Friday, 23 July 2021

The Olympics

 A week after the end of Le Tour we now have the return of the Summer of Sport 2021 for those of us who enjoy watching sport

Today we can see  the opening ceremony which usually goes on far too long but the sport started Wednesday with ladies football and the GB team won their first match.
 The time difference might make watching some events difficult because I'm not that keen to stay up late or get up extra early but BBC have gone Olympics crazy and somehow have something on all day and the  Radio Times (one of my down-sizing treats that I'm loving) has helpfully provided a special edition with all the times of all the sports right through the whole 16 days.

Thinking about why I couldn't remember much about the 2016 Olympics I searched the old blog and of course it was while we were in the Very Small Ipswich Bungalow and Colin was in and out of Ipswich hospital when all the early parts of the treatment for the Lymphoma caused  so many problems. 4 years earlier the  Olympics of 2012 and we were still at the smallholding . It was the first year that Col went from full-time work to part time and working for ourselves with growing and selling more. We cycled to Saxmundham to see the Olympic Torch going through but were working so hard through the summer that I can't remember much about what we watched.

This year I can enjoy watching all the different sports that are not usually seen on TV as well as favourite things like the tennis, cycling and athletics.

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Thursday, 22 July 2021

After 3 Days of "Freedom"..........................

..................... what exciting things have I done?

Well I went shopping without a mask, other than that ........nothing. Surprisingly I wasn't in a queue for a Nightclub to open at Midnight and also haven't waited to be served at a pub bar either. 
And I've not been "pinged" as I didn't fall for that temptation to add the app to my phone! Apps? what are they?
Unlike those people waiting for clarification for their foreign holiday booking  or for things to "open up" I'm no longer waiting for anything. I've come to the conclusion that everything I want to do is already available to me.
What else do I need except my family, a home, a garden, access to all the books I want, lots of hobbies and a TV to keep me company. Life is Very Good.

So................. the only things I'm waiting for are the 15 books I have on order from the library .
Here's what I'm waiting for...............a  Good List to fill a blog post..................!
The Eastermost Sky by Juliet Blaxland
The Widow of Bath by Margot Bennett
Till Death us do Part by John Dickson Carr
Murder by the Book - Edited by Martin Edwards
A State of Fear  by Laura Dodsworth
These Names Make Clues by E C R Lorac
Loved Clothes Last by Orsola De Castro
Clutch of Constables by Ngaio Marsh
The Comfort book by Matt Haig
The Heron's Cry by Ann Cleves
The Joy and Light Bus Company by Alexander McCall Smith
Woodston - Biography of a Farm by John Lewis Stempel
Transient Desires by Donna Leon
The Stone Chamber by Kate Ellis
Easy Vegan by Brett Cobley 

and that's not including the 9 books that will be on the van for me when it comes next week. Yes, life really is VERY good  especially with the warmth and sunshine.

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Wednesday, 21 July 2021

The House Clearance People Are Back

 Needham Market boot sale at the weekend was much bigger than previous Saturdays but still not as busy as pre-covid days. There were several large vans there full of all the miscellaneous bits and bobs from houses they've cleared. Furniture and bigger household items etc probably go off to auction or sold elsewhere so what they bring to boot-sales is stuff just hauled out of cupboards and piled into boxes.
If my back and knees didn't object to rummaging through boxes on the ground then I'd probably look for longer so all I just picked up the two part-used boxes of  baking paper for 20p.
From a different seller the childrens doodle pad was 50p which is pretty good considering the label on the back saying it was bought from Heffers big bookshop in Cambridge for £5.99. It will be something  for Eldest Grandson to do when they visit next month. The only other things bought were the plants and pot on yesterdays post, a bunch of big  beetroot and a punnet of local strawberries...........

and I was still home in time for breakfast!
When I searched for a picture to see what plants I'd displayed on the old shabby chic ladder at the smallholding and the cottage I couldn't find one. But yesterday looked again and found this

That was the sort of thing I'd planned for the plant stand............... but I'm liking my new idea better.
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