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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

There I was, a-diggin this hole............

a 'ole in the ground
so big and sort o' round
and there was I, diggin' it deep
it was flat at the bottom and the sides were steep.

Did you sing it? or are you too young! (If you don't know what I'm talking about look HERE)

Why was I diggin'a 'ole?
Well it was because I don't like the plant Golden Rod and because Col found those great ol' plastic pots at the boot sale.
So I dug out the Golden Rod and dug a big hole (I did get a bit of help from Col and his big boots!), then we lined out the pot with some thick black plastic and sunk it in the hole. Covered the edges with some bits of rock from a huge heap on the side of the meadow and hey presto we have a pond.

Now you might think that a pond this small is a bit useless but I know from past experience that even this little bit of water in a garden can attract frogs and frogs eat slugs. Frogs need a way out of a deep hole so Col used his angle-grinder to cut a 2" slice off a sandstone slab and we've put that in the water so they have something to use like a step-ladder out to the edge. My next job will be to collect lots of stones to cover all the plastic. Heaps of stones around the edge make a good place for small  creatures to hide.
 I didn't think we would need a pond here because there is a wide ditch across the lane, which had ducks and moorhens on just a few weeks ago, now after the prolonged dry spell it's completely dry. But - hooray - we had rain last night, not a lot but better than nothing and hopefully more forecast in the next few days. We've been watering the greenhouse crops and some of the outside things but there's nothing like a good rain for fruit trees.

Many thanks for comments yesterday.The walnut must have been buried there by a squirrel although the nearest walnut tree that I know of is right at the end of the lane where it joins the road that's about 150 metres - quite a long way for a squirrel to carry a walnut!

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

How One Job Leads....................... a find in the hedge.

This was the pergola thing at the bottom of the garden when we arrived. I cleared all the weeds and weed-proof membrane from underneath and found lots of the posts were rotten.
We didn't really want it anyway. It must have been a good idea when it was built but now just an eyesore.

So with a bit of hammering, unscrewing bolts and taking down, now it looks like this.
 At the moment we've left the Hop, just to see if it does actually produce any hops. The post it's on is rotten, so needed a couple of posts left to prop it up and the other posts are still there because they are concreted in and need some effort to get out, but will be dug out later.

The cross beams of the pergola were still OK and I suggested we use them as the edges for a new bed for raspberries and Col said 4 of the posts would make another edging for a strawberry bed.

So using metal stakes and rope we measured out 2 square beds. It was while I was standing holding the end of the tape that I noticed something I recognised growing just in the foot of the blackthorn hedge that's between us and the field.

A young Walnut tree
I fetched the loppers and we cut away the blackthorn hedge that was all around it and quite a way above,  then pulled out all the ivy from the ground. Gave it a good  watering and hopefully it will grow into a fine walnut about 50 years time!

The two long rails of the framework will be used for edging the 5th vegetable bed in the garden, the only one without anything around it. I'm not sure when we'll actually get the 2 new square beds made as the ground is like rock after our dry month.

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Monday, 26 June 2017

Small Spend at a Small Car Boot.............

and Bigger spend at the bigger car boot!

I found this photo on the camera from the nearest  car boot sale of several weeks ago, when the weather wasn't too good and there were not many there.

My small spend was a total of £2.60 on these useful things. 2 box files (20p each!), 100 muffin cases, 7 zoo animals, "Chatterbox" a Shirley Hughes book that was new to me and a Jack Wills shirt  for Col. He needs a few long sleeved shirts as he's supposed to keep covered from the sun due to the chemo tablets. Before cancer he preferred short sleeves so only had one or two thin cotton long sleeved.
 I said "look what I found for you............a Jack Wills shirt for 50p." . "Who?" he asked. " Jack Wills" I said, "They must be posh because they've got a shop in Aldeburgh!" " Looks like an ordinary shirt to me" he said! Totally unimpressed by the brand...............Thank Heavens.

We had to go out last Saturday to visit someone so called in at the Big boot sale on the way.

Col is feeling well at the moment so he walked round too and found 7 HUGE plastic flower pots which will be useful, the biggest is nearly 2 foot across. He paid £10 for the lot. The way the grapevine is growing in the conservatory we'll be needing that big pot quite soon.

I found this lot below and spent £5 on the chair - a bedroom chair for my bedroom. £2.50 on crafting bits which included loads of C6 envelopes, cards and inserts - with words - and some Christmas bits. The storage container and oven gloves came from the same stall for 75p each and I couldn't resist the  30 dolly pegs for £1. Then I saw some pink reins which I got for youngest and Florence. I'm not sure if young mums use reins nowadays but they were only £1 and might be handy especially as she will also have the dog when Florence wants to walk.

The craft bits have been sorted and put away and hopefully I'll get a chance to do some more card making soon. I've been cross stitching while watching the tennis so have a couple of little pictures to iron and  fit into card blanks.

Re the tennis, when the top seeds at the Queens club tournament were knocked out early I thought it would be one of the younger players who would win but in the end it was a brilliant final by two men who've been around for ages. Now I'm looking forward to July 3rd when Wimbledon starts although for the first time ever (as far as I know) the qualifiers will be on the BBC Red Button next week. Have you seen the trail for the Championships between other programmes on the Beeb, where a tennis ball bounces around the country causing chaos - all computer generated but very clever - I'm easily entertained!

Thank you for lots of comments on Saturdays post.

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