Tuesday 26 September 2023

St. Mary's Church, Coddenham

Coddenham is an old village - going back to the Romans - in Mid Suffolk, it isn't far from both the  A140 and the A14 and has tight bends and narrow streets not meant for heavy traffic.  I visited early on a morning when they were having a flower festival and some people were getting everything ready to serve coffees.

The tower is in an unusual place which might mean an earlier church was in a slightly different position.

The porch sits slightly at an angel to the church so that it faces directly up the road to the village

The church is wide with side aisles and a long chancel and clerestory windows let in lots of light

A couple of the lovely flower arrangements

And two of the stained glass windows

Memorial from 1855

Old clock mechanism on display in the church

Along with the flower festival they had a small display of old photos and information about the village

Stairs to the Rood Screen mentioned above

Just a short visit but much more about the church on the Suffolk Churches Index HERE

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  1. An interesting parish church, but I wonder why there is no record of an earlier building as suggested by the oddly placed tower? As ever, the stained glass draws me in..

  2. So "the industrious resident poor" got blankets - presumably not the lazy travelling beggars!

  3. Good for them, hiding the rood screen for future generations.
    And that memorial reminds me of the Forsyte Saga - they were always talking about 'Consols' and 'dividends'. xx

  4. There's a lovely sense of airiness in the church. I liked the little dog, too.

  5. Such a lovely church and still active. We toured some churches in Spain on our trip but they look totally different than this one.

  6. I have never seen a church with its tower to the side before, how unusual. That ceiling is gorgeous and the stained glass too, it must be magical on a sunny day.

  7. This large still very active church sits beautifully in a grassy setting. The stained glass is lovely. I wonder how it looked before the tower. Clocks and bells in churches add much and are also appreciated.

  8. Such a beautiful church! Thank you for sharing it with us. 💕

  9. Your Suffolk churches are really imposing, testament to the wealth from farming in your region back in the day. Not now of course, no money in farming at all it would seem. After seeing your fairytale timber-framed church the other day I checked out timber-framed churches in Sussex and last Friday we visited the Blue Idol Quaker Meeting House which began as a 16th century Wealden farmhouse but was used (and continues to be used with weekly services on Sundays and a weekly open morning on Fridays) as a Quaker meeting house) from the late 17th century. The meeting house was very plain and there was an interesting exhibition in the 15th century hovel which traced the life of William Penn who sailed across the pond and founded Pennsylvania. Busy day here with a 23km cycle and the planting out of 44 leeks in the veg garden. Nothing like a home grown leek. Sarah in Sussex

  10. Thank you everyone for comments above.
    Apologies for not replying to anyone - bit busy today

  11. You always find the loveliest churches to visit and photograph.

    God bless.

  12. I've often mean to pop in when passing through Coddenham but never have done. Now I know what I've been missing - quite a lot!