Friday, 8 January 2021

Where have you lived?

 On a local Facebook page people who had been born in East Suffolk were writing from where they lived now - places all around the world and saying how long since they moved away.
Some people live in the same house for years - others have jobs that make them move much more frequently, some people move across continents or to the other side of the world. 
University students often have 3 addresses in 3 years and then many more as they enter the world of work.

I didn't go to uni and obviously  not adventurous as I haven't moved very far........ this is my house move time-line - always in Suffolk

1955 - 1975  With my Mum and Dad and sister in a very old house in a builders yard - then 3 miles to

1975 - 1978  A new build chalet bungalow on the edge of a brand new housing estate in town  then 1 mile to

1978 - 1981 A Victorian end of terrace - 2 Up 2 Down with a kitchen and loo tacked on the back in the same town. Then   6 miles to

1981 - 1983 A 1970's end terrace in a village then  2 miles to

1983 A Caravan in the garden of the house we restored in another village, then 50 yards to

1984 - 1986 In the house we restored - semi detached dating from the 18C, Then 2 miles to

1986 - 1991 A 3 bed (then a 4 bed after an extension) detached bungalow back in the first village Then 6 miles to

1991 - 1992 A rented house back in the original town, Then 25 miles to

1992 - 2016 A 5acre Smallholding not far from the Suffolk Coast. Then 15 miles to

2016-2017 A bungalow in Ipswich then 13 miles to

2017 - 2021 Here on an nearly an acre in Mid Suffolk

2021..................Moving just 4 miles to a bungalow again. Hopefully to stay a while! But who knows?

There was always a good reason for all those moves!

Where have you lived?

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  1. 1971-1973 terraced house in Groningen (the Netherlands), moved 2 miles to the other side of the city centre to
    1973-1990 different terraced house in Groningen. Became student and moved to
    1990-1995 yet another side of the city centre to a studio (no shared facilities, yeah!).
    1996 6 months au pair in Rotherhithe, London
    1996 6 months back with parents (who still live in the second house on this list)
    1997-2007 small terraced house close to my first home at the top of this list
    2007-2008 studio in Brussels
    2008-2010 apartment in Brussels
    2011-present semi-detached in a village just North of Brussels. Due for renovation this year. We've hired the architect and the bank has upped our mortgage. Looking forward!

  2. That’s quite a lot of moving.

  3. First 38 years in Essex (Epping, Ongar, Willingale) - East
    Next 21 years in Surrey (West Ewell) - South
    Following 9 years in Wiltshire (Trowbridge, Devizes, Warminster) - West
    Last 4 years in Hampshire (Andover) - Half way between east and west
    Later this month back to Wiltshire (Hilperton) FOREVER

  4. In 45 years of marriage, we lived in 22 different homes and spent nine years living in a caravan at different locations. I lived in three houses before marriage, and have been at four other locations since I was widowed. I've got very used to moving house! Hopefully no more moves now for a long long time :)

  5. I was born in Isleworth, Middlesex 1938 - 1958
    Married lived with in-laws. 1958 - 1962
    Brought our house Harlington.middx. 1962 - 2017
    Moved to Buckinghamshire 2017 to present
    Hope I can stay in my little bungalow until the end.
    It will be nice to see what people have to say, interesting topic.
    Hazel c uk 🌈🌈🌈

  6. 17 addresses - 1955-1965 Essex, Hertfordshire, Durham, then in 1965 my parents moved to Norfolk. I went to Uni (1973-77) Warwickshire and Oxford (but "home" was still Norfolk) Started teaching in Hertfordshire. Married Bob in 79,and he then went into ministry. Between 1981 and 2021 we've been in Kent, London, Leicester, and now Dorset. In April we will retire and return to Norfolk. I sincerely hope this will be our last move! The "short" addresses, where we were only in one place for a year or two, much stuff stayed in boxes. The 20 years in Leicester in a huge Manse was when we accumulated too much stuff - parents died and the contents of two family hones, especially books, tools, linen and china, arrived. I WILL get it sorted and gone! 94 days to go...

  7. I moved house fourteen times in 20 years, and the longest I was in any one place was four years. Think I still have some unopened boxes in the attic. Bookending that 20 years is 20 years in one home and 23 years in my current home.

  8. Six addresses in 68 years, 34 years since we moved in the house we now live in. I had a cousin who was born, lived for 74 years and died in the same house.
    Hilde in Germany

  9. Up to the age of 18 1 home with parents, married for 9 year, 5 homes, husband could not put down roots, better marriage 36 years, just 3 homes, been here 11 years, no plans to move unless our mad neighbour drives us out.

  10. Header - the Postbox at the end of the lane is a fabulous view (and sort of suitable for a blog on moving, if you think about it). F thought about detailing where she'd lived but thought better of it, in summary it is NZ, Aus, NZ, UK, Denmark, UK, Norway, UK and Greece. She's dreams of the notion of having a 'forever home'; even when she was a kind on a farm they moved farms twice. I'm OK as long as my familiar bed moves with us. Good luck with your move. Mr T

  11. It's an interesting topic today. Won't list all mine but at 58 I've moved 45 times, including twice back and forth to Canada. (And no I'm not a forces brat 😁). Viv

  12. We've moved so frequently that I don't think I can make an accurate count! I might give it a go on my blog next week. xoxo

  13. Yorkshire Lancashire Nottinghamshire North-East Scotland.

  14. Gosh what a lot of moves Sue. We visited you when we stayed in Aldbrough and you lived on the smallholding. It all seems such a long time ago. I have only moved seven times in my entire almost ninety years

  15. As a child (Middlesex born) we moved around quite a lot as dad was in the RAF, including couple of years in Gibraltar. Once husband and I were together, we moved from London to the Midlands (4 houses there in the same town), then down here to where we feel most at home. 2 houses far.

  16. I just added up my addresses and made it thirteen. I'd have thought more. The longest I've lived anywhere: thirty years in the house before this one.

  17. That's a lot of moves. Now, let me think.
    As a child . . .
    Biggin Hill (Dad was in the RAF)
    Aston on Trent (near Derby)
    London (Wimbledon - college)
    London (Whitechapel)
    London (forest Hill)m
    All the London ones were rented accommodation.
    Then we bought our first house in Forest Hill
    Then a bigger house in Sydenham (more or less just round the corner)
    Then Roxwell, Essex
    Finally, I moved out to Chelmsford and I've lived here ever since. 35 years, more than half my life.

    More than I thought.

  18. Born in Yorkshire - three houses there. Married.
    Moved to Northampton - a flat in town, semi on outskirts, detached bungalow in rural village, semi back on outskirts.
    Moved to Devon - two detached houses, one end of terrace.
    Moved to Wales - large terrace.
    Back to Devon - semi bungalow in rural village.

  19. I will be moving number 31 soon.

  20. Born in Sussex
    North Yorkshire
    Not moving again unless I get very itchy feet.

  21. I seem to have moved back and forth across the Midlands. Born in Leicester stayed there until 6 years old then moved to North Derbyshire, three years in Nottingham, then also have lived in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, Spalding in Lincolnshire for about twelve years, then Shropshire near Market Drayton, then Stoke on Trent. Would like to move back to Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire one day:)

  22. And interesting memory challenge...23, I think on 4 continents and 5 countries...nope 24, forgot one

  23. Born in Dumfries, aged 2 moved to Carlisle where I lived in same house until I married. Husband in RAF so moved 4 months after marriage to Singapore for 2 1/2 years. Next posting was Norfolk (which I loved) for 2 years. Last posting was to Leuchars in Fife for 2 years. Then I moved back to Carlisle for 2 years while husband worked in Saudi Arabia. Our next move was forced by my husbands work, back to Dumfries where we have lived in the same house since 1979.

  24. 1951 - 1958 Sleaford in Lincolnshire
    1958-1967 Wandsworth, Mitcham, Colliers Wood.
    1968-1976 Bristol
    1977-1999 Finchampstead.
    2000-2003 Wokingham.
    2004-2015 Purley on Thames.
    2015 on a boat moving about along the River Thames and Kennet and Avon canal.

  25. Gosh what an interesting post.
    Here's mine -
    1960-1973 Old Trafford
    73-78 - Moss Side
    78-79 Back to Old Trafford
    79-82 Old Trafford/Hulme border
    82-84 Firswood
    84-86 Eccles ... all the above in Greater Manchester
    86-88 Barrow Island, now we were in Cumbria
    88-02 Askam in Furness
    02-04 Barrow in Furness (rented house)
    04-06 Barrow in Furness (bought a different house)
    -06 Simultaneously living and working midweek in Calcot, Reading
    07-09 Ulverston, Cumbria
    09-12 Great Haseley, Oxfordshire
    12-13 Pangbourne, Reading
    13-20 Llanrwst, North Wales
    and 18-20 Scorton, Lancs.
    20-current Garstang, Lancs. and here I will stay although in a different place in a few months, hopefully.

    Complicated ... but rather handily I had most of that written down in my diary after needing it for our last security checks :-)

    1. Oh gawd, sorry ... that took up SO MUCH space!!

  26. 1948-1955 3 rooms share bathroom in gt aunts house with M and D in Leytonstone
    1955-1970 2 bed bungalow with M and D in SE Essex then moved 2 miles to
    1970-1971 1 bed flat share bathroom in SE Essex with hubby then 6 miles to
    1971-1976 2 bed maisonette with hubby and 2 kids then 2 roads
    1976- now 4 bed house will hopefully be here till I am taken out feet first

  27. It would be hard to list. In my lifetime, I've lived in 10 states (from coast to coast and back), and when we moved into our current home, it was my 36th time of moving house. When my DH retires, we've already bought land in another state that we'll be putting a modest home on. I've lived in everything from apartments or town houses to new builds and old homes. Once, a 140 yr. old Victorian. A few times in urban areas, but mostly suburbs, small towns and rural. Next stop is the high country of the Southwest.

  28. 1955 born in Musselkanaal (The Netherlands) and soon after moved to
    1955 - 1958 Amersfoort
    1958 - 1964 Gorinchem
    1964 - 1974 Groningen
    1974 - 1975 Oslo (Norway)
    1975 - 1979 Groningen 2 addresses
    1979 - 1991 The Hague 3 addresses
    1991 - 1994 Waddinxveen
    1994 - 1997 Lioessens
    1997 - 1998 Gasselternijveen
    1998 - 2006 Anjum
    2006 - now living in Dokkum at 2nd address.
    Love and blessings from The Netherlands,


  29. I have mostly lived in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I did live in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area when I was first married but was happy to move back to be near my family after my first son was born. I have been in my current home for 33 years in Naperville, Illinois.

  30. 20 moves across four countries--including multiple US states. Many moves in UK.


  31. lived at home with my parents until I was 18 years old until we got married, after our marriage for a year and a half in a house that we knew would be temporary,
    In a few months' time we will live in our current home for 47 years, where we hope we can live for the rest of our lives.
    We live in a small village around Brielle in the Netherlands

  32. Only 5 moves in my 66 years. Been in this house for 20 years. We were hoping to house hunt in 2020, but something (no need to guess what) scuppered that! xx

  33. What an interesting post Sue. You have made quite a few moves but all in Suffolk. That definitely qualifies you to be a Suffolk girl, born and bred!
    As I was growing up my parents moved every two or three years so I've lived in many different places. I've lived in 17 different homes, 14 different cities and 6 different states here in the U.S. A few of those moves were after I left my parents home. I have lived where I am now since 1976 and I hope to never move again. I always wanted to have roots somewhere and finally got them!

    I love the postbox header!

  34. That is so interesting although I think you may be regretting the question!
    I have lived: Huntly, Scotland (don't know the address as I was a baby, while my father was in the army) 5, Bridge Street, Montrose, Scotland; 25 Beech Avenue, Bearsden, Glasgow: 1704, Victoria Park Avenue, North York, Toronto; 29 Castledene Cres. Agincourt, Toronto; 496, Huntingwood Dr.; 17 Richbourne Cres., Scarborough Toronto; 30, Morgandale Cres., Scarborough Toronto. I have been in the last house for 22 years and hope to die here!

  35. Southern Ohio/ suburb of Chicago IL/ Cincinnati Oh [college/ St Louis MO,[work/study]/ Cincinnati OH [college, different address]; Manhattan NYC [Murray Hill, two addresses]/ Manhattan, Upper East Side NYC/ Park Slope, Brooklyn NYC/ Park Slope Brooklyn NYC again, different house/ Long Island NYC, Cobble Hill Brooklyn NY/ Long Island NYC [now.] 13 moves?

    I love the postbox header too, so English.


  36. Born in Vancouver British Columbia.

    Moved to Scarborough Ontario when I was three and lived there until I was 4 months from my 17th birthday.

    Moved to Yorkton Saskatchewan Canada.

    Parents moved to Torquay Saskatchewan Canada, I moved to Regina Saskatchewan to attend University.

    Met my husband in Torquay and lived there for two years.

    Moved to Shaunavon, Saskatchewan and lived there for 5 years.

    Moved to Estevan, Saskatchewan and have lived here ever since. Though in two different places.

    God bless.

  37. 1958-65 Aisthorpe, Lincolnshire; 1965-1972 Litchfield, 1972-1976 Wolverhampton, 1976-79 Manchester, 1979-85 London, 1985-92 Halifax, 1992-present, here. Favourite place out of all those, by far, was London. However, there's more to life than where you live. After all those moves, I found myself staying here for 28 years. I've come to appreciate that there is something to be said for living in one place.

  38. I lived in the same house until I was 18. I got married. As husband was in the Air Force (he was stationed in England) we then moved (stayed) in about 12 different places in about four years. Yuck. We've now been in the same house almost 25 years. One more (hopefully) move in the future and we will be done. Those 12 different places were tiring - we moved from temporary houses, to rentals, to base housing, staying with family. We stayed in Woodbridge, Shotley, Ipswich in England then over to the US where we stayed in Portage (Michigan), Clovis (New Mexico), Kalamazoo (Michigan) all in several different places. Phew.

  39. Well, I'll omit the first four years, but I remember the rest.
    1957-60 Karori, Wellington, New Zealand.
    1960-70 Boarding school, rural North Otago.
    1971-75 central Wellington, student flats.
    1976 (married) rented in Eastbourne, Wellington.
    1976 bought in Karori. 1979 larger house in Karori,
    1994 larger house Karori,
    2007 Smaller house Karori!.
    We may need to move "into Care" sometime in the distant future, but otherwise, we're done with moving.

  40. All my life I've lived within 10 miles of my birthplace.
    1963 With Mom & Dad in their first house (I was a honeymoon baby.)
    1964-66 or 67: Moved 8 miles east to farm house where Dad helped with cattle.
    67-80: Moved 6 miles further east to the village where my Dad was from, in to the big 2 story house my Grandfather first stayed in when he arrived from Germany in 1920. (It was a boarding house then.) with Mom & Dad and siblings
    1980-1981: Moved 10 milesvto our county seat/town into an apartment with my new husband.
    1981-1987: Moved 10 miles out to the country near Dh's family farm, into a rented 2 story farm house.
    1987 to present: Moved 2 miles to Dh's family farm after his father passed away suddenly. I expect we'll be here for the rest of our lives. At least that is our hope & prayer.

  41. Ps
    Born Hurricane wv house on quiet street
    Moved to country
    Back to house
    To different street
    Back to country
    To another house same street
    All of these hurricane wv
    Apartment by river in WV city
    Another apt same city
    Three houses another town in WV mountains
    Two houses city in Ohio
    Two apts and two houses back in WV mountains
    Apt Hurricane WV
    Three apts college town WV getting degree advanced age
    Four apts three cities South Carolina teaching
    Apt WV
    Three houses Hurricane WV
    Apt Indy
    Next Florida. 31 moves

  42. 1949-1968 First and second ring suburbs of Minneapolis Minnesota
    1968 for ten weeks in southern Maryland then back to Minnesota for three months
    March 1969-Novemebr 1971 Bermuda
    1971-2021 back to first and second ring suburbs of Minneapolis. My current house is the nicest I have ever lived in, with 2200 square feet. I have been here since 1986. A total of 15 places.

  43. Cornwall near Fowey for the first 19 years
    London from 1985 - 1997
    Suffolk (Knodishall) 1997 - 2003
    Australia 2003 -2005
    Suffolk - Saxmundham then Beccles 2005 - 2007
    Australia 2007 - 2008
    Suffolk - Woodbridge 2008 - 2009
    Scotland - Kirkcudbright - 2009 - 2016
    Torbay 2016 - 2020
    Cornwall - 2020 forever?
    So a long roundabout way of meandering back to my Cornish roots. Never intended to be back here, it just happened that this is where the home we fell in love with is.
    I loved Suffolk when I lived there, especially the first time. Saxmundham was so gorgeously sleepy and old-fashioned. Still had two proper hardware stores and it's own department store. Now it's grown too much and is full of the sort of stores that second home owners love. Some would call it progress...

  44. 1951-1966 Wythenshaw, Blackley, Blackley, Higher Blackley all in Manchester UK
    1966-1970 6 different places-with parents, and then 5 different apartments Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
    1970-1972 Flat in Belfat N. Ireland. Farm house Bangor N. Ireland. House Antrim N. Ireland and then a House in Belfast N. Ireland.
    1973- 2021 Calgary, Alberta. Nurses residence, shared house, back with parents. Apartment, apartment, house, and then we bought this house that we have been in for the last 42 years. Wow, 21 places but over 2/3 of my life in this house!

  45. That is an interesting question having lived all over the US, As an infant from New Hampshire to Illinois. Headed to Seattle for college and lived in 4 places there. Then to near Sacramento, California and 2 different residences. Then Los Angeles and 3 places. On to San Diego and back to Los Angeles with 2 homes there. Headed to Atlanta for 20 years and then back to coastal S Cal. We are contemplating another move within California once the pandemic is done. Hopefully I am done crossing the country though.

  46. I have moved at least 19 times in my life. I've got one more move in front of me, I think. My move after that will be a trip across the road from that property to the cemetery. I am grateful for where I am.