Thursday, 11 May 2017

And Here's Another Weird Thing............


It was fixed to the pergola, you can see it there,

and someone asked what it was. As far as I can see it's just a decorative bottle thingy, though sister-in-law said it looked like a old fashioned  bedpan for men! Maybe it should be fixed  to have water pouring out of it over a pond?

Whatever it is it will probably be attached somewhere else when the pergola comes down, just so that in another 20 years someone can look at it and wonder what it is.

And another mystery............................I planted out some chard plants...............completely GONE! , no sign they were ever there. My guess is the pair of ducks we have around. Next planting.........and luckily I didn't tip out the rest of the seedlings..................will be covered.

Back Soon


  1. Now that's an interesting discovery that makes me laugh! Sorry your plants are missing....something got hungry!?

  2. It has a pretty design on it. I think I'd be tempted to plant something in it. X

  3. Perhaps it was something they felt was sentimental but didn't really want in the could be holding on to millions!! x

  4. It's either part of a water fountain, or a nesting box for birds I think. I've seen both with that sort of design on it. I'd hang it and plant something.

  5. It is a bit weird but the design on it is nice though.
    Naughty ducks-x-

  6. strange but pretty!

    The ducks are little rotters! Glad you are enjoying the weather. Rain is afoot tomorrow! 😈 x

    1. I can hear your devilish laughter from here!!

  7. Blinking ducks lol! It's a mystery all round - I have no clue :\

  8. Or pigeons, pesky blighters snaffle my greens in the very early hours. Sarah.

  9. I googled aged ceramic bottle bird house and this is what I found
    Apparently it is inspired by the ceramic bird houses found in the excavations of Colonial Williamsburg. in Virginia USA
    I see there is a bird bath in the same pottery as well.

  10. Love the bedpan/birdhouse.
    I think you are right about ducks and chard.

  11. I love the way you are taking such great care of all the wildlife around you ! ! !

    cheers, parsnip