Friday, 20 April 2018

A Charm of Goldfinches and...............

 a trio of there a collective noun for Siskins?

The male Siskin isn't as yellow as a Yellow Hammer and has a black head. We have a pair of Yellow hammers visiting too, they are ground feeders so we don't notice them so easily from the windows.

Always something to see on or under the feeders and on the 16th I spotted the first Swallow of the year passing by, but until I see another I'll not believe I actually saw it!

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  1. Hi Sue, if you go onto the British Bird Lovers website you will find a complete list of all of the collective nouns for birds. Unusually there is nothing for siskins.
    Best wishes

    1. I reckon Sue (my mum) will love this snippet of info Colin.

  2. Goldfinches are such pretty little birds aren't they? We also get a lot in our garden. I like Long-tailed Tits, they flit in, chattering to each other, then flit out again and we don't see them again for a week or two. Good news about the Swallow, we're waiting for our House Martins to arrive, it's usually around this time of year so we've been looking out for them every day.

  3. Hi Sue, I just Googled on a site called British Bird Lovers, and there is nothing for the sweet siskin. However, I don't trust them, for they call Gulls "seagulls" which, as any true birder knows is the incorrect term. No such bird as a seagull. Soap box moment! lol

    It's always such a treat to see our garden birds.

  4. Your swallow must have been travelling North, ours arrived yesterday the 19th. Coincidentally a friend in Cornwall, spotted swallows at their home at the same time.

  5. Well, of course....the old saying is "One swallow doesn't make a summer"!

  6. Bit of spam there! We will have to think up one for Siskins. We have a pair so...

  7. Haven't seen a swallow yet. We always had them early at the farm - I think they were probably attracted by the insects in the loose housing where the cattle had been in all winter - you now have me looking out of the window a lot looking for one.

  8. It looks like you're a good bird tender with nice full feeders. We have filled our Goldfinch thistle "socks" and the birds are here now. We also are feeding hummingbirds that have wintered over here. I'm so happy that Spring is here! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Beautiful birds! I love watching the birds come to the feeders in the garden. I'm so glad I started feeding them.

  10. How about a "shimmer" of siskins?