Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Library Book Photo

Last Thursday afternoon I just strolled 5 minutes up the road to the Mobile Library stop - what a treat! and picked up my 4 reservations. Pleased to find there were several other people using the mobile here as I was often the only person in my previous village.(Although with only one person allowed on at a time due to Covid there was a bit of a wait! )

 I've also got to pick up two books from Debenham library as they were on the way there before I knew my moving date to change the pick up point to the mobile. One is 'The Night Hawks' by Elly Griffiths - finally got to the top of the waiting list.......very much looking forward to that.

Still busy unpacking boxes and trying to find somewhere to put everything - certainly going to miss an airing cupboard (oil combi boiler in garage here) .
Haven't even started on the boxes in the garage which were mostly labelled "Unimportant - Put in Garage"! If they were unimportant why did I bring them with me!!

Probably taking a few days off now as writing about unpacking boxes everyday makes for Very Dull blog posts.

Back in a few days




Tuesday, 11 May 2021

3 Years Ago - Can That Be Right?

 Yes, it really is 3 years since Colin went into hospital and unlike all the times in the 5 years before,
he didn't come home again. Sometimes it seems like just a month ago and other times it feels like forever. I've got through the 3 years on my own because that's what you have to do, but I still miss him every day.

I hope he would have approved of  my move to the bungalow and it dawned on me that the day I got the keys for here - May 5th -  was exactly the same date as we moved to the smallholding in 1992, I remembered the date as it would have been Col's  Dad's birthday, so maybe all that waiting was some sort of "sign"! as we had 23 happy years there.

Back to the reality of  now and I'm still unpacking boxes interspersed with trying to change umpteen addresses for officialdom and hoping to find someone to quickly lay a concrete slab for the greenhouse as the children were absolutely horrified that I was planning to put the greenhouse on the patio which they reckon, and I agree really, that it would ruin the lovely patio area. 

There are also several things here that I didn't know about and have to work out and get my head round - like the induction hob - which I find I only have a couple of saucepans I can use on it and the fact that the en-suite loo is a Saniflo macerating thing - not a problem - but it would have been good to know! The pull out washing line is a puzzle as I can't find anything to hook it onto without it sagging to the ground and I still have to read and understand the instructions for the remote wireless thermostat for the oil boiler which two people have tried to explain! 😕

No worries.........I'll get there rush.

Apologies if I don't answer comments or leave many anywhere for a while - just a tad busy and I will get back to normal in a week or two...........or more.

Back Tomorrow

Monday, 10 May 2021

Friends and Family

 My sister L and her husband J offered to come and help with anything that needed doing on Saturday which was wonderful, especially as I'd discovered the washing machine connection was drip drip dripping. The WM is in a special big cupboard in the bathroom which sounds odd but a perfect solution when the kitchen isn't huge. I had turned off the water behind the machine but J was soon able to cure the problem.

We were just stopping for a coffee when the doorbell went and there was BiL Andrew who had brought some more of my gardening stuff over to put in the shed and garage. I wasn't expecting him as he's in the middle of repairing and painting the barge- boards and end walls of his house but had been rained off.

The doorbell went again later and this time it was the postman with a long parcel and what a lovely surprise when I opened it - a yellow rose bush along with a plastic lined fabric pot from blog friend Ang.


Thank you so much and what a lovely surprise present and how clever is a flat-pack rose! - (think that green stake was to stop the rose sliding in the parcel and meant to be taken out!) I guess it could be planted out in the garden later.

And  then much later blow-me-down when the doorbell rang again and there was Son who had come over to see if there was anything he could help with. 

So during the course of the day many more jobs were done.

Thank Goodness for friends and family. 

Back Tomorrow

Have lost internet now!

Edited in this morning to say t'internet is back again today is the day is was due to start so heavens knows how it was working between Friday and yesterday afternoon?