Saturday, 21 September 2019

21st September and a Saturday Round-up

Last Saturday I was worried.........worrying about things that might not happen, things other people don't worry about.

So the other side of the coin...........the things that don't frighten or worry me that maybe worry some people
  • Live mice in the bedroom in the middle of the night
  • Large spiders walking round the living room
  • Earwigs appearing on the kitchen work top (they'd come out of some cooking apples)
  • Standing up and talking in front of a room full of people
  • Living in an out-of-the-way place on my own
  • Being seen without make-up
  • Strange noises in the night! -  It will be a Muntjac  although it can sound like someone being murdered.
  • Going into a room/meeting/whatever, where I don't know anyone

Haven't found anything at a car boot sale to blog about for weeks until last Sunday, when I found this lot. Mainly books for the grandchildren again, 2 are specially for Willow who will be a big sister in January. Two are sticker books to put away until they are older.  The "Verdict of Twelve" is a British Library Crime Classic that I've not read because the library don't have it. £3 for the 6 children's books and 50p for mine.

 A tube of toothpaste and two clip top bottles all for £1 each. I'm not having much luck with finding bottles for the limoncello that I'm going to make for the hampers. I found one that had a stain inside that just wouldn't clean and another that didn't keep tight closed. They both went in the glass recycling bank. These two are better and even buying 4 from boot sales and chucking out two is still cheaper than buying 2 new.
Packet of Nasturtium seeds for next summer for 50p and also 50p for my third try at making a scrapbook of country sayings and cuttings from the folklore diaries. I got  books from boot sales earlier this year which I thought would do but the pages were too thin in one and another didn't have enough pages. Both of those were re-sold when I did my 2nd car boot sale.

Another week of being tired, so a bit of gardening and a bit of resting and no swimming (tut tut!). The autumn garden clearing looks a big job when I think about doing it on my own, but if it's tackled a bit at a time I guess I'll get there in the end, just like last year.

This week I'm grateful for
  • Having some quiet days
  • The boiler being serviced with no problems
  • Time spent with DiL and Willow on a trip out
  • Being a pensioner - for cheap fish and chips!

This weekend the  Rugby World Cup has started, so I will enjoy watching the games and it carries on all through October, although because of the time difference (it's in Japan), all the matches are on TV in the mornings, some at early as 5.45- don't think I'll be watching those live. Also hope to visit a village garage sales event and coffee morning............not my village.............nothing happens here!

Have a good weekend
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Friday, 20 September 2019

St Mary-le-Tower, Ipswich

At last this town centre church was open for both the Heritage Open Day and the Suffolk Churches Cycle ride. It's right in the middle of town and is the civic church of Ipswich for all official occasions .

There was a church here in 1200 but this church is completely Victorian. As usual with town churches it's difficult to get a photo of the whole thing.

This is the reason for this church being in the 100 treasures book. It's the memorial for William Smart who was MP for Ipswich when he died in 1599. The memorial is an oil painting on wood showing a panorama of Ipswich at the time and the words are an Acrostic of what can be seen each starting with the letters in WILLIAM SMART. Because all the lights were on I couldn't get a head on photo as there was too much reflection.
Visible landmarks include 8 churches, a monastery, a mill and the river.

View down this wide church to the altar

Beautiful stained glass everywhere so I don't know why I only took one photo. You can see all the other windows in their glory HERE.
Very elaborate carved pulpit

There are angels and saints on the choir stalls

There is a grand gilded altar piece dating from 1895

On columns are wrought iron stands to hold the Mayors mace and sword during a service

The font dates from early C15

It was good to be able to visit and see what was here as usually the gates are locked so you can't even get into the churchyard.

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Thursday, 19 September 2019

Why I Don't Regularly Shop at Farm Shops

I was on my way home from Ipswich when I remembered that there was no fresh fresh fruit for the weekend but coming home the back country road way meant I didn't go by any shops except being near the Hog and Hen farm shop that opened two years  ago.

So I called in and bought a few local things that I wouldn't usually buy, an experiment - and a weekend treat.

  • The James White Pear and Raspberry is locally produced fruit juice, it's delicious........but expensive. BUT then I noticed in small print "made in Suffolk from imported produce". Not so local after all then.
  • The punnet of Strawberries were local, and tasted better than many I've eaten from shops this year...............but expensive and by the end of Sunday even though they were in the fridge some had gone squidgy so I think had been in the shop a few days.
  • The mushroom - just 1 large one for an omelette, well it was local but was just a mushroom! and when I came to slice it up it was more akin to leather ....old I think.......and VERY expensive.
  • The "misc cheese" wasn't cheese but Butter from Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses  where I visited with WI a couple of months ago. The owner said they were about to become the only place in Suffolk producing it's own butter so I thought I'd try some.It's beautiful butter but £3.25 for  250g is also VERY expensive.

I thought about doing a Blog Challenge of shopping and eating only local foods for a month but maybe it will be for just one week or I'll be bankrupt!

Thank you for all the comments about them, but only fresh....much too gritty when dried.

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