Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Car Boot Sale at Last

The horrible wet, cold and especially windy weather in the first half of March wasn't conducive to car boot sales so when at last things calmed down it was a sure thing that I'd be there.

As usual the Grandchildren  were the main benefactors. Sand  toys were £1.50 for Willow  and a puzzle for sometime in the future....£1. (I'll probably get her a sandpit for Christmas but get it early so it can be used towards the end of this summer when she's one and a half).


Clothes for Florence for the summer were £2 and a big bundle of mostly brand new books to share out came to £3.20p. The Emma Smith book for my WWII collection was  50p. The other book there, another 50p, is probably the oddest thing I've bought - a 2013 Diary, in other words a diary that's 6 years out of date (What sensible person buys a 6 year old diary for goodness sake!) but it's an earlier version of The Country Wisdom and Folklore Diary that I've used for the last 3 years, so will have bits of folk stories that I might be able to use in the blog and I'm thinking about cutting bits out of all the old Folklore diaries to keep before I chuck them out.

I also bought two large perennials for £2.50 each, but can't remember what they were called.One was something beginning P U L S and has purple flowers rather like an anemone and the other is something that has leaves like an Iris and began with C A L A and in late spring will have tall spikes of white flowers. Whatever they are they are new to me and the garden and I soon got them planted out. To make a bit of space I dug out some of the bluebells, which have spread like crazy and moved them down to the meadow.

Next time I'm at a boot sale I'd better look out for something for Jacob.....more cars probably.

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Monday, 25 March 2019

Woolpit St. Mary

Woolpit was a wealthy parish in medieval times, popular with pilgrims visiting the chapel of Our Lady of Woolpit and the Lady's Well, the water here was supposed to cure eye problems.

The picture below is from the Suffolk churches website, my exterior photo wasn't very good
Woolpit: click to view larger

A wide light large church for a large and very old village, one of only a dozen or so Suffolk churches to have a spire.

This is just a quick tour of the church, many more photos and information HERE on the Suffolk Churches website

Like a couple of others I've visited it's the roof that is the amazing thing about the church. A mid-C15 double hammerbeam roof full of saints,angels, bishops and kings

The screen below, showing Saints also dates from that period but was repainted more recently

This wording over the door is interesting

 The porch dating from C15, is said to be one of the best in the country. Like several others in the county it has a small room above the entrance where important papers and perhaps the churches holy items would have been stored.

This house right beside the church has unusual paintings in the mock windows

Woolpit was just a couple of miles from where I lived as a child and we all knew the story of "The Green Children"

The two green children, who climbed out of the ground, speaking a strange language and afraid of the sunlight. The boy died soon after, but the girl grew up and married; she learned to speak English, and told of St Martin's Land, from where she and her brother had emerged. There are holes in the ground around Woolpit, quarries where bricks were made in the 19th century and gravel extracted through much of the 20th. But perhaps there was once something much older, for every Suffolk schoolchild knows that the name 'Woolpit' is nothing to do with wool, but with the wolves that once lived in the pits here...........

 Thank you for comments on Saturday and apologies for not replying

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Saturday, 23 March 2019

Seven Days in March

 I've had two bits of sunshine in the house this week. Starting with these from the garden

Followed by the tulips from WI

Before I forget...........Hello and welcome to several new followers. Numbers have been creeping up so I hope you enjoy reading.

Thank goodness for Colin's brother A. He's a busy bloke but very kindly spares a few hours now and again to give me a hand with stuff here. On Sunday he came and helped me with several jobs  including bringing the chainsaw to clear the willow that had come down over the ditch and fixing the linen-line post upright again. He also fixed the baskets on the garage wall...... the sunniest spot for the trailing tomatoes that I shall grow in them. I cooked him dinner in return.

The rest of the week passed by as usual with......
 Swimming - quiet-ish pool - forgot to count lengths.
Charity shop, lots of help, so I've cut down to 3 hours as I still find it very tiring
Good weather for a couple of short walks and for visiting a car boot sale
Going across to the coast to visit youngest daughter and Florence

 On Thursday I had one of those days of being overwhelmed with everything that needs doing and the thought of having to do everything myself. I should barrow some of the heap of road planings down the lane to fill the pot-holes and I want to move all the stuff from one of the big compost bins down to where I've got all the grass cuttings from last year and mix it all in.
Just thinking about those jobs and all the other things that need doing made me feel so tired that I ended up doing nothing much all day except a 20 minute walk, reading and watching too much day time TV!
On days when I feel like this I can quite see the attraction of moving somewhere easier but then when the sun shines and everywhere is quiet and peaceful I don't know where I'd want to go.

 This week I'm grateful for
  • Less windy weather
  • Help from BiL to do things I couldn't manage myself
  • Yellow tulips

Hope you all have a good weekend
I'll be back Monday, hopefully with more energy than Thursday and Friday.