Friday, 7 April 2017

Well wrapped

The problem with having built in cupboards ...... is that you can't take them with you when you move!

So spending more than I've ever spent on a cupboard before............

My cupboard/dresser for the dining room has arrived - On time too.

Talk about well wrapped.
From the outside in - first there was cardboard, then the edges were all protected by shaped polystyrene bits which were held firm by a sort of cling film and sticky tape wrapped round and round, then reinforced cardboard honeycomb strips front and back and base also held firm by cling film and tape, and on the inside - a thin polystyrene foam stuff.

It took me an hour to get it all off.............bit by bit

 Then on the cardboard on top I found
 "Return guarantee void if packaging is not re-usable"

How the heck anyone could get a 5 foot 9 inch tall wood cupboard out of a box without tearing the box- I do not know! Luckily it was so well wrapped there was no damage at all.

After that it was just a few minutes unscrewing the handles that were all fixed inside and putting them on the outside and fitting the shelf into the bottom cupboard.

Et Voila!
 Now at last I can unpack the 4 boxes that spent a year in the  summerhouse/shed at the bungalow.

Very exciting.

Thank you to everyone for comments about that list.........I've found some more things that should have been on it ...........

27. Finish wire brushing and  wood-staining the other 3 sides of the greenhouse that I didn't do last week
28. Watch Davis Cup tennis 7th - 9th
29.Visit youngest and Florence

Love a good list.................. 2 have been ticked off, two more are nearly done.

Thanks also for bookshelf ideas on a previous post. We had Ikea shelves at the smallholding and Col cut and altered them to fit in under the stairs and in the hall, they were good shelves but we had to leave them as they were all fixed and fitted. Could have the same again I guess, but I just had an extravagant yearning for real wood! I think it's called living beyond our means or wishful thinking.

Colin didn't get out of hospital yesterday, he's had no side effects to the increased dose, but still has a sinus infection/cough which the doctor said they wanted to sort before they let him out. He may be home today or tomorrow.

Back Soon


  1. That's a lovely and very practical cupboard Sue. How they expect you to get inside the wrapping without rendering it non re-usable is beyond me!

    Sorry that Col's sinus infection is being stubborn, but hope he will be back for the weekend.

  2. I'm very glad to see there is a spot reserved for tennis!
    I'm a list-maker, too. It quietens the noise from all those little jobs which are shouting for attention. They form an orderly line and wait patiently for their turn. All is well, until I lose the list.
    Best wishes to Col.

  3. Yes......I have always wondered about those guarantees too! The cupboard looks lovely.

    Hope Col is home soon.

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. Finally able to catch up with your move (having been away for six weeks), starting with this post. I had to laugh at the packaging instructions...perhaps that is what they hope that you can't get it off without damaging the packaging, so you can't return it! ;-) Still sounds like it was well protected. A great cupboard.

    I have started a list for all that needs to be done to get our house ready to put on the market - perhaps I ought to put it 'out there' so that I have something to be accountable for!

  5. Were the packers having a laugh?! Nice wishes to Col...hope he picks up fun being stuck in hospital when you've the love of a good woman waiting at home. x

  6. The worst packaging I ever experienced was an oversized box, loosely filled with brown paper and a free moving and unsurprisingly smashed flask. .... your cupboard's packing looks a lot more suitable! Hope Col home soon to admire your handywork

  7. Your new cupboard is lovely and how clever to turn the handles round for sending it, no damage and yet easily there just to turn round. I call that very clever! Hope you enjoy filling it. I am sure that Col will be looking forward to getting home and seeing it in place. If you can afford wood shelves, with everything you have going on I would go for it as books are your passion and sometimes things are worth stretching for.

  8. Lovely cupboard....mad packaging though.
    Sending more good wishes to Col. It's very good news that he has had no side effects to the increased dose-x-

  9. I love that cupboard - and so tempting to fill it!
    I hope Col gets home soon to enjoy this lovely weather with you in the garden.
    As for the bookshelves - G'wan! splurge on some sturdy ones; you deserve them. xxxx

  10. I hope Col is well enough to come home and enjoy the sunshine this weekend.
    Your cupboard is really nice,

  11. Love the new unit. Have a good weekend and we all hope that Col is able to join you at home. X

  12. Your cabinet looks beautiful! As for all the juggling, it somehow all seems to get done. Eventually. Saying prayers Col is able to be home for Easter.

  13. I can't do lists!! I find they put too much pressure on me to complete them and then I get stressed.

  14. That's a lovely cupboard!
    Hope he heals quickly, and be well, and at home.

  15. Smashing cupboard.....think of the pleasure filling it up......