Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Seems to be a lot of juggling needed over the next few weeks..........................
Some are in no order, some are not so important
  1. Finish painting the inglenook where the cooker is going
  2. Collecting Colin from hospital on Thursday, Friday or Saturday - not helpful for planning!
  3. Need to be at home for a cupboard delivery Thursday
  4. Organising Cooker delivery, electrician and gas fitter all for next Monday
  5. Taking Colin to hospital next Tuesday (and repeating numbers 2 and 5 several more times!)
  6. Reading the meters at number 9 next Wednesday or Thursday before completion and contacting the supplier
  7. Taking the keys to Estate Agent
  8. Contact Borough Council to get a bit of a refund of April Council tax at number 9
  9. Going to the library van next Thursday
  10. Doing the shopping
  11. Collecting tablets from pharmacy
  12. Need to write a letter or two
  13. Col's laptop has got to go back to the computer shop.
  14. Find out how to get the "two home tax" back from HMRC
  15. Get the oil tank filled
  16. Get the septic tank emptied
  17. Prepare for visitors
  18. Find book shelves 
  19. Plant a tree when it arrives
  20. Water new things in garden if we don't get rain anytime soon
  21. Find a car to replace the Hyundai
  22. Get the Fiesta repaired and MOT done
  23. Weed more of the flower gardens
  24. Keep grass cut
  25. See neighbours about lane repairs
  26. Find out  who we've not informed of new address  
Think I should stop writing lists and get on

Back Soon


  1. Wow! That sounds like quite a list. Hope you get everything done that you want but hope you don't stress about it too much.

    1. I was stressed but I've got 2 things done so feeling better!

  2. Yes you have a lot going on. Filling the mind I imagine, and sometimes that is what is needed isn't it. Glad that all is coming together on the house front!

    1. There's busy and then there's busy!
      Yes we will be glad to get rid of that bungalow!

  3. What you now need is a list of lists !x

  4. And you were saying I was busy!? Good list tho'

  5. When you move house your list is never ending!!

  6. Phew, I'm tired just reading it all. At least you have a list you can work your way through and tick things off xx

  7. Wow, I'm not going to complain about my list after reading your list. One thing at a time. Good luck.

  8. Good grief woman! That is one heck of a list of "to do's"! I am so glad my name isn't Sue . . .

  9. You'll get there or two ticks at a time-x-

  10. That is one heck of a list. One at a time will see things done.

    God bless.

  11. That is a serious list! Doctor Who starts on 15th April and I think that the only solution is to borrow his Tardis! Good luck x

  12. I think you need a few more hours in each day, do tell me if you figure out how to get them. The great thing about a list is ticking each thing off as it's done.

  13. Oh I love a good list, so satisfying when something gets crossed off!

  14. Long list! Pace yourself, and take some time to READ! Best wishes to both of you!

  15. Now I love a good list! Any list is good to me actually, but this one is special! Best of luck

  16. Goodness, you said you wanted to keep busy and that little lot will certainly keep you out of mischief. Glad to hear Col with be home with you for Easter. I'd add feet up for 10 minutes with a brew to your list. xx

  17. I love a list as it gets shorter and satisfying