Wednesday, 9 May 2018

For Readers from the USA

This post is to answer some questions from several weeks ago, at last I've got round to sorting it out.

These are Custard tarts ( someone asked what they were)

Col likes them and they were nice and soft for his sore mouth, although now he can't even manage these. I'm not keen on them. Pity about the palm oil and what is Disodium Diphosphate......don't answer that.......I don't want to know!
I've tried making them myself - fiddly on this scale. Although Baked Egg Custard is easy enough.

Here's a Link to the WI ( whenever I mention WI someone always asks what it stands for)

Here are a few  prices in  $s of common foods from our supermarkets (a reader from the States was interested in comparing prices although it's easy enough to look on supermarket websites and then on Pound/dollar conversion sites, which is what I did and by now the exchange rate may have changed anyway)

6 Tomatoes 69p = 99cents
5 small bananas 49p = 70cents
6 eggs from a roadside stall £1 = $1.42
Loaf of Farmhouse bread from instore bakery £1.09 = $1.55
Cheap tin of plum tomatoes 29p = 40cents
1.5kg ( around 3lb)Own brand strong white bread flour 69p = 99cents
750g (around 1½lb) Own Brand extra mature (strong) cheddar cheese £3.90

And Teresa asked for a picture of our (now sold) Beach Hut. This was taken looking up from the beach  in June last year.

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  1. My husband loves custard tarts, whereas I've always hated them. It's a shame that Col can't manage them now....would he be able to eat just the filling?

  2. Your beach hut was so cute and it looks like you had lots of fun with it! We finally sold our sailboat for the same reason.. just not using it enough. Thanks for answering our questions! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I’ve made Creme caramel a couple of time recently. Just a baked egg custard without the pastry. I love it really chilled. My mother used to make the best egg custard tarts I have ever tasted. The pastry was crisp and the custard had a sprinkling of nutmeg. Never soggy! The list of ingredients on the tarts is shocking, isn’t it. I suppose they improve shelf life. Your post reminded me that I need to write to my pen pal in the US.

  4. Sorry to hear that Col is not so well Sue. The lady who cleans for me has a husband with the same condition. He had a stem cell transplant last week and I often talk about you and Col to her.

  5. Hope Col starts feeling better soon. Looking at your list, I get a dozen roadside eggs for £1.50 but price varies quite a lot round here. But spend quite a lot on bread flour, basically because Yorkshire organic flour is coarser but Sainsbury own flour is much cheaper.

  6. It's a shame that Col can't enjoy one of his favourite foods, I've always detested those, the texture is just so weird!!

  7. What a shame Col can't enjoy these. I love custard tarts they are one of my favourites. Can't remember whether I have ever tried making them. May be I'll have to give them ago whilst I have my baking mojo.


  8. I feel for Colin, not being able to eat much, though I don't like custard tarts, it's the texture which I can't do.

  9. I'm with Col, I love custard tarts - and custard slices. I blame my father, they were his favourites...mind you, so was pork dripping and I don't eat that!

    Wouldn't it be interesting if one of your American readers posted a similar list of groceries, with prices, so that we can compare.

    1. I'll give an idea of American prices in my area, mostly from Aldi or Publix (probably similar to your Tesco or Sainsbury). These are regular prices, not on sale (or on offer as you all say). Our egg prices have gone up and down dramatically the past few months. Prices in other parts of the U.S. may be very different. I'm in Florida.
      6 Tomatoes on the vine, $1.99
      5 small bananas $1.25
      6 eggs, $1 (mostly eggs are sold as a dozen but Publix sells 6; no roadside egg sales here).
      Loaf of Farmhouse bread, $2.99
      Cheap tin of tomatoes, .75
      5 lbs. Pillsbury white bread flour, $2.60
      1 lb. extra mature (strong) cheddar cheese, $8

    2. I probably should have done this in £ so here it is. In the U.S. we don't have a good online list of good prices. I know that you all have which sounds great. We only have our weekly ads which do not include the basics in most cases.

      6 Tomatoes on the vine, $1.99 (£1.46)
      5 small bananas $1.25 (92p)
      6 eggs, $1 (74p) (mostly eggs are sold as a dozen but Publix sells 6; no roadside egg sales here).
      Loaf of Farmhouse bread, $2.99 (£2.20)
      Cheap tin of plum tomatoes, .75 (55p)
      5 lbs. Pillsbury white bread flour, $2.60 (£1.91)
      1 lb. Own Brand extra mature (strong) cheddar cheese, $8 (£5.89)

  10. Sorry to hear Colin can't eat at all. Sending good wishes to you both. Could he manage milk shakes. Banana, some ice cream and a dash of vanilla essence plus milk, its soothing and yummy.

  11. Tom loves custard tarts and in the past I have made them but no longer. I hope your Col makes good progress it's horrible for both of you.

  12. I enjoy the show "As Time Goes By" and Lionel always ate custard tarts. So sorry Colin can't have them now. I like seeing the prices and most look a bit cheaper than where I live.

  13. That was interesting to see the comparison of prices. I'd have to convert again to Canadian dollars. I find the price of groceries has continued to go up over the years. I feel so badly for Col. I do hope there is something that can be done for his sore mouth. -Jenn

  14. Not a fan of custard tarts, but love a custard slice {how strange}

    Would Col be able to manage a milk jelly? Just a thought and they are easy to make and nutritious if made with whole milk.

  15. Egg custard tarts are my hubby's absurd favourite. He can practically put a whole one in his mouth. Poor Col, I hope they can sort his sore mouth.

  16. I love a custard tart, I like to choose the one with the most nutmeg on.

  17. Thank you Sue for your very interesting post! I have learned about WI from reading your blog and wish we had something similar here. I have never had a custard tart but occasionally make custard as my husband likes it, although I'm like you and it is not my favorite. It is interesting to see the price differences and nice of Barbara to post some examples. The food prices where I live are quite a bit higher than yours especially fresh items unfortunately. I have enjoyed many rerun episodes of The Great British Bake Off. I find it interesting that there are many differences in some of the food dishes that are served in different countries.