Wednesday 4 October 2023

I Loved the Idea of Compost Jelly............

 .............that Sue in Lancashire had on her blog so started collecting bits and bobs in a bag in the freezer. Apple peel and cores, a few squashy plums that were in a bag that I bought for £1 from a boot-sale (most were OK thankfully) and some blackberries picked from the other side of the churchyard.
Bought a lemon and made a drizzle cake then added the remains to the box.
Finally when I'd peeled the tasteless Charles Ross apples I added all their peelings too and had enough to almost fill my big jam pan.

Covered with water and brought to boil, then simmered for the rest of the morning, I mashed everything several times with a potato masher.
When I strained through a jelly bag it made nearly 4 pints of quite a watery liquid, which seemed rather a lot so I tipped all the juice back into the jam pan and heated and simmered for a couple of hours to reduce it. 

Eventually added the sugar and boiled to setting which made 6 jars of lovely dark red jelly.....I'd put 5 out in the freezer room cupboard before I remembered a photo,  the jelly looks black, but hold it up to the sun and it really is dark red. 

Two jars will be used in the Christmas happens and I think I'll make scones soon so I can try the jelly on top - better buy clotted cream!

Not sure I will make it again because, although the ingredients were free, it took quite a bit of electric for cooking and I'm not a huge jam eater anyway. If I do make it again next year I'll use less water at the beginning.

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  1. It's a brilliant idea, isn't it? Like you, I don't get through much jam, so it's not something I'll be making but if I did, I definitely would. xx

  2. Yes great idea to use up everything that would normally be chucked in the compost bin. I used to make loads of jams and chutneys, but not anymore - like you, we hardly eat it nowadays.

  3. It's a splendid idea. What does it taste like?

  4. I hope the jelly tastes good after the work involved. I’d eat it with some cheese on lovely seeded bread. Catriona

  5. The jelly looks a wonderful, rich colour:)

  6. Using all the fruit bits and bobs to make jam is a great idea. Your jam looks excellent. A scone with jam and clotted cream will be wonderful.

  7. Sounds tasty, will give this a try, have already begun freezing some left over lemon and apple peelings.

  8. Should taste lovely and have a good pectin rate...full of vitamins hopefully! x

  9. How fun! Truly frugal, waste not etc. Does it thicken on its own, from the apple peels' pectin?

  10. I like making apple jellies with a variety of foraged fruits, elderberries, rose hips, blackberries, bullaces, sloes, and mirabell plums.
    With quince and medlars I strain the cooked fruit through muslin for jelly, then sieve the remaining pulp and simmer that with sugar to make a stiff fruit paste.
    I like a teaspoon of jelly or jam on full fat Greek style yoghurt, which we buy in litre pots, for an easy pudding.

  11. Missed this yesterday. I used to make various vegetable wines by saving the peelings in the freezer. Waste not want not.