Thursday, 19 July 2018

Embarrassing the Children

You're probably not supposed to embarrass the children when they are in their 30's and I'm over 60 but I did..................Great Fun!

It was at the after-the-funeral-get-together (because I refused to call it a's not a word used much in Suffolk).

Towards the end of the afternoon, I was standing near some of the family and  a bloke came up to me and said "you don't know me do you?" I said  "No, but you must be someone who worked with Colin at sometime". "Yes, I'm C.M" he said. "Really!" I said with a big grin!

When Colin was a County Council road-man and then a supervisor in Central Area back in the early 1980's he was  based at the depot in Eye. C.M, also worked for the council as a road-man and he and his wife had rented the flat above the offices there and when Col told me who lived there I asked if this was the same C.M who went to the same secondary school as Col and was the same age as me and then I told Colin all about my first kiss! Colin must have told C.M that I remembered.

I introduced him to the family "here is the person who gave me my first kiss!" Certainly embarrassed the family!  Probably embarrassed CM too..........he said " I wasn't going to mention that if you had forgotten!"

Then we reminisced about that day almost exactly 50 years ago when I was a  13 year old helping on a stall at a one-off country fair event called "The Spirit of Suffolk" and he was there with Bacton Modern School to do a country dancing display......and not so shy!
It was quite surreal to meet again after 50 years!

I wrote a note in my " Letts' Schoolgirl Diary", I still have them from 1968 and 1969! Goodness knows why.

  (You have to be a certain age to remember them)  and lost a lot of respect for my Mum when she told me off for kissing boys,............ she'd been reading my diary.
 I must have vowed then that if I had children I would never read their diaries and I kept to that.

Thank you for comments yesterday.

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Debenham Parish Church

Another church from the book

Debenham is a big village with a population of just over 2,000 and the church is the largest I have been to so far.

 And it is the only one so far where I've seen people! There were ladies cleaning and a man in the office.

Also the only one so far with a clock and a bell chiming the hours.

 The things to look out for according to the book are these stones on the corner of the tower, which were laid about 1,000 years ago. They are called quoins and alternate between horizontal and vertical which is the way Saxon masons worked.

The lower part of the tower is thought to date from the 11th century when Saxon and Norman styles of architecture overlap. The upper part of the tower dates from the 14th century and lost about 20 feet of height in 1667 when it was struck by lightening.
The large two-storey porch was added to the west of the tower in C14.

Inside has a floor of local red and yellow bricks, laid in 1871.

It's the first church I've visited with big marble effigies on a tomb

Plenty of room for everyone in this church and a few stained glass windows, difficult to photograph in bright sunlight.
The church has 8 bells and there are lots of plaques in the porch commemorating various peels that have been rung over the years.

I had to take a photo of this smiling lady by the main door (a sticky-out bit like this is called a corbel I think, although corbels usually support something and I don't think this carving is supporting much stonework above it). On the other side is a grumpy looking counterpart - a man - didn't bother to take a photo of him!

Many more details can be found HERE

Many thanks for comments yesterday, it was interesting to find that magazines were often called "books" by lots of  other mums and grans, and to hear which magazines other people read as a child.


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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Potatoes, Tomatoes, the Hedghog Returns and Replies to Comments

At the annual Potato Day in February I got 5 (enough for one row across a veg.bed) of each of First Early ...Home Guard and Swift, Second Early........Charlotte and Nadine and Maincrop.....King Edward and Majestic. 

The two rows of  Early Potatoes were finished a few weeks ago. Awful quality........nibbled by ants and hardly any on each root.
Then  about 10 days ago I dug the first of the Second Early type Nadine and hooray at last, decent spuds.

The same  day I had the first of the tomatoes from the greenhouse, they are meant to be plum.

I've seen the hedgehog several times now, usually evening and always in the same place........because that's where I've been putting a bit of cat food! He/she loves it. and it gave me a chance for better photos.
I think it's now common knowledge that a dish of milk shouldn't be put out for them although in the past that was common. Maybe that's what led to a decrease in hedgehog numbers - killing by mistaken kindness.

Thank you for all the comments and reminiscences about books, reading and libraries.

Hello to Samantha who hadn't commented before but was also a library assistant and has got through bereavement and cancer.

Eileen T asked if I remembered Library Tickets - yes I've spent years of library time getting them in order in trays. They were sorted by the date they were due back and then by a 5 figure number, so when a book was returned it meant flicking through the trays to find the bit that went back in the book and then the little pocket bit went back to the reader. When I started work borrowers were only allowed 3 books at a time, so people were in and out of the library much more frequently than nowadays - we can have 20 at a time from the mobile library!

Jean in Winnepeg (hope your arm is healing) reminded me of  Annuals, which we  had from Grandma at Christmas, and the Annuals were usually the same title as a weekly comic, which we always had. Then I've remembered that Grandma and Mum called  weekly magazines "books". So when we went to Stowmarket we would go into Durrants the newsagents and collect our "books" from a room at the back of the shop because they were ordered and kept for us.  So maybe I learned to read from "Jack and Jill" comic- the first one I had, then I remember  "Judy" and "Jackie" and "Fab 208" and they are all still available on ebay! and no I'm not tempted.

And thanks to Spade and Dagger I know that I'm not the only person who hasn't read all the children's classics. I  can only remember having Black Beauty which made me cry, The Water Babies which I didn't understand and Heidi which I  enjoyed.

Also thank you to Anon who suggested the Bookworm book a while back, I never remember where I've heard of books.

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