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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A 'Why?' moment

The older I get the more I have these 'Why?' moments.

The most recent one was due to the ad on the back of the latest Asda magazine
So why do Nescafe think it a good idea to bring out lots of different packs of coffee in designer packaging.
Are there really gullible people out there who will buy it because of the colours on the tin? Or maybe they want people to buy one of each?

Who knows.

Many thanks for duck comments, they are made from bamboo and apparently they do still come with names and two is enough............ I'm not that keen on dusting!

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Duck Rescue

Last week I  rescued this little fella from a charity shop.

 He was very sad as he had a cracked foot so no one wanted him.
But I brought him home and Col mended him by tapping his foot back on with a little hammer and then I filled the crack with some glue so that it was hardly noticeable and he went to join a bigger friend on the landing windowsill. His big friend has lived with us for a very long time, so long in fact that when he was made the company were still giving each duck a name.
He has a label proudly tells everyone that his name is Merlin.
They are both much happier now they have some company.
Made from bamboo these original unadorned ducks are from the The Duck Company UK. They now make all sorts of ducks in different colours and with wellies plus they make penguins too. All hand made in Devon and now costing a lot more than Merlin did 10 years ago! and much more than the £1.50 I paid for small duck, who I think will have to be called Arthur.

Just editing in to say just in case ......... obviously the company haven't sponsored this post!

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Monday, 14 August 2017

Saying it Quietly.............. I don't want to tempt fate, but there are No hospital visits this week. The first week without for months and months.
Col has had umpteen tests - lungs, heart, kidneys, ENT - you name it and it's been checked.  Now all we have to do is wait for news of when the donor stem cell treatment will happen. Maybe a bit later than we thought due to the donor having the stem cells taken under general aneasthetic from the spine rather than from the blood.
Next week it's back to what is now normal with two trips to hospital -  Addenbrookes and then Ipswich or it might be the other way round.
What shall we do with our week "off?"
 Definitely visit gorgeous granddaughter, Col wants to get the concrete sorted for the new hard standing for the oil tank and perhaps we'll actually get to the beach hut.

Meanwhile here's another book review. The Song Collector by Natasha Solomons.
 Front Cover
  This was  an author I knew nothing about.

 3 Brothers and their Father return to Hartgrove Hall Estate after the war. The house had been requisitioned and left in a poor state. There's no money for repairs and The General wants to demolish it. The 3 sons come up with a plan to farm the land themselves which means that Harry - the youngest will have to leave university and abandon his musical career. Jack, the eldest son, arrives at Hartgrove with Edie Rose, a singer who has become famous for her patriotic songs during the war. Harry is instantly in love with Edie - their joint love of music being the connection.
The story moves between the 1940's/ 50's and 50 years later when Harry - as an old man, has to find a way through grief.
Music and musicians............ playing, writing, listening and singing is the theme of this book along with love, betrayal,guilt and forgiveness.
 I enjoyed it hugely and have ordered another of her books from the library.

Thank you for so many comments on Saturday's post, I didn't realise it would generate such an interesting discussion.
 The conclusion seems to be that if couples can find a way to organise their money so that it doesn't cause arguments or resentment then that has to be good for them both.

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