Thursday, 27 April 2017

I love my craft room!

As soon as we looked around this house and found the 4th bedroom was really small, hardly big enough for a single bed, I knew it would make me a good craft room.

I've squeezed in everything I need and with Mrs F leaving a desk I have two surfaces to work on and

room left in between to use the ironing board too.

All I would like now is a swivel chair to turn from the table around to the desk!
 Next car boot sale I shall try to remember to look out for a a small basket/box/similar for my paper punches which are laying on the table, the only things without a home.

I spent a while in my room on Sunday morning making a few cards .
Most of these were made from bits of a Lakeland kit (although I'm sure I got it from a charity shop) that's been in my stash forever. I do like it when I can rustle up several cards with the same theme quite quickly.

Many thanks for the WI welcome from other members who read the blog and a Big Suffolk Welcome to new followers.

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  1. It is nice having a fourth bedroom, lovely to have your own space for creating.

  2. Such fun for you to have a dedicated space on which you can shut the door if necessary! {I think most crafters will know what I mean}

  3. It is lovely having a space where you can just do your thing, and leave a mess if you want to. I love that.

  4. My first chair for the shedudio was donated by a friend. Huge black effort that suddenly stopped moving on its castors and swivelling was very difficult. Argos had a very reasonable one which I had already bought for the desk indoors so I bought another for the shedudio. Its important to have good support while sitting for any length of time!

  5. You have a nice TIDY dedicated craft room. I have a room with lots of my things in up in the attic, where the kids used to have their sleepovers, but lots more craft things (material etc) in a lovely big set of shelves in the "Library" downstairs. As the Library doubles as the Junk Room too, I have great difficulty reaching my stuff! Still, at the moment I am working so hard with my little business that craft is sidelined.

  6. Oh for the luxury of a craft room - sigh

  7. I miss having my own craftroom. I have to work in the dining room which leads straight off the kitchen. No door to shut on my mess once I have had enough and as it has windows on three room for shelves.
    Still I get plenty done in the there and the view down the road is nice.
    Your cards look lovely-x-

  8. That's not a small bedroom Sue! Our third bedroom is 5' x 4'3" that's small!
    I can't fathom out why the builders would put in a 'bedroom' which isn't really even big enough for a cot, let alone a bed, it just makes no sense.
    However, it makes a decent craft room for me, but at the moment it's full of all sorts of junk, as our Grandson's toys have rather taken over downstairs so everything which is not essential has been dumped in there!
    I was in a very posh department store yesterday, so spent some time having a look at Phase 8 clothing, wondering which fabrics were designed by your talented eldest! I didn't buy any, the dimensions are all somehow in the wrong places for me, I'm tall and rangy, not Phase 8's preferred body shape at all!!!

    1. 5 x 4 foot is Really small!

      She's just back to work after her maternity leave, I expect they are now working on colours and patterns for summer of Next year or maybe even further ahead!

    2. What's happening with Jacob as far as childcare goes?
      Our daughter in law is back at work full time from next Tuesday, but has already done a few odd days, meetings etc when we've looked after 'the boy'.
      From next week he'll be at nursery two days a week and we're having him the other three, it'll be exhausting, but he's such a gorgeous, smiley, funny little lad we enjoy every second of being with him.
      Fortunately we live very close to Chester zoo, and have lifetime memberships there, so will be spending a lot of time there, all that walking will do us good! Once 'the boy' is walking too, it'll tire him out, so we may even get a peaceful coffee if he nods off when we get home!

    3. Jacob is going to a childminder who has another childminder helping her so together they look after several children although some are at school or playgroup. H is working 3 days a week at the moment but has to do 4 days soon. We are too far away to help and so are Jacob's other grandparents...sadly

  9. How lovely to have!
    In my tiny home I have an open plan lounge/kitchen, a tiny bathroom, and another room. This is a bedroom, but the bed where I sleep becomes (plus lots of cushions) a day bed/sofa, perfect for reading, knitting etc. There's a table (my oak barley sugar legged one from my old house) and occasionally it gets used for dining. It is also my desk and/or my craft table. All the materials are filed away in boxes, some of which fill up the second built in wardrobe, as I only need one for clothes.
    It works - but a craft room would be lovely!
    (The only other thing I need is the energy to get on with things - I think old age, as my mother would say, is "creeping on with a rush"!)

  10. Why do they persist in building rooms barely large enough to fit a bed in - it would be so more real if they just labelled them craft/office rooms. Yours looks great, enjoy using it :-)

  11. Lovely cards! It's great having your own room, isn't it? I finally got one and I really enjoy it. It's so much more productive than having to drag everything out to the dining room table and then putting it all away again. Does make for a messier desk space - at least in my case!

  12. So pleased you have your own space and are being so creative and productive! It is lovely to loose yourself in this kind of thing, and not have to keep clearing it for some other use! Enjoy!

  13. I am more than slightly envious of your craft room. You deserve your own space to create and wind down in.

  14. I miss my craft room, I now share a much bigger room with hubby, I don't lack in space, but I loved it being my room.

  15. How wonderful to have that room where you can conjure up all sorts of lovely craft items. I hope you have many relaxing hours in there, those using the ironing bored don't come under that catergory I'm sure!
    Lisa x

  16. I have a craft table in our spare bedroom but would love a whole room like this. How lovely! Meg:)

  17. A room of your own to craft in, that is a luxury!
    Not sure how they can design a room that size and call it a bedroom either.

  18. I like your craft room...must been a bit of space leftover so that's how it came about or somebody didn't measure well so there's an extra room! How fun!