Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Worlingworth Church

The next church visited out of the 100 in the book was Worlingworth . The village is about 8 miles from us. We went there on Saturday morning because  a coffee morning was being held in the village hall  to raise money for Addenbrookes Hospital. A fund  was set up 9 years ago when a young man died from a brain tumour at only 32 years of age. We had lived close to the family in Bacton during the 1980's, he was in my cub-pack and his parents are members of the chapel where Col's Dad went.
( People always say "never go back", but coming back to Mid Suffolk  has enabled us to meet up with people we've not seen for many years).

(and why do all my photos taken of high up things look as if I was drunk in charge of camera?!)

 Worlingworth church is another Suffolk church dedicated to St Mary, this dates from the 15th Century.

 The font cover at Worlingworth is even more impressive than the one we saw at Mendlesham, taller and painted too.

 The box pews date from 1630

and the hammerbeam roof spans the entire width of the church.

I love the old fire engine, standing in the corner and dating from 1670. Possibly last used on Guy Fawkes Night in 1927

That large piece of wood leaning against the wall just to the left of the engine is a wooden spit used to roast an ox in 1810 when the village held a Great Feast to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of King George III. There is a large painting of this celebration on the wall of the church.
Because of the reflected light the photo isn't good. No one knows who painted this, perhaps an itinerant  Italian artist.

Then in 2002 the village held a Great Feast  to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee, and two parishioners commissioned  Lowestoft artist John Reay to paint another large picture - this is part of it.
( I think I prefer the traditional painting of 1810!)

Below is a ledger stone memorial in the floor by the font to Susanna Barker,  who died aged 44 in  1622 it says she was Religious, Chaste, Discreet and Loving

Most of the windows are plain glass but these bits of stained glass are at the top of the window over the altar.

Another quick peep inside a Suffolk Church.

Thanks for comments on gorgeous Granddaughter post yesterday. 

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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Meeting Our New Granddaughter

Son and Daughter in Law brought 6 day old Willow Rose over to see us.

 We saw her but she was busy sleeping and then feeding and then having another nap!

She has lovely dark hair so I'm hoping she might be the only person in the family so far to have inherited my black hair.

For the third time Nanna Sue and Grandad Col are besotted with a new Grandchild!
Later in the day we had a Skype chat with Grandson Jacob in Surrey now coming up for 2 years old, how quickly they grow up! Hopefully we'll get to see granddaughter Florence this week too, she's now 1½.
I can see mayhem ahead in a few years time, with 3 grandchildren zooming round the house together!

Thank you for kind comments yesterday.

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Monday, 23 April 2018

A New Phase

We had a VERY long day at Addenbrookes hospital on Friday.

But there was a reason for it and sadly the outcome isn't wonderful.

The Doctors have moved Col onto a new phase of treatment.......that is keeping him as well as possible for as long as possible.

We knew that that Mantle Cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoma is one of the most aggressive types of cancer...........treatable but not curable is what they said right at the start, and none of the options he has had have worked so far, so the change to a more palliative form of care wasn't a surprise.

I'm mentioning this here because that's what's happening and plan to keep blogging because I want everything to be as normal as possible so no histrionics and wailing and gnashing of teeth will be seen here!

(and none in comments please)

So normality this weekend just gone was a short trip out on Saturday morning, an extremely busy morning on Sunday when Col's brother came with his Heath Robinson log splitter (pictured here in March last year) and split about a ton of logs which are now safely stored in the shed and in builders bags...... Winter 2018/19 sorted and probably a good bit of 2019/20 too. A cooked dinner for 4 people ( Col's sister came too) and an afternoon with baby cuddles tomorrow. Then an evening of recovering!

Welcome to even more followers, happy to see you, hope you enjoy my scribblings from a cottage in Suffolk

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