Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Sitting Outside All Day Is..........................

.................. Hard Work!

There was fine and warm weather for the village yard sales on Sunday, so well before the advertised start time of 10am I had set up my stall out the front. I was glad I'd got it sorted early because people stopped to look and I'd already sold a rug and the old kick stool by the time I remembered to get my camera for this photo.
Even got rid of old tools from Colin's workshop, they've already moved house three times! - luckily most sold for a few £.

By 2pm it didn't seem likely that anyone else would be round so I packed up. The chair and shelves didn't sell and went back in the garage, one box-full of small things went straight into the car ready for a charity shop. I also put some things in the car to take to BiL who can burn them.

My next door neighbour had a stall too with a ton of children's toys from her two who are 10 and 7 but I  was very good and didn't look too hard and it was good to chat to her as she and her husband are always so busy. I also spoke to someone who I'd last seen in 1978!

And  it was worth  hauling everything out of the garage because I got rid of quite a lot of unwanted bits and pieces and ended up with £56. 

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Monday, 27 September 2021

What Job Does Your Daddy do?

If you ask Youngest Granddaughter this question her answer is he digs in muddy holes in the ground!

 On  Friday we went down to Clare on the Essex/Suffolk border to see the "muddy holes in the ground" which son is in charge off. It's a community thing, lasting for 3 weeks and this is the 3rd and final year of funding.


All that is left of Clare Castle on the top of the Motte
We walked all the way up to see the remains

The dig is looking to map the extant of what was the cemetery of Clare Priory.

 From the top of the Motte there's a good view of the excavations. The building on the right is an old engine shed. Once a small branch railway ran through here, which has confused the archaeology  and probably destroyed quite a lot of stuff.
Lots of bits found, they have volunteers digging and washing everything as it comes out of the ground.

This little piece of medieval glass is one of the best finds

 A view over the roof tops of the small old town of Clare from the top of the Motte.

I visited this church (one of the 100) when we went down to see the dig two years ago.

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Saturday, 25 September 2021

Last Saturday in September

It's been a fun news week - NOT!  and even though I rarely watch much news on TV - all I've heard this week are warnings ........................  

Not enough turkeys for Christmas  }
Shortage of fresh pre-packed meat  }                } these all due to a shortage of CO2
Shortage of bagged salads              }  
No toys on the shelves for Christmas
Not enough gas to supply everyone for winter 
Electric and gas prices shooting up
People waiting 8 hours for an ambulance

 And then  the fuel thing - NOT a shortage of diesel or petrol, just slow deliveries due to shortage of lorry drivers. If people just carried on filling up as usual there wouldn't be a problem but Media Hype means that when I went out with DiL and the grandchildren yesterday and we needed fuel to get where we were going, the queues were crazy.  Sainsbugs had run out of diesel and at the next garage DiL put in ¾ tank full before that too ran out.

It's official......................the world has gone mad. Do you know what I'm going to do next week?...............................Stay at home and read all those library books on yesterday's post!



 The October Parish Magazine has landed through the letter box this week and with things re-starting I've discovered this is a village of Coffee mornings....................

Every Monday there's one in the Old School room - all for free!
Tuesday mornings every week - in the Church - donations for the church
Then on the First Saturday of the month  coffee morning and lunches as well- in the Old School Room again, not sure who that's raising money for.
The Rural Coffee Caravan calls on the first Friday of the month - they bring information as well as coffee for free but you have to take your own chair and mug (bit chilly outside)
Then there's an extra one on the first Saturday in October which is a fund-raiser for animal charity.

  Here's  a small glimpse at where we were going when  we needed to fill up with diesel ....... all the way to the Suffolk /Essex border.

Just as two years ago Son, the archaeologist, was in charge of the volunteers and digging at this site.
More about this on Monday 

Today Youngest Daughter was going to visit but she daren't as she couldn't get any fuel for her car in Leiston. She said the queues were down the road all day! I have to go for a flu jab this morning and annoyingly they're not doing them at the doctors in the village due to building work so I have to go to the other surgery.
Then there's the village yard sales tomorrow, I shall haul my junk  out of the garage and see if I can make a few pennies. 

I'll leave you with photos of youngest granddaughter,
"Take a photo of me posing Nanna" she said. "Posing?" I said "Yes" she said "like this". 3½ going on 13!!

Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope you don't run out of petrol! Have a good weekend.
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