Saturday, 19 October 2019

Monday to Friday

I needed to use the pressure washer to clean the green slippy-slimy paving patio slabs  between the back door and garage, the back door and drive way, the back door and greenhouse and the back door and washing other words everywhere I walk! I looked at the washer a few weeks ago but there was no way to connect the hose to the machine. Colin bought this washer when our old one packed up just after we moved here and only used it once but somewhere in the last 2 years something had gone missing. I'd got 4 various hosepipe connectors - nothing fitted. Put thinking cap on and come up with a a short length of hose to the bit that sticking out of the washer with one of those circular clip things that screws up tight, then use a normal hosepipe connection to fit that little bit of pipe to the hosepipe on the tap.  After a couple of tries I got it sorted and cleaned about half the slabs.

I found this wonderful pedantic comment on my Monday post.

For me "eating out" means a formal sit down meal of at least two courses. Snacks are quite different, which is what you had. Roderick

Have no idea if Roderick is being serious or not but it made me smile.

My bodged connections on the pressure washer aren't perfect as they keep coming apart but I got the job  finished,  then had to find my wrist support thingy because clutching the trigger on the gun bit of the washer  had really made it ache.

Down the A14 to Felixstowe to visit my cousin and her husband who live in a  high spot that overlooks the sea. I just have to stand at the big window in their flat and stare out at the sea for the first 5 minutes of visiting!.......... I would never get any work done if I lived there. Although on Wednesday there was nothing much to see as it was a bit grey and misty.
After my visit I went round the charity shops in town and found a long black hanki-hem cardigan, which seemed a bit pricey at £9.99, but as it was from M&S  and looked virtually new I bought it, then splashed out on a new long sleeved tunic top from a proper shop! Bright burnt orange - one of this autumns  IN colours I think. Felixstowe has some good clothes shops and cheap parking - think I should go more often.

Shopping - not very exciting except for the fact that I was buying a few bits because of having visitors - and that is  exciting as it's the Surrey family - or 2 out of 3 of them.

Eldest daughter and Jacob arrived early afternoon,  he has shot up several centimetres since he was last measured on the pirate ship height chart.  So good to see them again and hear all about what they've been up to.  Nana's home made play dough was soon found and spread around the room!
 Nearly 3½ now. Eldest says they have to put sort out schools soon - used to be so simple when children went to the nearest primary, now it's all about choice! and complicated.
  All the family here today - cousins together - I  love it. 😊

This week I'm grateful for
  • Finding a way to use the pressure washer
  • Wonderful children and gorgeous grandchildren

Have a good weekend
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  1. Yep as Rachel says ' a jubilee clip'. I used to think they were called 'jubly clips' as that was how my ex pronounced it πŸ˜„

    It sounds like a good week. Hope you have a good weekend. Xx

    1. I used to think duct tape was duck tape and when I was much much smaller I thought window cills were window stills!

  2. Or cable tie. Very good for hold things in place. I think Roderick has been watching too much Downton Abbey. But then again so have I.

    1. Too small for a cable tie.
      I couldn't decide if he was serious or not

  3. Following your story, I shall have to take another look at my pressure washer as I have the same problems with hoses not fitting.

    1. I'm sure there is something missing - how what and where I have no idea

  4. Sounds like a successful week. The pressure washer hurts my arm too! Have a great weekend. xx

  5. Replies
    1. It kept coming apart so not a perfect solution. It did the job - eventually

  6. Pleased you have the pressure hose sorted.
    Nice you had company and brought some new clothes.
    Lovely to see your daughter and the little one we are lucky to have family.
    My sister is coming tomorrow for a few hours and then she is going to my daughters so she can see the craft things she has made.
    It looks like it's going to be a nice day and I have the washing on.
    Have a lovely day Sue and everyone else.
    Hazel c uk

    1. Thank you Hazel. Sunshine here too - have a good weekend

  7. I use Patio Magic, other brands are available, and although it isn't an instant clean it continues working over the coming months. So much easier than a pressure washer. Maureen

    1. I'm a bit wary of things that might have odd chemicals. Is it a safe formula

    2. The blurb says: "Biodegradable and children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas once dry" tho I am not finding exactly what is in it. On UK Amazon it is L17.95 for ??? a gallon? but used diluted. Apply with a watering can, it says.

  8. So lovely to have your family around you, enjoy their visit. Well done, too, for sorting out that hose thingy. It is hard when you are used to having a man around to do those little things, as we both know. But, as they say, girls can do anything. Go, Sue!

    1. So good to see them, they grow so quickly. I'm glad I got the patio cleaned for Jacob to zoom round on his balance bike.

  9. Not pedantic, but precise, but I am glad that it gave you a distraction in the middle of dealing with the pressure washing. So you "ate out" with cake and a scone. On checking back all the entries for this year I found that it is cake (consumed as comfort food) that is causing the extra weight. Roderick

  10. Enjoy your family time.

    God bless.

  11. We found a way around the achey wrist/pressure washer problem: use one of the cheap large plastic grip-jaw crocodile/scissor clips to hold the trigger down (often in the Aldi cenre aisle).

    This makes it very easy to just keep going - but do take care not to run it too long with the trigger clipped down or you might burn the motor out!

    - Kate

  12. Should say, I love your Header!!!!

    So very seasonal...

    And a wee bit spooky...



  13. Roderick certainly tells it as it is - diplomacy not his skill!!
    Glad you had a productive week and found a way round the hose problem - we had to get a new part for ours recently - I was surprised we could find one as it was Wickes own brand and about 15 years old and now obsolete.
    Have a good week - watch that comfort food - because someone else is obviously taking note. x

  14. Sounds like you have had a good week especially with the Surrey family visit.

    Well done on sorting the hose problem out - I am practical, but not technical!!

  15. Glad you got jobs finished. I'd enjoy shopping in Ipswich. Nice town. Adorable grandchildren and you got spent time with family. I took a trash bag full of clothes to clothing swap at churc Sat. Brought home one autumn colored sweater for me, a t-shirt got daughter and clothes for grandkids. Score. Still want another sweater.
    Shop sales is good. May go to thrift store though. See what I can find. Be blessed.