Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Old News From 1954 and new news from today.

My real Dad was killed in a motorbike accident a few months before I was born. I've always known about it and where this happened. We went and put flowers on his grave often and there were  photographs of him at home. Then when I was three Mum married my Dad's elder brother and he was always Dad to me and real Dad was rarely mentioned.
It's all a long time ago but I've occasionally wondered if there was a newspaper report of the accident and what happened to the car driver involved.
Speaking to my cousin at Colin's birthday party earlier this month she said that among her late mum's (sister to both Dads) things she had found a newspaper cutting of the inquest and emailed it to me.
 I didn't learn anything new - apart from the coroners and car drivers names - but now I want to see the report of the inquest when it reconvened.
The accident happened  long before motorcycle helmets were compulsory, I wonder if he would have died if he'd been wearing a helmet.
 No mention there of pregnant wife either, I'm sure it would have been made much of nowadays.

And the new news?
Yesterday morning Colin fixed up the stair gates - because our eldest had a picture on Instagram of Jacob trying out the stairs at their house........ and they are coming to stay at Easter.......10 months old and getting into mischief already! We are Prepared! ( By the way both gates were secondhand for £5 each saving us several £).
 I took Colin up to hospital yesterday afternoon, they had him on a fluid drip ever so quickly and hope to start with the first of the tablets today. After 2 journeys to Ipswich in 2 days I probably won't visit today  - he will be so closely monitored with loads of blood tests so all should be OK.The nurses have had special training all about the new drug so know what to watch for.

Must say welcome to new followers too......hello all.

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  1. What a poignant story you share today. I wish you well in finding and reading the rest of the inquest information. It may help answer your question about the wearing of a helmet.
    All the very best to Colin for the new treatment.

  2. How awful for your mum just before you were due. I hope all goes well with Colins new treatment.

  3. Fingers(toes too) crossed for Col's new treatment.
    I hope you are able to find the information about your father.

  4. Sue, we are praying that the new medication works for Colin, you have both been so positive about the whole journey. Take care.

  5. What a shame your father died before you were born. It sounds like he didn't stand a chance not wearing a helmet.

    Meanwhile, all digits crossed for Col's new treatment and praying that it works. It must be reassuring to hear that the nurses caring for him are up to speed with any side effects of the medication.

  6. Who knows what lies in people's past. Time marches on regardless. I found out at my Mothers funeral that she had had another brother who died in infancy. Not a mention in all those years. I only knew of my stillborn brother when I was expecting my first child. When my second born suffered the same fate it must have raked up many sad memories for my parents also. Good luck Col. x

  7. How very sad to read about your Dad.
    I hope you find the answers you need.

    Wishing Col all the luck in the world as he starts his new treatment.

  8. Best if luck with the new treatment. It's sounds scarey, but glad there is an option.
    Sorry about your dad.....old news still hurts...
    Love reading about the new house and grandkids!

  9. Said a prayer for Col that the treatments will be the answer. Sorry to read about your father. Hope that you find what you are looking for in the newspaper clippings.


  10. Fingers crossed with Col starting new treatment. Beaming you thoughts, through the internet ether.

  11. I also said a prayer for Col.Your positive attitude is so uplifting when so many people wallow in self pity.My daughter has a life_limiting condition and I know the effort it takes to keep on keeping on.Best wishes to you both.

  12. We're praying for Col in California, as well. My thoughts echo Jane's (above), and I'm so glad you'll have sweet little Jacob for company soon.

  13. praying for Col's complete recovery and peace and strength for both of you during this time.

  14. Hope Col does well.

    It must have been interesting to see that newspaper article. My mum told me of an accident she was involved in when she was a child. She was walking home with two friends and an army truck went off the road onto the pavement and killed both the people she was walking with. Often wondered about newspaper articles but don't know how to go about finding one from so long ago.

    Sounds like having the family come for a visit will be fun!

  15. Marrying the brother after tragic death of father to be sounds like the plot to a great novel! Come on, Mrs Reader, I'm sure there's a novel in you, full of twists and turns, snatching happiness in the face of adversity. Oh, and of course lots of lovely suffolk characters and settings... just like your blog 😊 Thinking of you and Col xx

    1. Thank you Jess and your 3 and N of course.
      No I couldn't write a book.........or if did it would be a short one!

      Never was sure it was a happy ending.

    2. The unborn baby going on to a happy marriage with three children with a loving and amazing man. Sounds like a happy ending to me. You choose your narrative perspective if you want a happy ending. Real lives are too complex to make a happy ending judgement about. A novel is a personal snapshot... sorry, caught me in literature teacher mode! I hope your parents, real and not, had their own share of happiness. I'm sure you provided plenty of those as you were growing up ☺

  16. Good luck on the new treatment and Col's recovery.
    I hope the gates are new ones even if secondhand ones. Little fingers can get caught.

    Thinking of you your family and of course Col.
    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  17. heartiest best wishes for health recovery .
    it is little hard to find out about any accidents which took the life of our loved ones.

    glad for new good news .
    followed your previous blog but error occurred while trying new one don't know why

  18. First and most importantly I hope Col responds well to the new medication he is going on. He has been through a lot.

    I did write this yesterday, but when I came to publish, found that the Anonymous was missing, and thought you had taken it off. Never mind, better late than never.

    Regarding your father's inquest may I suggest you get in touch with your local Coroners Office to see if you can get a copy of the inquest, or failing that your local Record Office, which I presume is in Ipswich. I have researched my family tree and my mother's father was also killed by a motorist when he was cycling home from work. One day I decided to try and get a copy of the inquest and started with the Coroner's Office. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful and I don't know if that's because it was in 1936 in Bristol or not. Anyway there are various archive depositories where records relating to the Coroner's Office and inquests are held. As I said I was unsuccessful, but I did receive photocopies of two local paper accounts of the accident.
    Good luck.

    Joan (Wales)

  19. Glad you have the newspaper article about your dad's incident. Sorry to hear about that. Must have been RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge base. Sorry for your loss, even though you never met him. I found your new blog and now am a follower again. I've been scrolling thru to see what's been happening. Prayers for Col and that all things will go well. Wish nobody would have to go through cancer at all!