Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Where We Once Lived

Last Saturday there was a garage sale event in the village where we lived in the 80's, it's only a couple of miles away so we went to have a look.
We were expecting about 30 houses in the village to have sales but there were only a dozen so it didn't take long to look round. I got a couple of things for grandchildren for £2.20 ( I think Jacob will love that lift out shape puzzle) Book and cars for Florence - she's 1 next week -good grief!

and a box of  3½ dozen new small jars - with lids for £2. Col said they might come in handy for miniature portions of marmalade, I think they would sell well somewhere else! The David Gentleman book for £1 which will go in my next Ziffit box as it's worth nearly £4 to them.

I took a couple of photos of the places we lived, everywhere looks a bit untidy and run-down now, even the village sign needs a coat of paint.
This is where we lived between 1980 and 83. There was quite a community of mums with young children who used to play on this area. The houses were built in the 70s so were fairly new then. Now the whole road just looks very tatty.
Between 1983 and 1986 we lived in the next village where we renovated an old house before moving back to this bungalow at the end of a close, where we stayed for five years between 1986 and 1991. Cars parked everywhere and new houses squashed into small spaces is the overall impression of the village.
 What was strange was how many people we saw who still live in the same houses they lived in back then whereas we've been right across to the Suffolk coast for 23 years and then back again. I'm so glad we didn't stay in the village and wouldn't want to live there now, much too busy!

Thanks for comments and thoughts on the frugal bits of September in yesterdays post.

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  1. So sorry that the Village was a bit tatty. Some people like to live in the same place for most of their life, other think that going from one side of the county to right across to the other side works for them. Each to their own.

  2. I love to go back to my childhood village where I have a brother and sister living. We often pop to the beer garden of a local pub, where we meet up with loads of my school friends. Again like you I find it hard to understand why people stay in these small communities.

  3. Sometimes it is not so good to revisit where one once lived, as the changes can often be quite sad. I have visited all the places I have lived both here and in NZ, and some have changed almost beyond recognition with houses being crammed around them, and on one, what once was a lovely 1/4 acre section there are now three houses, instead of the one house with a lovely big garden. Madness. As for living in one place for so long, it is unimaginable to me, probably why I have such itchy feet now as I have lived in our current property longer than I have ever lived anywhere.

  4. Since hubby & I have been together we've lived in 5 different houses, starting in Devon and moving up to the Midlands. Our present house has been our family home for 27 years. However, there's a twist as 2 of the houses we've lived in are houses where I've actually lived in once before in previous years.

  5. I don't like going back to visit the village where I lived when I was a child. Then it was a lovely village and everyone knew everyone else. Now it's more like a town with all the new housing estates decimating the green spaces.
    It makes me very sad.

  6. I have heard the same about favourite holiday places. You should never go back.

  7. I agree with the previous comments, it's never the same going back.

  8. I have always thought Sue that folk who live in the same place all their lives miss out on such a lot.

  9. I have moved a few times but never away from the Cotswolds. I sometimes get sad about homes I have lived in as they haven’t been cared for like we did when we lived there. I have never regretted moving though.

  10. Some really good deals! They look brand new.

    When I was home visiting Mum we went to Shotley to take the boat across to Harwich and Felixstowe on the bus and went past the first house I lived in with hubby. It was considered a base house even though it was nowhere near Bentwaters AFB. I think the Americans rented it from the British as it was also an area where British military lived with their families. It was interesting to see the old house. Not a lot had changed lol. I really did like that house!

  11. Sad to see towns change from the way they were looking good! Why not keep it looking nice? Nice finds in your shopping!