Monday, 13 March 2017

Just two more photos...........

 ............ of the little fella
Mrs F said "shall I leave the swing?, there's a baby seat for it in the garage". "Yes Please" we said.

I think he enjoyed Grandad pushing him on the swing!

Back to number 9 this morning to clean up. It looks so small! The estate agents rung to let us know the sale is still going through, searches are being done. We will only need to go back once more to read the meters.

Sun is shining and I need to sow seeds in the greenhouse.

Thank you for all the comments over the last few days.
Back Soon


  1. He looks a proper little boy doesn't he? No mistaking him for a girl.

  2. Super cute. I love that age in babies, their are just so adorable. Glad to read that your sale is still going through.


  3. hello sue,
    the little boy looks sweet.
    hugs regina

  4. You will be a popular grandma with a swing in the garden . Warm here today so I have sown seeds in the greenhouse and fleecing them late afternoon for the night, it's always exciting to see what germinates.

  5. What a happy little chappie. Glad everything is finally coming together with the bungalow sale. xx

  6. What a little sweetie!

    That was nice having a ready made swing to hand...

  7. He is so cute, and what a bonus that Mrs. F. left the swing!!

  8. He's proper hansum! I love little babies and toddlers - so squeeeeezable! Thanks for the extra photos of Jacob - hoping to see more as he grows (and enjoys his swing).

  9. Jacob is a beautiful baby boy. Those blue eyes will break hearts some day! Oh, and I love the picture you've put at your blog header of the post box.

  10. Gosh, Jacob's suddenly a little boy rather than a baby!
    Did our own children grow up as quickly as our grandchildren? Perhaps they did, but we were just too tired to notice!

  11. Only just caught up with your blog again. Congratulations on the move and glad there are lots of things to keep you busy and occupied. Col's birthday celebration looked wonderful. Photos to treasure and grandchildren to treasure visiting your new home. Sending best wishes to Col, and hope some treatment gets sorted soon with positive results. Best wishes to you both xx

  12. More photos always welcome, what a sweet little fellow he is.
    Lisa x