Friday, 21 April 2017

That List from 5th April

On 5th April I posted a list of things I needed to sort out, how's it going?

Well, the good news is that Numbers 2 and 5 haven't been needed as  the doctor decided that as his white cell count had dropped into single figures there might not be any need for him to stay in hospital each time the dose is doubled. So I didn't have to take him up to hospital on Tuesday and he is just driving himself up for  blood tests two or three times a week. IF the blood results show he needs a blood transfusion they will do it the same day and he will be able to drive home again later. IF they decide to keep him in we will have to sort someone to take me to Ipswich to collect the car.

For the rest..........Green - done, orange started or not needed for a few weeks, and red means cancelled.
  1. Finish painting the inglenook where the cooker is going
  2. Collecting Colin from hospital on Thursday, Friday or Saturday - not helpful for planning!
  3. Need to be at home for a cupboard delivery Thursday
  4. Organising Cooker delivery, electrician and gas fitter all for next Monday
  5. Taking Colin to hospital next Tuesday (and repeating numbers 2 and 5 several more times!)
  6. Reading the meters at number 9 next Wednesday or Thursday before completion and contacting the supplier
  7. Taking the keys to Estate Agent
  8. Contact Borough Council to get a bit of a refund of April Council tax at number 9
  9. Going to the library van next Thursday
  10. Doing the shopping
  11. Collecting tablets from pharmacy
  12. Need to write a letter or two
  13. Col's laptop has got to go back to the computer shop.
  14. Find out how to get the "two home tax" back from HMRC
  15. Get the oil tank filled
  16. Get the septic tank emptied
  17. Prepare for visitors
  18. Find book shelves 
  19. Plant a tree when it arrives
  20. Water new things in garden if we don't get rain anytime soon
  21. Find a car to replace the Hyundai
  22. Get the Fiesta repaired and MOT done
  23. Weed more of the flower gardens
  24. Keep grass cut
  25. See neighbours about lane repairs
  26. Find out  who we've not informed of new address

Other things done which were not on the original list include vegetable gardening, selling books on Ziffit, unpacking and hanging some pictures. One more side of the greenhouse was cleaned and treated - 2 left to do.Our Tax forms have come and need filling in and there are still lots of books to unpack, although I'm still waiting for another bookcase to arrive.
I'm also waiting for asparagus crowns  and need to sow more seeds as the weather warms.

Very Many Thanks for all the comments, sorry...... some days I just don't get round to answering

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  1. impressed with the amount of green, its a busy time of year and with what you have on your plate at the moment you have your fair share of busy

  2. I'm so glad you are getting into the swing of things in your new house and that the sale of your old house is almost complete. What a weight off your mind! Also that Colin's health seems to be n an even keel at the moment. Enjoy your new home!

    1. We have the money for the bungalow now - all good news

  3. Masses of work done-you are powering through! Good news about Col and you have even done extras not on your
    Iist. Forget about replies-I'm just so pleased to see good news. Catriona

  4. All sounds good to me. Think I better do a list.

  5. Really Happy that col's treatment is going so well xxx

  6. That is really good news about Col maybe not having to stay in every time.
    Well done on that list-x-

  7. In spite of this being a worrying time, you do seem so much happier to be in the new house, new environment. Best wishes going forward!

  8. You're doing great. Happy to read that the new treatments are working for Col.

  9. mendingmakingcrafting21 April 2017 at 15:29

    That is a well tackled to-do list!

  10. Good news about Col, your list is impressive. Pauline

  11. Great news about Col! Wow you got a lot done. I really need to start doing lists again. If not I just forget to do something or don't get around to it. When I do write lists they seem to keep me on track.

  12. Lovely to read that Col is doing better, Sue. You've made a lot of progress on your list, I like the colour coding! Meg:)

  13. Happy to read that Col is doing well. My you made a great deal of progress on your list. Good for you.

    God bless.