Wednesday, 13 January 2021

87 Books Read in 2020

 I read 87 Books in 2020 and looking back at my lists on the separate pages this is the fewest (least?) I've read since moving here. Odd really considering most of the year was spent at home.

Sorted into different genres of reading and those with 5*****'s for special favourites. I don't bother finishing books I'm not enjoying so none of those are listed here.

More Info on the books read is HERE


Shaun Bythell - Confession of a Bookseller. 
Esther Rutter - This Golden Fleece; A Journey Through Britain's Knitted History*****
Caroline Taggart - Christmas at War.
Eve Diett - Diary of a NAAFI girl.
Janet Corke - A Hidden House in the Gwydyr Forest.
Ronald Blythe  - A Year at Bottengoms Farm.
Laura Dawes - Fighting Fit;The Wartime Battle for Britain's Health.*****
Mike Parker - On The Red Hill; Where Four Lives Fell into Place.
Erik Larson - The Splendid and the Vile; A Saga of Churchill,Family and Defiance During the Blitz.*****
Laura Thompson- The Last Landlady. 
Kathleen Jamie - Surfacing. 
Jan Morris - Thinking Again
Kate Humble - A Year of Living Simply.
Raynor Winn - The Wild Silence. 
Tamsin Calidas I am an Island.
Walter J C Murray - Copsford.



Tracy Chevalier  - A Single Thread.*****
Suzanne Goldring - The Year the Lights Went Out. 
Liz Trenow - Under a Wartime Sky.
Susan Hill - Lanterns over the snow 
Mary Wesley - An Imaginative Experience..


OLDER FICTION pre 1960's - (mostly republished by Virago,  Dean St Press or Persephone and a more recent company called 'Handheld Press')

Jane Oliver & Ann Stafford -  Business as Usual.
Elizabeth Fair - The Mingham Air..
Richmal Crompton - Family Roundabout. 
Marjorie Wilenski -  Table Two. . 
D.E. Stevenson - Mrs Tim Gets a Job.
Barbara Noble - The House Opposite. 
 Angela Thirkell - Growing Up. 
D.E. Stevenson - Mrs Tim Flies Home.
Rose Macauley - The World My Wilderness.*****
Pamela Hansford-Johnson - Winter Quarters.
Carola  Oman -  Somewhere in England.
Carola Oman - Nothing to Report
Angela Thirkell - The Dukes Daughter.
Ruth Adam- A House in the Country.*****
Noel Streatfield - Saplings.*****  

NEW OR FAIRLY RECENT CRIME FICTION written since the 1970s

 Alexander McCall Smith - To the Land of Long Lost Friends.
Nicola Ford - The Lost Shrine. 
Linda Grant - A Stranger City.
Kel Richards - The Sinister Student
Laura Carlin - Requiem For a Knave.
Elly Griffiths - Now You See Them
Rory Clements- Hitler's Secret *****
Alys Clare - The Indigo Ghosts
Frank White - There was a Time.
Deborah Crombie - A Bitter Feast. 
Candace Robb - A Conspiracy of Wolves. 
Kate Ellis - The Burial Circle. 
Candace Robb - A Choir of Crows. 
Mick Finlay - Arrowood.  
Elly Griffiths -The Lantern Men *****
Anne Perry -  A Question of Betrayal.
Mel Starr - The Easter Sepulchre.
Anne Granger - A Matter of Murder. 
Donna Leon - Unto us a Son is Given.
Robert Barnard - The Killings on Jubilee Terrace.
Edward Marston - The Silent Woman. 
Edward Marston - The Roaring Boy .
The Medieval Murderers - The First Murder. 
Anne Perry - Death in Focus.
Jill McGown -  Murder at the Old Vicarage.
David Williams - Murder in Advent .
Ann Cleeves - The Darkest Evening.*****
Edward Marston - The Mad Courtesan.  

OLDER CRIME FICTION  ( Many republished by British Library Crime Classics

Kathleen Hewitt - Plenty Under the Counter.  
John Dickson Carr - The Case of the Constant Suicides. 
 Michael Gilbert - Death in Captivity; A Second World War Mystery.  
Francis Duncan - Murder for Christmas.
Carol Carnac - Crossed skis; An Alpine Mystery.
John Bude - Death in White Pyjamas. *****
John Bude - Death Knows no Calendar.*****
Agatha Christie - N or M. Crime Fiction
George Bellairs - A Knife for Harry Dodd
Josephine Bell - The Seeing Eye.
E.C.R. Lorac -  Checkmate To Murder.*****
Margot Bennett  - The Man Who Didn't Fly.


Laurie Ogden - The Chimney Swallows. 
Emma Smith - No Way of Telling.  
Dylan Thomas - A Child's Christmas in Wales. 


Mary Stewart - The Wind Off the Small Isles/The Lost One
Tony Medawar(editor) - Bodies from the Library. 
Martin Edwards (Editor) - Settling Scores; Sporting Mysteries.
Ann Cleeves - Too Good To Be True. 
Anne Perry -  A Christmas Secret.
 Edited by Cecily Gayford.  Murder on Christmas Eve. 
John Lewis-Stempel -The Wood in Winter.(Pamphlet "instead of a card")
Angela Thirkell - Christmas at High Rising.  

 Most of these have been library books so thank goodness for libraries. But more were bought than any other year before.
Not many of  these are still on my shelves.......... I had a count up and found that I still have 13.  The rest they've either been gifted or sold and of course the library books were returned.
(For some reason Suffolk libraries are completely closed in this latest lockdown, last time people could reserve books and book a slot to pick them up from their nearest library. This time even the reservation process has been stopped.)
 I've still got most of  library books picked up in December  to read and then have a pile of 11 others that I won't be packing in boxes yet. 

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  1. Our library pre-picks books for us, and we can collect them from the door, it's all very controlled, I would be lost without books to read.

  2. Dorset Library is still doing reserves. But we are re-reading books just to see if they are worth keeping. And many have not earned their place on the shelf. But I have 3 boxes of books in good condition that ziffit won't buy, none of my friends want - and the charity shops are closed (two local ones which were open in November have stopped taking books too) Any idea what I can do with them?

    1. I have the same problem re books - guess I'll have to take them with me and pass on to charity shops later

  3. Love Rory Clements. Have you read all the books in the series?

  4. Having just read the Tracey Chevalier I now have a lot more of hers to go at - pleasant thought. Good to see you give her five stars

  5. I just reserved the Chevalier book based on your recommendation!

  6. I read The Pearl Earring a lot of years ago and enjoyed it.
    I must look for my book that I use to keep a list of the books I read, I had an address book i used it would be interesting to read again.
    Hazel c uk 🌈🌈🌈

    1. Girl with the Pearl Earring is the only one I've not read I think. I have a copy here for the future

  7. Wow! Thanks for this long list. I am always looking for suggestions, although, my reading has slowed down in the last year...

  8. What a splendid list. I have no idea exactly how many books I read last year but it was well over 150, might have been more. I had already started to make a list of the number for this year, and am not going to tell you what the number is already, or you will think I do absolutely nothing except sit with my Kindle!

  9. A good varied list of books. I have put the new Chevalier on my, too long, to read list. I have a copy of The Splendid and the Vile out from the library, will give that a go as well.

    Have you tried the electronic library? I like Press Reader as it gives free access to many newspapers and magazines.

    I use Goodreads to track what I read. If you have a hard copy you can scan the bar code.

  10. That is an impressive book list. I am enjoying one on my Kindle by Joy Ellis - Beware the Past. Can't stop reading - WHEN I have 5 mins to spare, which hasn't been today!

  11. Very good list of books read. I am amazed that with all you do you still manage to read as much as that. You must read very quickly.

    God bless

  12. I love your list! We do have many of the same tastes in books -- especially the British Crime Library. Love Cleeves, Leon, Griffiths, Perry, Granger and Crombie too. And some new titles to seek out. (Though I shouldn't be allowed to look at one more book that isn't already on the pile in my house!)

    You asked about the lace hearts I made. I don't have an email for you to be able to contact off blog so forgive my putting directions here. I think it's simple enough without photos. You will need a wire that you can bend into a heart shape. I'm not sure of gauge. Bend into a heart shape and twist at the point to tie it off. If you want, you can leave a "tail" at the end to string a bead.I didn't but it would be cute. Cut a piece of lace (an old doily, craft lace, wide craft lace ribbon) slightly bigger than the wire. Using a strong glue that will dry clear -- E6000, a hot glue gun with a thin tip) put glue on the wire and hold the lace tautly as you glue around it. If not using hot glue, let it set. After they set, you can add a hanger or a bead at the bottom. (I wish I could find the blog I first saw these on so I could send you a link but I hope that helps!)

  13. I found the original idea! Let's Add Sprinkles posted it. Here's the link. Her technique is a little different than mine, but the result more or less the same!

  14. You did a lot better than me with your reading, and we have read a few of the same non-fiction, one thanks to your gift.

    It's a shame your libraries are closed for this lockdown, but a good job you still have a good selection of your own ... and there's always Amazon ;-)

    We have just been told that estate agencies may be closing soon and they are rushing to complete some works, we'll have to see how that goes with us being in the process of selling (we've accepted an offer) and buying a house.