Friday, 13 November 2020

Feed 4 people for 5 Days = Feed One Person for 20 days?

This isn't an ad for Morrisons and they aren't paying me - sadly! It is just a post filler on an otherwise blank Friday. All photos from their website.

 I don't do online food shopping and had  forgotten about  the Morrisons boxes that they started doing during the first  lockdown until someone mentioned their High Tea box so I had a look and found this one...............................

5 Meals to Feed a Family of 4 Box

 The Family  Main Meal Box 
What's in the box?

"Your box will include the items listed below, or comparable products of the same value"

Morrisons Spaghetti 500g

Morrisons Market St British Beef 12% Fat 500g x 2

Morrisons Garlic Net 2 per pack

Morrisons Wonky Carrots 1kg

Morrisons Brown Onions 1kg

Morrisons Vegetable Stock Pots 4 x 28g

Morrisons Passata Sieved Tomatoes 500g

Morrisons Flat Parsley 100g

Morrisons Fusilli 500g

Morrisons Italian Mozzarella 125g

Morrisons Baby Plum Tomatoes 250g

Morrisons Trimmed Leeks 500g

Morrisons Chestnut Mushrooms 250g

Morrisons Maris Piper Potatoes 2.5kg

Morrisons For Farmers Mature Cheddar 350g

Morrisons Red Kidney Beans 390g

Hot Chilli Powder 10g

Morrisons Mixed Peppers 3 per pack

KTC Chopped Tomatoes 400g

Morrisons The Best Pork Chipolatas 12 Pack 375g

Morrisons Fresh Thyme 20g

Morrisons Courgettes 3 pack 240

It has everything needed to prepare 5 Main meals for 4 people , so in theory 20 main meals for 1 person.

If I bought this and made the recipes,divided and portioned to freeze I wouldn't have to cook for nearly a month! The recipes are

Spaghetti Bolognese


Vegetable Pasta Bake


Rosti-Topped Cottage Pie


Sausage Tray Bake


  Veggie Chilli with Wedges


But I'd need a couple of variations - I don't like freezing meat based meals for re-heating so would use Quorn and I can't eat red kidney beans and I don't have 20 containers to use for freezing!

Will I be doing this? Well, never say no, but I doubt it.

Neither will I buy the Afternoon Tea Box which I reckon is spoiled by the ordinary bread

Afternoon Tea Box

 As is the Festive Afternoon Tea Box

Festive Afternoon Tea Box


The only people who get interesting bread are Vegans - who I think get the nicest box of the lot!

Vegan Essentials Box 

Won't be sending for this one either......................Sue-In-Lancs has already done it!

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  1. Handy for those not wanting to go shopping but not for me. The afternoon tea was quite interesting but like you not keen on the bread.

    1. It's a shame they didn't use some decent bread for their sandwiches - only a few pence more. But a handy idea for those who couldn't go shopping.

  2. we keep getting the advets because we shop at Morrisons online , truthfully it would be a good freezer or cupboard stocker , we dont eat mince very often barely eat pasta so this would last us months , the only thing we wouldnt use is the hot chili powder

    1. It would certainly be a good idea if you can't go shopping

  3. They have certainly put thought into their various selections. It is a shame about the bread. It would be interesting to cost out the items. I like the fact that there is no extra charge for delivery - that's included in the price. And the option of adding a gift to the local Food bank is good. A few minor quibbles, but well done Morrisons for a good scheme.

    1. It's a brilliant idea if you can't go shopping

  4. Not the type of thing we would go for either My husband is so fussy when it comes to food there would be something he wouldn't eat.

  5. As a vegetarian there's not much I could use, even in the vegan box which looks interesting but as I don't eat fake meat, things would waste, so I'm better off buying individual items I will eat. Apparently, M&S have stopped their box scheme.

    1. Didn't even know M& S had a box scheme!
      I don't mind some fake meat but other things are awful

  6. My mother-in-law used to get a Christmas hamper from my late father-in-law's pension fund. Half the stuff she didn't want because she was vegetarian, and half of what was left she wasn't keen on. Various charities (and us) used to do very well out of it.

    1. I love the idea of a Hamper but in reality there would be lots of things I wouldn't want.

  7. It sounds interesting but I think I'd rather but items I know I would use.

    1. I suppose this is an idea if you can't get a delivery slot

  8. I understand the attraction during this time. I too would need a bit more variety. Do they vary the recipes from month to month?

  9. I've bought 3 of these boxes during the first lockdown and they were a godsend when I couldn't go out. I bought a meat eaters box, a vegetarian one and an afternoon tea box at different points. Nothing was wasted because what we couldn't eat was given to our daughter and her family. They kept us all fed over a period of time. I see now that they do change the selection periodically too. Hats off to Morrisons I say!

    1. I would certainly have bought one if I'd not been able to go out - A clever idea and they keep producing new boxes

  10. I agree....the vegan one looks best! I think the boxes are a good idea but although the top one would feed you for 20 days, it would be rather repetitive.

  11. This is part of my maddening problem. I do not like selections made; I can shop. I want someone to carry the groceries up the stairs. These programs will not accommodate me. They must do the shopping as well as the delivery. The bread, bah. And that's for openers.

  12. I wonder sometimes what it would be like to have all the ingredients in one fell swoop and feed the two of us for many days. While I love cooking, I do get tired of it after awhile.

    God bless.

  13. I think they supply the bog standard white bread as this was what was traditionally used for Afternoon tea with the crusts cut off.

    Yes I enjoyed my Challenge with the Vegan box, it's a shame it's the only one I could eat from. They are well worth the money if you can't manage to get out for any reason, lockdown, weather, ill health etc and they do arrive well packaged.

    Here's a link to the post you mention ... and well done on remembering that I am now Sue in Lancs :-)

  14. During the first lockdown I was unable to get a delivery slot for any of the major supermarkets - then Morrisons began doing their boxes. Not a perfect solution, but I was delighted to have something. They have really expanded their range.

  15. I like the afternoon tea box...looks delicious. I have been enjoying some loose leaf tea from Plum Deluxe, out of Portland, OR. A couple I have are ok but other ones are good. I am waiting on their black friday sale where I get more for less and a few for gifts. I still go shopping when I need items. Wearing my face shield is thing to do everywhere we go. I usually go once a week when out of milk, etc. Need to get some meat for thanksgiving. May be a duck this year and I can cook in the instant pot. Safeway delivers groceries in our area. One store has a van that will take you to their store for free as long as it's $35 and over. Have a good week!

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