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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Peace and Quiet

When we moved to the smallholding in 1992 it was lovely and quiet. I could wait with the children for the school bus and sometimes no other traffic would pass us.

Then the traffic increased, a road was closed for several weeks and people found going along our road was a good shortcut and carried on using it even after the other road re-opened. Waitrose and Tesco opened in Saxmundham and for several  villages coming along our road was the easiest way there. Many new houses were built in the towns and villages near us and the roads got busier. We had The A12, The A1094 and two busy B roads all within 4 miles so whichever way the wind was blowing we could often hear traffic in the distance

Living here at the cottage is just like going back to 1992 at Knodishall. We are up a lane  so no passing traffic at all but even driving on the small roads around us it's possible to go for a couple of miles and not meet another car. There is just one A road within 5 miles and we can only hear it if the wind is blowing from that direction.

If it works there is a very short video here, if it didn't work.......sorry!


Down at the bottom of our little meadow it is wonderfully quiet, the trees have all greened up and its a small mini wood already.

Being able to stand there and hear nothing except the wind through the trees is just so restorative and  the other day  Colin cut up a pallet and made a seat, so now we can sit for a while and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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Monday, 24 April 2017

Given £30.........................

..................................but we don't know why.

Here is a letter received on Saturday - from our water company

The man came Friday to look at the stopcock as we have asked for a water meter. As far as I know they hadn't actually said what time he would come as it didn't involve coming in the house so it didn't matter and how did a letter get from there to here in less than a day anyway?
How kind of them!

But why?

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PS. Huge welcome to new followers J Yale and Sugar Ellis.
PPS. Don't forget to cover your tender plants in case we really do get the freezing weather that's forecast
PPPS. Books read recently  have been added to my Books Read 2017 page. "The Fortnight in September" a Persephone reprint was a very good read.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Purple Bed

This is the flower bed beside the conservatory which already had several purple/blue things growing. I've dug out some yellow flowered plants - I have no idea what they were  but they had small, weedy looking, pale yellow flowers! There are also two clumps of Crocosmia, which I've left in for now until I think of what to replace them with.
Compost has been forked into the gaps and the Osteospermum  will go here along with any other purple things I can find for later in the summer. A purple Heuchera will be something to look out for, there are a couple in another flower bed but I don't thing they like being moved.
When I weeded I came across plant labels for the two clumps of ornamental grasses which are already in situ ( I'm leaving them in). £5.20 EACH. Good grief! Grasses are not my most favourite of things to grow but they look OK here.
Front right corner of the picture is a pigs Jawbone..........Weird, I've left it there........for now

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