Friday, 3 July 2020

Ogham Tree Alphabet 7th Lunar Month June to July

The letter for the seventh Lunar month is D and the corresponding tree from the Ogham alphabet is the English Oak..... The mighty King of the Forest. Symbolising a door and connected to Thor and thunder.

Oak(Quercus ) The generic name is the Latin word for tree. The largest and longest lived of Britain's native trees. Oaks were often planted to mark the boundaries of Parishes.

Top left corner of the right hand page shows how the letter would be carved on a stick.

Below are  two more pages from the Ogham Sketch Book by Karen Cater all about famous oak trees of the past.

The fully grown oak I have here at home is a Turkey Oak which is a bit different but just down the road are many proper English Oaks, this beauty is closest to home and they line the lanes all around our little hamlet. Probably as old as the oldest houses and farms.

I had good intentions of  finding more information about Oaks but ran out of time. And I've failed on replying to comments this week or commenting elsewhere - sorry - it's been a busier week than the last 14.

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  1. We have a beautiful oak outside Morrisons, the school, the hall and the surgery. A branch came off in one of the high winds and I was terribly afraid they would fell it, but it's still there.

  2. This is a lovely post, thanks for sharing. Years ago I did a silk painting for my brother with the Ogham sign hidden in the branches of the oak tree, your post reminded me. We have the most beautiful old oak near here really wide, split in two with a hollow big enough for 2 people to hide, despite it's damage it grows well and is currently heavy with foliage, I'm a secret tree hugger, it feels very alive and full of energy.

  3. Sadly the "Reformation Oak" in Norwich has long gone. Robert Kett addressed his troops there in 1549. However he also held another meeting under the oak on the road to Hethersett (now B1172) which is now listed as one of the Fifty Great Oaks of Britain. Now you've started me wondering what the other 49 are. I love Oak trees!

  4. Fantastic oak that one you photographed - apparently oaks support more species of wildlife than any other native tree. I think the number is around 30.

  5. One of my favourite trees is the 'Holmes Oak' such a magnificent tree giving lots of shade in summer.

  6. We had an over 300 old oak tree in the next garden to me before I moved I was pleased it was not mine for it was diseased and would be very expensive to have cut down. Have a nice weekend Sue and everyone. Hazel c uk🌈🌈🌈

  7. The oak is a magnificent tree isn't it. It is my daughters favourite, she has taught herself to recognise them by their shape and bark so she can pick them out in Winter. She has always had a deep affinity from them from a very young age.

  8. Oaks are wonderful aren't they. I'm sorely tempted to take a baby oak tree I currently have in a pot with me when I move, but I dare say it would grow far too big for the size of garden I will end up having.

  9. English Oaks are so majestic. I grew up with one in our back yard (not nearly as old as yours) and used to love watching the birds in it. We would collect the acorns and plant them in mum's garden - I don't remember any growing, but she probably weeded them out!

  10. As you know, Carmarthen is our nearest town. There is still a "magical" piece of Merlin's Oak in the Museum and the last piece of the stump is on display in St Peter's Hall, Nott Square. It is associated with a legend "When Merlin's Oak shall tumble down, then shall fall Carmarthen town". It was removed in 1978, and there was a calamitous flood in the town that year, the worst in living memory . . . However, the actual tree was probably planted in 1659 to celebrate Charles II accession to the throne. It was an important meeting place for townsfolk and is said to have been poisoned by someone who lived nearby and was fed up with the noise of people meeting there.

  11. A very few people here on the prairies of Canada plant oaks. However I am lucky enough to pass by two on my daily walks. Glorious trees.

    God bless.

  12. Regarding life that depends on oak trees: Quote: "The 2,300 species include invertebrates, birds, mammals and fungi, as well as others, but the study did not include bacteria or microorganisms, so the real number is likely to be much greater". Unquote

    We were out by a factor of possibly 100 when we said 30 wildlife species depend on oak. I did decide to check that later on as suspected it should have been 300. I guess it depends how far your vision of 'wildlife' extends.

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