Tuesday, 1 October 2019

October Country Days

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.  
L.M. Montgomery

 I had a brainwave for another book to use for photos of the months of the year.

So from Tasha Tudor's lovely children's book 'A Time to Keep'

The October pages

(Tasha Tudor was a very well known children's writer and illustrator in the USA and worldwide, through much of the C20)

 October was originally the eighth month of the Roman calendar. The Anglo Saxons called it Wynmonath - the wine making month or Winterfylleth meaning the full moon heralding winter.

There is often a short period of stormy weather in the first half of the month, followed by St Luke's little summer -  dry days around the 18th and heavy rain at the end of the month  around  St Simon's and St Jude's day  on the 28th (according to one of my books)

In the past villagers relied on pannage - the law allowing them access to the woods for their pig - to enable it to fatten on acorns and beech mast before it was killed at the end of the month

A good October and a good blast
Will blow the hog his acorn and mast.

There are so  many weather sayings this month......... mostly predictions for the prospects for the coming winter.

Much rain in October, much wind in December

For every fog in October there will be a snowfall in winter 

Warm October, cold February.

A full moon without frost in October and there will be no frost until the full moon in November

This is how John Clare starts his long poem about October  written nearly 200 years ago

The Shepherd's Calendar - October 
Nature now spreads around in dreary hue
A pall to cover all that summer knew
Yet in the poets solitary way
Some pleasing objects for his praise delay
Something that makes him pause and turn again
As every trifle will his eye detain

It's the colours of October that detain my eyes............ The Sumac is gloriously red and orange again and there are red hips and haws everywhere

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  1. October Blessings Sue. I love Tasha Tudor too. Her lifestyle choices are to be admired. I also like Susan Branch and Gladys Taber. This is a hard month for me now, but I plan to make the best of it.

  2. I couldn't agree with L M Montgomery more! I love October. Interesting to read about sayings to do with weather. There is often truth in these old sayings. I think I may keep track more of the weather and see how things change over the month. Jane xx

    1. Good to see you blogging again, I shall enjoy reading. So many lovely colours through October

  3. I love books like that and if I came across any they would soon be snapped up. October is my birth month so have always been partial to it, although as I age not for that reason. I love Autumn with the cooler temperatures, leaves turning colour, pine cones, acorns, cosy firesides. So inviting and welcoming!

    The poet John Clare was a patient at the psychiatric hospital I used to work for in Northampton. Sadly that hospital, St Crispin, no longer exists and is now a housing estate. It was a beautiful old building with a clock tower and extensive woodland where nature flourished.

    1. I have an oldish copy of The Shepherds Calendar book - each months writing is several pages long or I would include more

  4. October is beautiful! We are currently having a mini heat wave here in Ontario, but it beats a mini snow storm. I love that Tasha Tudor book, especially the illustrations. I may have to look for one of those. Thanks for sharing. -Jenn

    1. No heatwave or snow - thank goodness. And not as much rain here as other parts of the UK

  5. I like that book's illustrations. Interesting read for sure. We had a cold weekend which was unusual. Seems like it's winter already with frost warnings. 59 degree high for a little while then slides back down to 40s. Good thing our heat is on and warm clothes. Ave a good day!

  6. It's the colours I love too - they are so vibrant and cheering.
    I love that book - it's not one I've seen before.

  7. October is a wonderful month especially when you begin to get the changing colors of the trees. I enjoyed your post and I love Tasha Tudor.

  8. Love those illustrations.

    God bless.

  9. Lovely illustrations in that book! I enjoy very much to read your posts about months and holidays.

  10. My daughter, now 33, says that she remembers me saying often when she was a little girl that October was my favourite month. It still is. The only downside to the beautiful colours and the lovely smell in the air, is that winter follows close on October's tail.