Soon


  1. Beautiful F&M hamper, great price! I know we are supposed to work with nature, but sometimes it does become like all out war as we try to stop those pesky pests from spoiling everything we grow.
    Most important of all - wonderful news about Col!

  2. Thank goodness that infection has gone. I do hope Col is home soon.
    You've got some great purchases there Sue. I'm especially envious of the basket - I'd be tempted to keep it if I were you. 😆
    Would a cobbler be able to stitch the bag for you? X

    1. Sadly although it looks and feels like leather, it's just plastic so not stitchable

  3. How about glue for the bag handle and lots of tlc for Col when he comes home. x

  4. A sadler or proper shoemaker should be able to fix the handle, if you can find one. Do hope Col gets home soon.

  5. Great news about Col and I love that basket. Beautiful.
    J x

  6. A few nice finds with the baskets I love baskets

  7. I'd encourage you to keep that F&M basket. It looks somewhat like a creel style with that slot in the top, it's beautiful.
    Ants! A bane of my life!

  8. Hope your husband feels better soon.

    I find so-called antiques fairs these days are just "posh" bootfairs

    Julie xxxxx

  9. I would be keeping the F&M basket no question. It would be wedged open as a show stopper I my kitchen to display all my lovely herbs. Oh I'm such a snob !!! Not really!

  10. Shame about the handbag as it looks really nice.
    I love the F&M basket and I would definitely be keeping

    Good news about Col coming home-x-

  11. Glad to hear Colin is feeling better, it's a long hard road for both of you. Love the baskets, what a great idea to get them at car boots and save money.

  12. Glad that Col is on the mend and should soon be home.

  13. So glad to hear Col is responding well. Ants are an absolute pain here. Sarah. Dorset.

  14. Love the F and M basket!Hope Col is out soon.

  15. love that Fortnum's basket, a great find.

    Glad that Col is improving. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed that he's back home very soon. x

  16. Beautiful basket! We are fortunate that there's so much sandy soil around here, that the ants have plenty of other places to make a home beside my garden. Our stray cats have been catching mice like crazy this past week. Who knew there were so many? Hope Col continues to get better each passing day.


  17. Lovely basket, no wonder you'd like to keep it, shame about the handbag. Good news about Col though xx

  18. We have a major problem with ants here at the moment, everytime I dig in the garden I unearth a nest, there are thousands of the bloody things. Like many have said lovely basket, I would probably keep that one.

  19. So pleased to read that Col should be home soon; I hope he gets to enjoy some fabulous weather too before he needs to go back for more treatment.
    My grandchildren were playing Boules on my front lawn at the weekend until the game was disrupted by the appearance of hundreds of ants erupting out of the ground. It looks as though they have a huge nest underneath the whole lawn as there's nowhere safe to play.

  20. I like your baskets. I like baskets too and have to keep myself from buying more. My daughter gave me one on Mother's Day and I enjoy it. Need to spot for it. Praying Col continues to get better and be home soon. Happy week.

  21. Glad to hear Col is improving. Have to admit ants give me more motivation to water the garden and allotment than anything else! For the most part I assume most of our fruit and veg can find its own moisture but we've had some cracking ant nests on and near our plot.

  22. I hope Col gets to come home soon!

    Love the basket find. I think I might be tempted to keep it for myself lol

  23. Loving the car boot finds and I too am thinking about C already -

  24. I love the F&M basket ... it is genuine. We get one of the larger ones every year from an agency that LH works through. This shape was on the website when I was checking costings of the items in our last basket :-)