Saturday, 22 February 2020

Another Good Week in Suffolk

Walking on Monday morning was lovely - cold but not too cold with blue sky and sunshine.

Cycling a couple of miles on Tuesday morning was chilly but sunny although the wind  and rain got going later. Just after 10pm there was a torrential hailstorm - on the back of the house, yet the rain earlier in the day had hit the front of the house.....weird.

Wednesday the electric was supposed to be off - a planned outage for tree cutting near wires  somewhere, cancelled from before Christmas, so I decided to have a day shops and churches (and a very strange meal in Dobies Garden Centre where a salad consisted of  2 cherry tomatoes and 3 slices of cucumber!) There I bought some bulbs for colourful Gladioli

 for my mini cutting garden to replace some of the Hollyhocks - which turned out to not be good for cutting as they have to have the stalks filled with water to stop them from collapsing in the vase. When I got home I found the electric hadn't been off at all. Which means we'll probably get another note through the door again sometime in the future......

Thursday I went to help at a 'Soup and Puds' WI fundraiser. This is at big WI, they've been doing them twice a year for years but I'd not gone and helped before mainly because I didn't really know what it was. So I volunteered to help with washing up.....safely in the kitchen - out of the way, while I discovered exactly how the event worked. I ended up not doing much washing up but generally helping in the kitchen and then dishing up some of the desserts. People have to buy a ticket in advance  for £6, turn up at the village hall at 12 noon and then  get a choice of 3 soups with bread rolls, they can come back for second helpings. Then a choice of about 9 different yummy desserts, followed by coffee and  a mint. I can quite see why Colin's Dad used to like going to this event before he died. There is a Bring and Buy stall and a Draw (of course). There was enough soup and desserts for all of us in the kitchen to have some too.
 I began to think I wouldn't get there as two roads were closed in two different directions, which I didn't know until I got to the 'Road Closed' signs, and I ended up taking nearly 45 minutes to do what usually takes  under 20 minutes!

On Friday I started a 12 week course run by OneSuffolk - " Lose weight with your FREE  local weight management service"............I'm not hopeful.
But  more importantly I welcomed Eldest Daughter with Eldest Grandson (heavens above he's nearly 4!) here from Surrey to stay for a couple of nights, mainly for Auntie H to meet her new nephew and for J to meet his new cousin - although he probably wasn't that fussed as he's got boy cousins big enough to play with on his Daddies side of family already and near enough to see often.
I decided not to bother with organising the picking up of my library books at a different place, so will just wait until the van's round again and carry on reading from my own shelves in the meantime.

My Being Grateful thoughts this week were easy
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Helping
  • Family

By this time last year I had done lots of garden clearing, the weather had been warm and I had seeds sown in the propogator ..............This year it's just been wet and virtually nothing has been done.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend
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  1. IOt sopunds like a lovely and varied week. The Soup and Puds event is such a good idea; I know the monthly Saturday Lunch even my Dad's church runs is always extremely popular too. £6 for two courses is incredibly good value and who doesn't love a tasty soup?
    Good luck with the weight loss course. Is it online or a face to face thing?
    Have a lovely time with your family.

  2. Gosh, you have had a busy week and you have given me an idea for my WI too. We are doing a puds evening for members but soup and puds as a fundraiser might go down well in the village hall. Something to think about anyway. Let’s hope the rain stops soon. Enjoy the weekend.

    1. The WI has gradually built up to feeding 64 people. And have got a good system after several years. Needs quite a lot of helpers. They started small selling about 30 tickets first time

  3. That soup and puds event sounds good and I'm glad you had your share as a thank you for helping in the kitchen.

    The Glads look pretty. Mine were a bit reluctant last year.

  4. The WI event sounded good and hope lots and f money was raised.
    You seem to have had a busy week, it has been a very windy week here and quiet time here, I had about 10 minutes in the garden and enjoyed to see the small daffodils, snowdrops and primroses before it rain again, at least I have a warm home and got lots of crocheting done.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Hazel c uk

  5. I've recently discovered your blog and thought I'd say hello.
    I absolutely love gladioli, but don't think we have the right climate to grow them here.
    And being non-English, I'm wondering what WI is?
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

    1. WI stands for Womens Institute a huge organisation 100 years old. If you google it you will find a lot more.

  6. It's totally different weather than last year, raining and windy in South Hampshire.

  7. It's encouraging that you've done very little in the garden too. I don't feel quite so bad about it now.

  8. You are filling your time with such a variety of activities. My calendar was filled this week too so that when the call came from Buffalo on Wednsday evening that daughter needed child care help, my husband took the flight up there Thursday morning early. He only had one commitment to bow out of and I had something everyday Thursday - Sunday. I'll pick him up at the airport on Sunday afternoon. He's having a great time as is granddaughter who is recovering nicely.

  9. Good luck with the weight loss never know.

  10. That sounds like a really good WI event, £6 for soups and a pud, as well as a social occasion with Bring and Buy … I'd be there like a shot as a customer, but like you I think I'd rather be behind the scenes until I knew what it was all about :-)

  11. Enjoy your time with Eldest Daughter and Grandson. A new baby always brings the family together! How are the baby and Mum doing? Have a good weekend!

  12. A friend was commenting at my knit group on Friday that this time last year at half term her grandson and she were paddling in the waters at Rutland Water as the weather was so unseasonal. Not so this past week, its been really wet, wild and windy.
    Enjoy your weekend with your family around you.

  13. The WI event sounds really good. I’d definitely go to something like that!

    I can’t believe how behind things are this year and the weather doesn’t seem to be letting up either. It’s like a quagmire in the garden.

  14. A soup and pud event sounds right up my street! I shall borrow the idea for next time I need to think of a fundraiser theme.