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Friday, 28 July 2017


One of this years failures are my aubergine plants.
I started off with 4 plants
and just have this
Vaguely an aubergine I suppose. Well it's the right colour.

Plan for next year...................bigger pots and further into the greenhouse, away from the door and draughts.

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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Last Sunday Afternoon was................

................damp and dreary, no good for gardening and Col with the horrible head cold and wanting to snooze. So I disappeared upstairs to the craft room and put together two cross stitch cards and made the garden shed card. The two cards on the left were made a few weeks ago using some patterned papers with flower toppers and peel-offs stuck over the print flowers and gems for the centres of the flowers. Bottom right is just 3D decoupage.
Recently made cards
 Then  I sorted out a few more pages for the scrapbook. I'd left a space for our eldest's wedding before  doing a Jacob page last year. So two wedding pages (Eldest daughter and son) and then a page for Florence.
Next I'm going to sort some photos and do a page for the move here,  another for Col's 60th birthday and then  a page in memory of Mum and Dad C.

 Monday's weather was even worse than Sunday..........we had rain all day bar about an hour, which is quite unusual for Suffolk, so after house work and food prep I went and made another couple of cards and started looking for  photos for the scrap book.

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Out longer than we thought

A tale of too many hours out!

Col had to go up to hospital for a kidney function test yesterday morning. This involves a blood test, an injection of a radio active substance(!) and then a blood test an hour later...................or so he thought.
He dropped me off in Ipswich town centre for shopping and planned to pick me up later, then  supermarket shopping and home in time for lunch.
I'd been in town for about an hour and a half when he phoned to say he had to have 3 blood tests - after one hour, two hours and three hours. Question was - did I want to stay in town for another 3 hours? Aaaagh - NO THANKS. So he came and picked me up after blood test #1. Then we went back to hospital, where I dropped him at the right entrance and then went and found somewhere to park - the only place I could find was right at the other end of the hospital!
By the time I'd walked the whole length of the hospital he'd had the second blood test and we went for lunch in the canteen. Then he went back to wait for 3rd blood test while I went for shopping at Sainsburys which is nearest to the hospital but my least favourite superstore and then back to hospital again and had just got up to the clinic where he was when he came out after third blood test.
Then we came home. Phew.
Had to put all the shopping away, only to discover the box of food from Approved Foods outside the front door so had to set to and put that away as well. By the time I collapsed in the armchair it was nearly 4pm.
At least I didn't have to cook dinner.

He's back at hospital to see the doctor today - I'm staying at home.

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