Monday, 1 March 2021

Another Painting in Lent

 Here's today's painting from the little book

The Art of Lent: A Painting A Day From Ash Wednesday To Easter by [Sister Wendy Beckett]


This is from week 2 where the subject is Contemplation

Young Woman with a water jug by Jan Vermeer c1662

Sister Wendy says "No painter has ever believed more totally in light than Vermeer - and hence the profoundly contemplative nature of his art".

Wikipedia says " This painting is one of a closely related group painted in the early to mid-1660s as the artist was not using linear perspective and geometric order, and the light was his only source of emphasis. The work suggests that Vermeer was aware that light is composed of colours, and the effect of colours on one another. For instance, the blue drape is reflected as dark blue on the side of the metallic pitcher, and the red fabric modifies the gold hue of the basin's underside.
Young Woman with a Water Pitcher was purchased by Henry Gurdon Marquand in 1887 at a Paris gallery for $800. When Marquand brought it to the United States, it was the first Vermeer in America. Marquand donated the artwork along with other pieces in his collection to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.
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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Last Saturday in February

What's been happening this week that I've not already written about.........

Well, Tuesday was SO exciting - I went to the library in Debenham! After weeks completely shut Suffolk libraries have opened for collecting reservations so I altered my pick up point for reservations from the mobile library to Debenham library- just until the mobiles start up again. And my first book arrived there. Due to watching all the police crime dramas from around the world I'd not finished a book for weeks but I got straight into this one................

Thumbnail for The Decent Inn of Death 

 This is the 6th in a series featuring  John Madden

"On a trip into Winchester, former chief inspector Angus Sinclair learns of a tragedy that has taken place in the village he is staying in. Beloved church organist Greta Hartmann has slipped and fallen to her death in a shallow creek, and while investigations conclude it to be an accident, her friend and housemate, Vera, remains unconvinced. After learning that Greta was the widow of a prominent anti-Nazi German preacher, Sinclair meets with the distraught Vera, and he resolves to dig deeper into the story. His investigations lead him to the stately manor of Julia Lesage, where she lives with her devoted staff that includes her secretary, cook, and driver. Though confined to a wheelchair, Julia is an electrifying spirit with a sharp wit, and those who know her adore her. Among those who do, a gentleman with dubious business dealings is also staying at the house--and Julia appears to be in love with him. A blizzard hits, keeping Sinclair, and later Madden, on the grounds with little to do but analyze the case of Greta's death, until a murder takes place, and everyone becomes a suspect."

The interesting thing about these books is the big gaps between publication dates and the equally large gaps between the period in which the books are set. So the first of the series is set in 1921 and this latest  is set in the early 1950s.


Also on Tuesday Brother in Law came over with his trailer and picked up the pots and gardening things that I want to keep, plus tools and DIY stuff from the garage and the strimmer and mower. He is going to put some things in his garage and the rest will be covered on the trailer and left tucked away at his friends farm. He also looked around for anything else that might-come-in-handy (he takes after his brother!) so things that I would have left here as I had no use for them have now gone to his garage. 

In the afternoon I had a heart stopping moment when a lady from the company through which I'm renting the holiday let rang to check that I wasn't actually going to be on holiday. For one dreadful moment I thought she was going to say I couldn't stay there after all. But all is well. Holidays in self catering are Not allowed yet but letting to do with business or house moving are OK. Phew! I breathed a very big sigh of relief.

On Thursday there was an email from the company that run the swimming pool to say that fingers crossed, all being well and God Willing the pool will reopen on 12th April.....will I get a swim in before my birthday?........ only time will tell.(and will my swimming costume still fit?!)

And then here we are  - Saturday again. 

This week I'm grateful for

  • Being able to get organised for moving
  • Library books again
  • Time with Grandchildren

Just editing in to say how sorry to hear that Jill at Land of the Big Sky has passed away. I've enjoyed her posts for so many years and the photos of the sea were always a treat. Sending condolences to the DP and her children and grandchildren.

Have a lovely weekend. 
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Friday, 26 February 2021

A Breath of Fresh Air

 The Museum of East Anglian Life in Stowmarket has opened it's grounds for "exercise". Each day between noon and 2pm anyone can go and wander round and say hello to the ducks, turkeys, donkeys, Suffolk Punch horse, large black pig and the sheep.

DiL asked if I'd like to join her and the two youngest Grandchildren for an hours walk. It was about 10 degrees warmer in town than at home......... I must live in one of the breeziest places in Mid Suffolk. 

Youngest Grandson was most excited by the ducks as his first word is "Duck", we're not sure why! 

The museum has several buildings that have been moved there from elsewhere in Suffolk including this windmill which is a water pump. 

A really bad photo of the donkeys on the hill.

And my Bubble grandchildren. Youngest Granddaughter decided she didn't want her photo taken and hid behind the pushchair. She was in a bit of a grump after the turkey gobbled loudly and made her jump.

We had an hour in the sunshine, a change of scenery and it blew away the cobwebs. I think the grandchildren will want to go back with daddy at the weekend. 

(And just in case anyone says we were going against the rules of lock-down, DiL was also picking up books from the library and I popped into Asda for the things I forgot in the Co-op!, so "yah boo sucks to you!!" and I've just looked this up and wiki says it's a "childish expression of derision or scorn!)

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