Tuesday, 10 November 2020

30 ways to save £1 Revisited (part 6) and No Spend November

 Yesterday was a  Foggy Monday morning, the sun was probably up there somewhere but wasn't seen until noon, and even then it was only half-hearted sunshine which disappeared two hours later.
 The fruit for my Christmas cake had been soaking for 3 days so it was time to get it made. Half the Victorian Christmas cake recipe that's on the separate recipe page  makes a 6 inch cake. After Christmas I'll finish it by eating  slices with an apple and a piece of cheese....delicious. Not sure about bothering with marzipan or icing this year. If I buy a pack of both there will be some left over after doing such a small cake. Maybe I can find small packs? Not going to make my own.


 The last of the list from 2013

 26. Make you own bread everyone is doing it - it's easy and much cheaper.
         This is something I've done on and off since the famous strikes in 1976 or 7,  when there was no bread in the shops and we had to eat cream-crackers instead. I'm making most of my bread again since getting the bread-maker, just keeping bread rolls and a loaf of sliced in the freezer just-in-case.  As a bag of flour(making 3 loaves) is a lot cheaper than one decent loaf of bread it has to be a good penny saver.

27. Do you REALLY need to buy a book straight away - wait for paperback version or buy secondhand later or use your Library.
                Thank goodness for libraries is what I say, with their free borrowing and free reservations, must have saved me £1,000s over the last 40 years.
28. Eat less meat- start by swapping one meal a week to veggie things then 2 or 3 a week.
         How things have changed in the last 7 years - now so many more people are vegetarian than there were back then, with so many options available to buy, and veggie and vegan recipe books abounding.
29. Chutney is easy to make, the ingredients can be cheap and men like jars of chutney for Christmas presents.
       Still a good penny saver - My Christmas hampers this year have 4 jars of various chutneys in them.
30.Drive wisely - accelerate and brake slowly and don't carry more weight than you have to, take off the roof rack.
       Still useful to do even though we all all driving less through Covid!. 
I wonder how relevant these 30 tips will be in 7 years time?

(Direct Debits for Council Tax, Phones, Car Breakdown Insurance,Charity Donation Total £260)

1st.        No Spend
2nd        Food  £33 + Cat £6 +  Diesel £18 + Printer Paper £4.          = £61  
3rd         No Spend
4th        Swimming £2.25
5th         No Spend 
6th        No Spend
7th          No Spend
8th         No Spend
9th        No spend
Today won't be no spend as I need to shop for fresh fruit and veg and a few other things that got forgotten on the 2nd. 

Back Tomorrow


  1. Thank you for your "thirty ways revisited" posts and the comments about their continued relevance. I've really enjoyed them!

  2. Yes thanks Sue, very interesting and useful.

  3. It has been really good to read your 30 Ways list over again, especially with your added comments... Who'd have thought that "home breadmaking" and "plant-based meals" would be the norm now, and not just the province of thrifty folk like us?!

    1. Every time I go shopping the vegetarian section of the supermarket looks bigger

  4. Most, if not all, of your tips are still extremely valid today, I think. It's lovely to read them through again!

  5. Fruit cake with cheese {and maybe a glass of port, optional} is sublime.

  6. More good tips. I would rather have vegetarian meals and always opt for them if there is a choice.

    I think it all, or mostly, depends on how Covid-19 develops as to how we will be living in seven years time.

    1. I hardly eat any meat nowadays - rather have a veggie option

  7. It's been brilliant to re-read the 30 money saving tips, I even went back and re-read mine. Here you go -


    We have similar tips and ideas overall.

  8. They will probably be even more relevant then with the way prices in general are going. Rather than going with less, some will get into more debt just trying to maintain their current way of life.

    1. It's frightening how many people are now unemployed. and yes I expect the credit card companies are laughing

  9. Very useful tips Sue, thankyou.

  10. Thank you for running this series! These are all good reminders of the many ways we can save money. It is interesting to wonder how relevant these 30 tips will be in 7 years. I do remember my Grandmother doing many of these things back in the 1960's so this list could last a lifetime with a few adjustments!

    1. If I'm still around in 7 years time, I'll do the list all over again!!

  11. Loved reading all your tips. It made me think again about my own savings and way of life, for that matter!

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  13. Those tips are still good today, and I bet they will still be good years from now.

    God bless.

  14. I haven't made a christmas cake for the last few years but maybe this year I will again. The idea of eating it with some cheese and a nice hot cup of tea makes it sound very inviting :)