Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Haughley Hoofers and a Mystery Morris

 I wandered up the road to the pub one evening last week to take a couple of photos of the Haughley Hoofers and a Morris team (Were they East Suffolk Morris?although on a map of Dance Sides in Suffolk they don't exist and are  men rather than a mixed group).

Or another possibility is they could be the Hageneth Morris re-started (Hageneth was an old name for Haughley) but last I heard they had disbanded in 2019 although this group were wearing a similar costume as Hageneth used to. 
I should have asked!  but it was only when writing this post that I discovered all the information!

Whoever they were, they were nowhere near as colourful and exuberant as some Morris sides - like Arils (Eccentric Amblings and Ramblings) blog.

It was only by chance that I knew they'd be there, having noticed a Facebook post on the local village page a few weeks ago, there were no posters up and no mention of them being here on their own websites.

Haughley Hoofers are a women's clog dancing side and The Morris side were also nearly all ladies too


Accompanied by a type of bag pipes, bells on a stick, a penny whistle and accordion.

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Monday, 8 August 2022

Fun at The Fayre

 A busy day on Saturday at Bacton Fayre with the Flower and Produce Show. On the Thursday before I baked cheese straws to sell on the WI stall and on Friday baked a few things to enter in the show.

All entries had to be in the Marquee between 9am and  10.45 and then I'd been persuaded to be a steward to help the lady judging the cookery entries. That meant being back at just after 10.45 to help. Plus I'd volunteered myself to help on the WI stall for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and had to be there to collect up the entries at 5pm- so it was quite a day out!

Saturday was a beautiful day and it  was jolly hot in the marquee so I  soon discovered stewarding is quite hard work as it involves taking the cakes etc one at a time to where the judge is sitting doing the cutting and tasting, then entering up the judges decisions of 1st,2nd,3rd on a chart and making sure the correct entry cards are labelled with the right stickers - very pressurized in a small way -although you can imagine the fuss there would be if something went wrong!

I had entered 11 different classes -should have been 12 but the courgettes grew too much so that there weren't 3 matching on Saturday!

Just a few photos from the day - it was too hot to wander round for long and after finishing my stewarding job I spent most of the afternoon under the shade of the WI gazebo.


In the Vegetable classes I entered tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and aubergines (in the 'any other vegetable' class.) Strawberry Jam, Suffolk Rusks, Wartime vinegar cake and Chocolate crackle cookies in the Cookery classes. Plus 2 photographs and some cross stitch in the craft classes.

Out of my 11 entries I won 2 firsts, 3 seconds and 2 third prizes - very pleased with that. The cash prizes are HUGE! ..........£1.50 for a first, £1 for a second and 50p for a 3rd !!  No one enters for the prize money...........it's all about the taking part .......er....... NO....... it's all about getting a sticker on your card!

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Thursday, 4 August 2022

Autumn Approaching ?

 A walk up the road this week really showed how Autumn is approaching even though Summer hasn't gone......it's been in the high 20's this week and still no rain.

Zooming into the village from the top of the 'hill'.

 Not sure what the Sugar Beet harvest will be like if we don't get more rain

IF it rains there might be blackberries.


A Bridleway goes off this back road but it only goes to the main  A140 road, so no way to do a circular horse or bike ride.

Rose Hips appearing

Lots of small Sloes

Huge crop of Haws turning red already - a bird feast later

The wheat has been cut and the bales carted away

The field beans look ready for harvest - a very poor harvest I think

This was ahead of me hopping down onto the road and then disappearing into the hedge every time I took a step nearer, and popping out again and  despite the camera zooming in these were the 'best' photos! I think it's just a young  Yellow Hammer?

It's a good year for acorns

There are several clumps of Horseradish on a rough bit of a field entrance but I'm not going to bother to dig up the roots!


 I've got some busy days coming up so taking a short blogging break. I'll be back Monday or Tuesday.