Monday, 30 April 2018

April Thrifty Bits

Last day of the month........ was it a thrifty April?

Printed out a £2.98 Asda Price guarantee ever!
Bought 4 Epson ink cartridges for our old printer via a person on Ebay rather than a company...... saved £30!
Sold small box of books via Ziffit = £10
Sold the beach more expenses in that direction, sad, but a relief.
Collected half a roof-rack  full of large bits of wood when we took keys and collected cheque for beach hut (the people are doing a big re-furb on their house and had a garden full of stuff awaiting a skip)
Load of pallets and other bits of wood from a neighbour- cut and stored for next winter.
Took food and a flask to Addenbrookes hospital each time.
Ran cold water into jug while waiting for the hot to appear. Used jugs to flush loo.
Water-butt from car-boot sale for £1.
Eating our own Rhubarb and Purple Sprouting broccoli from the garden and mangetout peas from the freezer.
Clothes for Florence from car boot sale for £2.50
Books for grandchildren from car-boot sale£2.50
Brother-in-law came to split loads of logs ready for the winter.
Printed a £1.10p Asda Price guarantee voucher.
Picked up box of twiggy bits from the meadow to dry for kindling

The spendy bits
Got a window cleaner to do the  windows.........first time ever in  43 years of house ownership........9 big windows and he charged £20, seemed well worth it to me. Spurred me on to do the insides........nice clean windows are a treat!

500 litres of heating oil delivered £286. I'll get more in the summer when the price goes down........ I hope the price goes down in the summer. (equivalent amount last May was £206)

Paid TV licence £150.50p ( I don't  begrudge this........ we get our moneys worth, when you are poorly TV is very helpful)

Had repair done to a thermostat thingy on hot water tank (we'd been having 1 minute-before-the-water-cooled-down showers for the last month!) A Very Expensive job...... £322.

Dentist, first installment and then more in May.............. it's going to be HOW MUCH?!

4 diesel fill-ups this month..... that's over £100.

Thanks to the beach hut sale income was a LOT more than outgoings!

There are still big expenses to come later this year when we get the water pipes upgraded down the lane (although the costs will be shared by the other home owners - thank goodness new next door neighbours are more willing to fork out for work than the old ones were) and get the ridiculous huge bath replaced with a shower and the shower removed from the bedroom.

So I'll carry on being thrifty where I can.

Have a good out for WEATHER!
Here's the warning from the BBC Weather's a YELLOW one!

Weather Warning

Issued by the Met Office YELLOW WARNING OF RAIN for East Midlands, East of England, London & South East England, Yorkshire & Humber
Updated 27 April at 1028 BST
Valid from 2100 BST on Sun 29 April to 2359 BST on Mon 30 April
Headline: Heavy rain is likely to affect much of eastern, southeastern and central England on Sunday night and Monday along with strong winds.
What To Expect: Spray and flooding could lead to difficult driving conditions and some road closures.
Where flooding occurs, there is a slight chance of delays or cancellations to train and bus services.
There is a small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded, causing damage to some buildings.
Heavy rain is likely to reach southeast England and parts of East Anglia later on Sunday then spread further north and west overnight, probably reaching much of eastern, central and southern England by Monday morning. The rain is expected to last for much of Monday. Although it is unclear how far west the heaviest rain will extend, accumulations of 25-40 mm could occur quite widely with perhaps 50-70 mm in places during this period. The heavy rain will be accompanied by strong to gale force northerly winds and it may be cold enough to produce some snow on high ground although this seems unlikely to settle..
This warning has been updated to extend it further north and west across England

Oh lovely!

Thank you for all the comments about our week and welcome to new followers

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  1. It's 'orrible here (Mid Essex), really very unpleasant. I'm so glad of my nice, oprotective home in this weather.
    You've done so well on the Frugal Front this month, despite those unexpected expenses.
    J x

  2. Not a good forecast is it? Good savings made there.

  3. My big spend this month was fabric and paint for a bed headboard. Today, finally, we can see blue sky but woke up to ground frost. Hope you are not affected adversely by that yellow weather.

  4. I hope Colin can enjoy some food soon. I was shopping on Saturday - I'd gone into a store where the coffee is considerably cheaper than where I was planning to do most of my shopping. The woman in front of me had a flyer from another grocery store up on her phone gadget and as some of her items were being rung through the clerk was giving her a price match discount> It was a bit time consuming for us behind her but interesting to watch. I'm looking forward to my rhubarb = we are behind you in season for some reason I'm craving it with custard made with evaporated milk! JeanWinnipeg

  5. I used to do all our windows, but have handed the job over to a young man and his wife; it takes them half an hour to do what would now take me more than half a day. Money well spent, I reckon. They also wipe the sills and never leave smears.

  6. The weather warning has certainly lived up to itself here in Norfolk and Suffolk has it not. Dreadful day.

  7. I enjoy being inspired by your thrifty ideas.. keep them coming! Can you show us a photo of your beach hut you sold? I'd love to see it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. We are cloudy and getting little bits of rain here on the prairies of Canada. But at least things have warmed up.

    You were very thrifty this month.

    God bless.

  9. Oh, the ins and outs of our pennies! I let my window cleaner go. It seems a bit pointless when he only comes once a month and right now my cottage is surrounded by the goings on of building work, so my windows are dirty an hour after he's been and gone.