Tuesday, 9 May 2017

What I Didn't Buy

I decided to go to a car-boot sale on Saturday. It was the first of the season in this venue where they only have them on the first Saturday of the month from May to September

The things I didn't buy were these.......... 100 Postcards of classic Ladybird covers in a box as the woman wouldn't drop her price from £5 ( and what would I do with 100 postcards anyway? although they looked brilliant)

Product Details

I also didn't buy a big basket for holding kindling wood for the wood-burner. It was priced up at £6 and the wooden trug we are using will do until I find something bigger but cheaper. ( SO cross that we left the perfect kindling basket at the smallholding!)

And I didn't buy a "vintage" wooden box for holding craft stuff as it was also priced  at £5.

What I did buy was a Hosta...........Purple flowers (of course - it dawned on me as I looked at them)
for  the purple bed and these
 the Vtech baby walker toy was a £2  bargain. Waste bin for my craft room 20p. New pack of Christmas Yankee Candles £2 ( will be a Christmas present), 6 small stamps for crafting were 50p the lot and the plastic box to store all my stamps and zig-zag scissors was £1.99 from a trade stand where they sell all sorts of new stuff.

On the way home I called in at the Garden Centre for compost and spotted some dark purple Salvia bedding plants to fill the gaps in my purple bed and also splashed out on a tray of mixed cut and come again salad leaves to get the half water-butt beds off to an quick start.

Plenty of  jobs to do in the garden now.......... and as I'm here on my own I'd better get on with it.

Back Soon


  1. Good haul but I would not have left the postcards, £5.00 or not. Postcards are always useful for quick notes or as card toppers and more.

  2. I'm a sucker for baskets...always have been...probably always will be! x

  3. People sometimes use these 'special' types of postcards as bookmarks - you just have to remember to take them out of the books before returning them to the library!

  4. I would have taken the postcards. I love sending and receiving letters but its fun to send and get postcards if you don't have time to send a letter, and you can use them for bookmarks, too.

  5. that walker was a bargain, and so were the candles. Good finds.

    Happy gardening! x

  6. That walker was a really good bargain. Marlowe is using the one we bought for Ruby when she was a baby and it cost considerably more than £2-x-

  7. Great bargains, I always look forward to the weekend carboots.

  8. I'm with Deborah and Louise, I wouldn't have left the postcards either. I bought my daughter lots of Ladybird books when she was a toddler, some of which I still have. You could have used them in your scrapbooking, (if you're still doing it), or as Deborah says as card toppers. Wish I'd been there.

    Joan (Wales)

  9. Sometimes you just have to say NO and walkaway, if you think a price is too high. I do usually get home and regret not buying somethings though!

  10. I've noticed over the years that if I regret not buying something, it usually pops up at another sale later. Funny how when you see something no matter how rare, you usually begin finding them everywhere. Hostas are wonderful plants. No matter the weather, they always come through. Happy gardening!


  11. I look forward to seeing your purple bed in bloom and the half barrel beds :-)

  12. Good finds at the boot sale. I like Yankee candles as well. I bought a lilac plant this weekend and looking forward to blooms next year if purple with white edges. Megan and I both fell in love with the color so we needed it.

  13. Baskets are something I always seem to come home with, I love them and can always find a use for them. Meg:)