Tuesday, 27 October 2020

11th Lunar Month and the Ogham Alphabet

The hub has it's lights on  and I'm still connected to t'internet although the lap top still says I'm not! Eldest Daughter with Eldest Grandson are arriving later today to stay for a couple of nights so she'll have a look and tell me whats wrong. (Me being dumb I reckon)
It's sad that we can't meet up with all the family here one day but she will have to see her nieces and nephews one at a time. Ho Hum.
And before I forget again I must say hello to some more folk who've clicked the follower button over the last few days - hope you enjoy reading.

 The 11th Full Moon of the year is coming up and the Ogham Alphabet letter for this month is G and the 'Tree' representing this letter for is Ivy.

Here's the page in Karen Cater's book "The Ogham Sketchbook"

 and a folklore tale

It's easy to find some Ivy to photograph around here.  Here it is climbing up the old Damson tree near the greenhouse.

Ivy used to be hung outside  Inns to show good wine was available inside but was unlucky if  brought into the house accidentally attached to a log. 
Ivy leaves soaked in vinegar were thought to cure corns and drinking from a cup made from Ivy wood was thought to cure whooping cough.

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  1. It's a very important late source of nectar too. It even has its own bee! Arilx

  2. I have had exactly the same with my laptop/internet one telling me I'm not connected and very obviously being connected. I tried everything, and eventually it righted itself. I will be interested what your young technicians have to say.

  3. We always bind long trails of Ivy round the wreath we make each Christmas. Interesting folk lore and how the Wren fits in with the Winter beliefs. I know of Hunting the Wren from a folk song (Maddy Prior probably) which was associated with the Isle of Man.

    Enjoy your visit from Eldest daughter and grandson.

  4. I love Ivy, that and ferns are two of my favourite 'greenery' plants. It grows so easily if left to it's own devices too.

  5. I enjoyed the Tale of the Ivy has my Mums name is Ivy, we have a little lane in the village called Ivy Lane and when I have a walk I always speak to my Mum.
    I have a large bush of Ivy in the back garden that has a large post covered with Ivy and it's lovely in the spring when the birds nest in the branches, nature is very clever for the big birds cannot get in side.
    Hope you have a nice few days with your family and keep safe.
    Hazel c uk 🌈🌈🌈

  6. I do love ivy and I do have some in the house, I wonder if that's why I seem to have had bad luck!!!

  7. Despite me going berserk and pulling up most of the ivy in the garden last year, it remains top of the list of of my favourite foliage plants. So pretty.

    Hope you are keeping well.

  8. Strange that you are connected and yet your laptop says you are not....

    I have some ivy here in the house that I need to pot up. I always cut sprigs and root them so that I have lots to plant outside in my pots.

    God bless.

  9. I wonder if it was the ivy leaf or the vinegar that cured the corns? - I had no idea ivy had so much history tied up with it. It is not something that we see a lot of here, although it is around.

  10. Sometimes this happens with me on my tablet. I have to pull the power plug on the wifi and give a minute then plug it back it again.

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