Friday, 9 December 2022

December 9th

Christmas time is a time for remembering people we don't see so often.

 I was looking for something on my old blog and found a long list of blogs I used to read but they don't write far as I know....or maybe they are still around with a different name.

 I know some are probably too busy to write, some have had illness, some just decide not to write anymore. But I do hope they are all OK and wish them all a Happy Christmas.

Thursday, 8 December 2022

December 8th

I picked up this book from a yard sale last year. Home and Country was the name of the national Women's Institute monthly magazine issued from 1919 right up to 2006  (I think) when it changed it's name to WI Life. 

Until Home and Country magazine was set up, WI news had been included in The Landswoman, a magazine for the land army set up in Jan 1918. The National Federation of Women's Institute (NFWI) periodical was established in 1919, initially reporting on the exhibition that had taken place in the Caxton Hall and became the official publication of the NFWI. Its first editor was Miss Alice Williams and Miss Mowbray Laming is business manager. Both resigned in 1920 due to ill health and Mrs Nugent Harris succeeded Miss Williams. The Subcommittee was set up in 1920 to supervise the policy, publishing and management of the paper. The publication was issued on a monthly basis thereafter, gaining most of its funding from subscriptions and purchases in addition to sale of advertising space.

We get a copy of WI Life  - 8 Issues a year- included with our annual subscriptions, but I'm afraid it's not of much interest to me as it's full of adverts for Holidays and everyone featured in it seems to be very wealthy and smart and posh!! I do the Suduko, skim through the pages and then add it to the recycling.

Years ago the magazine was an extra that was paid for separately - a much better idea  in my opinion. We also get a much smaller monthly magazine from our regional office - which tells us about things happening in East Suffolk WI's - more interesting and local businesses advertise in it which is of more use to me than Cruise Companies!

 The reason I'm writing about it in Photos in Advent is so I can show you this page.............

which starts by saying "there won't be  turkey on many Christmas tables this year". It might be the same in 2022 -if what they say on TV and Radio is true - a shortage this time due to Avian Flu. ...IF!
The page above actually comes from a few years after the war ended, rationing and shortages went on for a long time.

The question is will children's eyes "sparkle at simple treats, served gaily" this year!!

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