Friday 24 May 2024

Very Small Art Exhibition

 This art exhibition in a local village was much smaller than recent years. I reckon all the people who took up art during covid have now gone back to their normal jobs and don't have time for painting!

I didn't see anything that I loved and some not very interesting. About half the show was large framed photographs of birds and zoo animals - OK, but not my favourite type of art.

Just a short look at some of the work on show- too much reflection from windows for good photos I'm afraid

Helen Maxfield's Linocuts below - she exhibits at all the local art exhibitions. She seems to have some different pictures this year.

This one below is done with pastels - The sunshine on the meadow is well done

A watercolour of a Lotus flower

And These below ..........whatever they are! Not something I'd want on my walls!

These two below which are labelled as Digital Print - on a computer I guess, are they proper art?. One is called 'Cats in Windows' and the other ' Dogs in Windows'. Wouldn't want these either.

I bought a card featuring an avocet to add to the birthday card box, it's one of Helen Maxfield's, although I might keep it and find a frame for it to add to my 'art wall'

Didn't take long to look round and I was soon on my way home again. Another Art Exhibition has been noted in the diary for visiting in June.

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Thursday 23 May 2024

The New Constituency

 Well, well, well, we are to have a General Election sooner rather than later, that was a surprise. So six weeks of campaigning - Oh Great Joy!

 We are in a new constituency this time, the boundaries have changed to keep up with new building and changing populations so instead of being in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich (where our MP Dr. Dan Poulter went from Conservative to Labour a few weeks ago but is standing down anyway) the village is now in the brand new Waveney Valley Constituency which straddles the border with Norfolk.

I think it's quite interesting in a nerdy sort of way as there is no knowing exactly what will happen, no sitting candidate - they are all new. I say they , but Labour and Lib Dems must have already given up as there has no information from them at all. The Green candidate has had his supporters delivering flyers for several months.

In all General Elections for as long as I've been voting, everywhere in Suffolk - apart from the occasional anomaly and bits of Ipswich -  have put Conservative MP's into Parliament.

This is what the latest leaflet through the door said "Labour and Lib Dems Can't win here"

In local elections Mid Suffolk became the first District Council to have a Green Party majority. But Suffolk County Council is still ruled by a huge majority of Conservative County Councillors.

The Conservatives have been in power nationally for several years now, maybe Labour will win - I have no preference.  It will be interesting to see what happens both here and for our country  but in the overall scheme of things it probably won't make a iota of difference to us common folk!

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