Monday 1 April 2024

April Days


From the book 'The Illustrated Book of Days' Artwork by Eugene Grasset

I open wide the portals of the Spring
  To welcome the procession of the flowers,
With their gay banners, and the birds that sing
  Their song of songs from their aerial towers.
I soften with my sunshine and my showers
  The heart of earth; with thoughts of love I glide
Into the hearts of men; and with the Hours
  Upon the Bull with wreathed horns I ride.  

from Longfellow; the poets calendar

Surely we will have some better weather in April? I know all about April Showers bringing forth May flowers but we've really had enough showers in January, February and March and could do with some dry weather. Although most of the old weather sayings prefer a wet month

A dry April
Not the farmer's will
April wet
is what we should get 
April wet, good wheat
April has thirty days, and if it rained on thirty-one,
no harm would be done.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday, it became a holiday with the Bank Holiday's Act of 1871, before that people only had Good Friday and Christmas Day off work.

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  1. We're promised rain for most of the week. Lovely!

  2. We are back to winter this morning and looks like it may rain too. Lovely illustration-thank you for sharing. Catriona

    1. I just looked at the Met Office weather for here for the week and there isn't a day without spots of rain at some time. Seems never ending

  3. After a couple of lovely sunny, if slightly cold days today is a wet washout, about normal for a British bank holiday I suppose. So I prescribe a lazy day at home for me once I have got a bit of research out of the way. And as Alan has just bought himself a packet of five custard doughnuts ... I must save him from himself and snaffle a couple. Coffee, doughnuts and Silent Witness sounds like a very good way to spend the bank holiday in my opinion. I do hope our birthday month is going to be a bit drier than the last three!!

    1. Surely April will be better - will there ever be a day to walk outside without a coat?

  4. Here in the south west the farmers are complaining that has been too wet for their wheat and they want a dry April!

    1. Same here, everything is way behind - specially the sugar beet harvest which should have finished in February.
      Perhaps these old rhymes are more proof of climate change

  5. We will have several days of rain to start off April so the May flowers should be lovely!

  6. I think we've already had enough rain to last us all year! X

  7. A small river seems to be running at both our front and back entrances at the moment!

  8. I had a school friend called Avril but never connected it with the month. Maybe that's when her birthday was!

  9. Keeping my fingers crossed that you get some wonderful weather. I am also keeping my fingers crossed we don't get any more snow.

    God bless.

  10. A lovely poem. We had a little sun today to start off the month but also quite a bit of rain! Surely the weather has to get a bit better?

  11. The closest river to me is the Concord River and it is overcoming the riverbanks. Low lands nearby are flooded. Even the stream on my property is wider than it is normally. When I dug a hole to plant my new peach tree, the hole filled with water. I selected a new location as I did not want to drown the peach tree. Is drowning a peach tree even possible? I did not want to take any chances...