Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Locally Produced

 Twice I've done a "sort-of" challenge of eating just  local food for a week at a time.

Look at these that I found last Tuesday..............


I was quite excited!

These come from the giant greenhouses near Ipswich that use heat from the waste incinerator and collect water and condensation to use too.

And as I won't be growing  many of my own this year this is almost as good.

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  1. What a lucky find. I wish more supermarkets would stock local produce.

  2. What always annoys me about our Morrisons is that their radishes are nearly always foreign....why, when they're so easy and quick to grow?! (Should grow more myself, of course!).

  3. I love it when you do these sort of challenges Sue - good for you to find these.

  4. Brilliant, you'll definintely notice the difference in taste when you eat these at room temperature.

    One of the reasons I love my new home town is the local Booths supermarket, it has so many local produced things for sale both in the fresh aisles and on the tinned, packeted and frozen sections. I'm guessing it's the same in the meat and cheese counters but I never look in those ... I should just to see.

  5. Wissington Beet factory used to produce tomatoes in the same way. They have now switched to cannabis (for medicinal use). Their tomatoes were always wonderful. I like Morrisons for selling local produce.

  6. I bet they taste wonderful. Almost as good as home grown!

  7. I like buying locally grown food. I bought some mushrooms last week that are grown in Yamhill. 45 minute drive to there. Taste is so good. Most of the time they are from Canada. My daughter planted some veggie starts in pots which will be delicious. Lettuce and pear tomatoes, spinach. We don't have a garden. Even when I did it wasn't big. Have a good day.