The Green Road Into Trees: A Walk Through England, by Hugh Thomson (Windmill/Random House)  

Under Another Sky, by Charlotte Higgins (Vintage PB / HB Jonathan Cape) 

Badgerlands, by Patrick Barkham ( Granta Publications) 

 Field Notes from a Hidden City, by Esther Woolfson (Granta Publications)

 Walking Home, by Simon Armitage (Faber

The Old Ways, by Robert Macfarlane (Penguin)

In 2015, Oh, haven't read any of these either! (although I tried H is for Hawk but didn't finish it)

Meadowland by John Lewis-Stempel (Transworld Publishers)

Claxton: Field Notes from a Small Planet by Mark Cocker (Vintage, Penguin Random House)

H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald (Vintage, Penguin Random House)

Rising Ground: A Search for the Spirit of Place by Philip Marsden (Granta Publications)

Running Free: A Runner’s Journey Back to Nature by Richard Askwith (Vintage/Yellow Jersey, Penguin Random House)

The Moor by William Atkins (Faber & Faber)

2016. At last - I've actually read one..........The Shepherds Life

The Outrun by Amy Liptrot

Common Ground by Rob Cowen

Landmarks by Robert Macfarlane

The Fish Ladder by Katharine Norbury

The Moth Snowstorm by Michael McCarthy

The Shepherd’s Life by James Rebanks

 2017........Better ....I've read 2 out of the shortlist....The January Man and The Running Hare

 Where Poppies Blow by John Lewis Stempel

Love of Country by Madeleine Bunting

The January Man by Christopher Somerville

The Otters’ Tale by Simon Cooper

 The Running Hare by John Lewis-Stempel

The Wild Other by Clover Stroud

 Wild Kingdom by Stephen Moss

 From the 2018 list mentioned at the top of the blog I had read 3.

So I ought to read 4 from this year's short list, pictured below .....but doubt I will.

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Picture from Wainwright prize website

Thank you for the get well wishes on Saturday. I went shopping early and then had a lazy day and on Sunday felt OK enough to pop out to the local boot sale and do half an hours gardening so I think the whatever-it-was is on it's way out. I felt fairly sure it wasn't anything that needed a doctor, just time and plenty of fluids. That's my answer to most things as the children would testify .....when they rang up from Uni telling me what horrible colds they had I would inevitably say "stay off the booze, drink plenty of water, take paracetamol and get an early night!"

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