Friday, 28 April 2017

In Our Garden...............

But before the garden photos...................Heard on the news yesterday that more proper books were sold last year and less electronic. Good news indeed, I knew I wasn't the only person preferring the real thing. We are waiting for one more set of cheap pine shelves and can then get the rest (6 Boxes  ) of our books unpacked. Colin went through his canal and railway books and decided to donate a big box full to the Mid Suffolk Light Railway Museum across the fields from us, plus 3 bags so far to charity shops and two big boxes to Ziffit.

Now the garden is growing we can see what we have...............

Here we have 3 although one is rather sad and has no flowers yet. These are the two that have flowered

And a White Lilac
Not in flower yet but we have Many, Many Aquiligia, I love them but they've self seeded all over one of the flower beds so I may need to take some out before next year to give everything else growing room. I'm looking forward to seeing what colours they are although maybe self-seeded go back to just one colour?

At the end of the garden is this mess.
An extremely sturdy wooden structure - huge bolts holding it together. It  has a  climbers at some of the posts although none are doing well. But underneath is a weed suppressant that has been there so long it has a mass of red dead nettle and goose grass growing on top of it. We are not sure what to do with the whole thing. For a start I'm going to cut through the mat on the ground and try and pull it out so that at least we can cut down all the weeds.
Of course if we do decide to demolish it there would be plenty of wood for the wood-burner so nothing would be wasted.
What I would really like in this area is a summerhouse to sit in out of the wind as one thing we have found in the last two months is that it's a Very Windy Spot!

Back in a trice


  1. We have loads of self seeded aquilegia, some stay the same but many are different.

  2. I love how the Aquilegia cross pollinate and give different shades each year, although this year I'm digging them up in their thousands.
    I had to smile, you think you have a mess, but you haven't seen my garden which makes yours look like an RHS show garden!

  3. I always knew "proper" books would never disappear

    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. I love all the different colours of aquilegia and always wish I had more (tho they seem to like cracks in the paths rather than proper beds which is annoying). Couldn't you turn your structure into a shelter (like those shelters they have by the sea, although nicer!) cathy

    1. I've never seen so many Aquilegia as we have here.
      That's a good idea for the weird structure - it could work

  5. I love Aquilegia and have hundreds, most of which have self seeded.
    Some have stayed true to colour, but last year the vast majority were varying shades of purple!
    I don't care what colour they come up as, I just love seeing them!

  6. I love Aquilegia but I have had mine all dug out as we were starting to look like an Aquilegia farm there were so many.
    The white lilac is beautiful. My lilac has the most gorgeous deep purple buds and flowers into the most insipid dirty looking pale lilac so it may have to go and be replaced with a white one.
    Am I going to be getting summer house envy now as well as range

    1. I'd like a summer house.........but doubt I'll get one!

  7. I love aquilegias too. They fill a gap between bulbs and summer flowers.

  8. I too love books rather than a kindle , I did have one bought for me but could not get used to it , My husband on the other hand loves his and would never go back to a real book (he thinks i am strange lol ), I have some Aquilegias too but have managed to control them at the moment , We are in the process of having the garden leveled at the moment and then re turfed , I long to go down the self sufficient road but as my health issues are a problem i think its going to be low maintenance for practical purposes xxx

  9. I'm so pleased to hear that Aquiligias self seed! I've just bought my first one in a pot for our very small courtyard garden.

    A summerhouse would be wonderful - lucky you!

    Interesting about the books; I prefer them in every way but I do find a Kindle useful especially on holiday and for cheap copies of books (I rarely pay more than 99p for a Kindle book)I want to read but not necessarily want to keep...

  10. I thought your extremely sturdy wooden structure was a pergola. With the addition of a tile floor and some sort of retractable canopy/cover this may work quite well for sitting out of the wind or perhaps it is cheaper to pull down and have a summer house.

    Good luck with whatever you decide. Enjoying seeing all the photos. Lots and lots to keep you busy.


  11. I confess that my first thought was to use that sturdy structure by making a canvas cover for the roof and 3 sides to make a summer house; the sides could be lifted or removed altogether to suit the weather.
    My Kindle is invaluable when reading in bed with its backlight, also when going camping to take lots and lots of books. I still have bookcases full of 'proper' books and enjoy reading with my grandchildren all their collection of books.
    I love, love, love Aquilegia but every year they disappear! Why don't mine self-seed??? I shall be buying more again this year - never give up, eh?

  12. Our tulips are almost ready to bloom, and lilies are breaking through. I am hoping that the cold is over now and gardening can take place.

    God bless.

  13. Lovely flowers. My lilacs are purple. Waiting for rhododendrons to bloom now. Take down the structure could be good or put a roof on top and enclose the sides? or not. I'm sure pulling the ground cover up will be no fun but make it your space will be nice. I mostly read Proper books and have some on my Kindle that are still waiting to be read. I'm slow at getting to read since I have too much to do and not enough time to do some of what I want/need to do. Sigh! But I make space for it. Take care and have a good week!