Thursday, 18 May 2017

The First One We've Seen Here............

............but I bet it's not the last.
A bushy tailed pest but awfully cute with it. Since I took this photo a week or so ago he/she has managed to prise the bottom off two peanut feeders so I'm not putting any out at the moment until we can get a squirrel proof one......if there is such a thing!

Thank you for all the comments yesterday. It's specially interesting to hear from other WI members about their meetings and with all WIs discussing resolutions this month it's good to compare thoughts. As for that resolution on being lonely............ I'm not often lonely now and never when the weather is sunny! There was a time when I felt a severe sort of lonelyness but that was many years ago and was really the signs of a type of depression which I'm now treated for to combat the lack of whatever it is in the brain. I'm more fed-up than lonely with all the hospital stuff over such a long period. Then I remember that it's even worse for Colin! I know a lot of people would stop blogging with what we have going on, so I apologise if you feel I'm angling for sympathy......I'm not. I'm just telling it as it is and I keep writing because that's what I like doing.

Back Soon


  1. We were shocked the other day we saw one sitting on the garden fence, I think it must have come from the park across the road.

  2. Hi Sue,

    I do hope your husband will be home soon with the right treatment to help him.

    So pleased to read that you seem to be enjoying your WI unfortunately I had to miss our meeting when discussions took place but I agree you do have to help yourself a bit to avoid loneliness. Not everyone wants to join clubs, groups etc. but the internet can help especially sone of the blogs and one can learn a new craft with the excellent tutorials that are around. I am lucky I enjoy my own company, do lots if charity craft work but still like to go to a couple of groups which I work round when doing my shopping, I always try and talk to the person next to me on the bus thinking I might be the only person who does all say I am nearly eighty but that does not stop me.
    I love reading your blog Sue especially has I have lots of family in Suffolk and Norfolk.
    Enjoy the week.
    Hazel c uk

  3. A lot of people would go under but like you appear to be saying, don't give in if possible and keep trogging on.

  4. We had a squirrel once {I know there are more 'out there' in the woods} and no one really minded it, it gave us all a laugh and a smile. Then, one day, a serious bird watcher shot it. A sad day indeed, it wasn't doing any harm other than being a survivalist and opportunist.

  5. You blog is about your life style, and you should write what you want, it's your story to tell or not. I really enjoy your blog, you are a strong woman, but then most ladies are. We have squirrels in our garden, we leave a big peanut hanger close to where they come in, we do like to see them. They do stay away from the other feeders if theirs is full. Maybe we are lucky with them.

  6. You have revealed enough of your personality for me to be pretty sure you are not angling for sympathy. I'm glad you continue to blog which I very much enjoy and in amongst everything else I appreciate updates on Col.

  7. Can't imagine for a moment anyone would think you were angling for sympathy - it wouldn't be unreasonable if you were, by the way - but your regular readers would know that is not your style. Do hope Colin gets home soon. Take care

  8. Hi,I am impressed at how positive you are,certainly not angling for sympathy. We have completely squirrel proofed our feeders, by placing a length of drainpipe around the upright...about 4 feet long. not pretty but its fun watching them jump up and then slide down it. we also ensured they couldn't jump from any bush or tree.

  9. Of course you're not angling for sympathy Sue, merely saying how life is for you and for Col at the moment, and people are responding with kindness and friendship.

    I hope that the Hospital can get to grips with his current problems and get that wretched disease back under control again (as well as the infections).

    Your garden sounds like it is starting to take shape and I hope that it is looking good. Talking of which, I need to get out into mine as there are rain clouds appearing!

  10. Hope it helps a tiny bit that so many people out here are rooting for you and Col.

  11. Nothing wrong with saying it as it is, also, I think that it is good to keep on living!

  12. Sue, you enjoy writing and we who follow your blog are glad that you do; you write well, about your everyday life and we enjopy reading it. I'm sure I speak for others when I say that we are all here for you and wish you and Col all the very best. Hopefully he will be back home soon and the medication will help him live a good and productive life for many years to come. (I reckon he would enjoy watching the squirrel's antics!)

  13. I feel privileged to share your thought, doings, worries and good times. We're listening to your writings because we want to-never apologise for sharing. I have said before that I admire your strength in adversity-you are one truly strong woman. Catriona

  14. We had a squirrel that would hang by its toes from the roof overhang and propel itself at the feeder. Since my kitchen window looked out on the feeder, I can't tell you how many times I ran outside to chase it away. I appreciate their tenacity!
    I love your blog and the fact that you are so honest. Don't change a thing, please.
    Wishing you and Colin all the best!

  15. As everyone else has said, please be assured I'm not thinking you are asking for sympathy in any way. Writing things out can really help and I'm glad you have that outlet.
    J x

  16. We all know you're not after sympathy Sue!
    I'm amazed at how strong Col and you both are, I'm not sure I'd cope with stuff as well as you do! I'm known to be a very strong woman, but bloody hell lass, you're on another level!
    We have a few squirrels around here, and I was fine about them stealing nuts etc, we even bought a wooden squirrel feeder to try to attract them away from the bird feeders....didn't work by the way!
    However, the day I came home to find that one of the little fiends had chewed through my washing line and dropped all my sparkly clean white bed linen onto the ground my feelings weren't quite so charitable! The washing line even had a steel core, I hope he/she broke a couple of teeth getting through it!
    Hope Col's doing okay, you both really need a bit of a 'lift' after all this time! X

  17. I agree with what everyone else is writing, I would not have thought for a minute that you were after sympathy. Blogging, how we do it, is writing down all sorts of things that we enjoy, feel, fear, disagree with etc etc that convey our lifestyle choices. I for one love reading your blog and it's up and sadly, downs. I also think writing helps us, certainly me, get through things. In fact, only the other day did I find a hand written entry for things we went through in the past and I relived it when I read my entries. It was hard, but writing it down helped.
    I have seen lots more squirrels out and about now it's getting to that time of year, lots of road kill here too at the minute which is bitter sweet. They are ridiculously cute, but major pests to some (thankfully not us just yet.
    Take care Sue, Tracy x

  18. Dear Sue, NO-ONE would think you were angling for sympathy!
    It brought a lump to my throat to realise you might worry about that.
    Keep blogging, you brave woman! x

  19. Agree you certainly do not need to apologize for what you write. Yours was the very first blog that I found and followed. Prayers for Colin and you Sue.

    We have many squirrels in our garden. Some people call them rats with busy tails! Once one got into our attic space over the garage and did quite a lot of damage. They can get thru a very small space and jump tremendous distances.


  20. What a cute little squirrel. I do hope you find a pry proof holder.

    Do not apologize for what you blog about. Really a blog is a diary of your daily life, and no one in their right minds would think you were angling for sympathy.

    God bless.

  21. I think it's great you keep on blogging. Life isn't always sunshine and lollipops. I think sometimes even blogging support helps. I don't ever think you're angling for sympathy, just documenting what's going on.

    The squirrels finally seem to be out and about. We have a lot of trees about. It's fun to take photos of them as they pull such funny faces.

    I spend quite a bit alone but I admit that I prefer it that way. I actually like it. I have to admit to sometimes finding people annoying lol.

  22. I find blogging really helps me, it seems when I get things out of my head and onto paper (so to speak) I feel better. Understand so well about the long term illness and hospital stuff. It's your blog to be used however you choose so don't worry what anyone thinks, I know I don't. Hope your Col gets out of the hospital soon.

  23. We all deal with things differently, what's right for one person it's for another. I stopped because I didn't think I could do my blogging justice while my mind was in a state of flux. And although the situation isn't resolved I enjoying writing again. You strike me as a relatively strong person dealing with everything you have and moving. Keep blogging we enjoy it. Tx

  24. I am sure writing your blog is cathartic for you ,as for b........ Squirrels.They are cute but a pest and squirrel proof feeders don't exist.They just tip them up!!!L

  25. This is so funny. It's a little video of a squirrel trying to get up the pole to get to the birdfeeder but there is a slinky on it.
    I do hope Col is able to come home soon. It will do both of you a world of good to be in each others company.

  26. Naughty squirrel! It's good to write and people choose to read, in joy your blog xx

  27. I'm unable to add anything more to the above comments but wanted to add a comment in solidarity.
    My dream for you both is that not too far into the future you are able to enjoy a day at your beach hut.
    In the meantime I hope you have some books that grip you enough to lose yourself for a while.
    Keep blogging. It helps you and no way are you playing for sympathy. Sue

  28. I think your writing is probably a kind of therapy Sue - I know it is with me even if I don't necessarily think of it that way.

  29. Do not stop blogging ever!! x

  30. I concur with others, no thought of you angling for sympathy, just writing about the goings on at the Cottage at the End of a Lane and its inhabitants. :)
    It has been a long fight for Col and for you, sending positive thoughts and prayers for you both.
    DON"T stop blogging!

  31. I really like that you are writing about your feelings. I think it helps, better out than in.
    i love the squirrels so bad and yet so cute !

    cheers, parsnip

  32. It's very healthy to let your feelings out. Since Colin isn't there all the time the Blog takes his place in your talking about day to day stuff. I think you are a wonderful woman and I so enjoy reading about your new place, all the gardening and boot bargains. Praying for you and Colin.


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