Monday, 22 May 2017

Friday and Saturday

 I picked Colin up from hospital  Friday lunchtime, he is OK except for being very tired and no energy at all. Last Tuesday evening he started to have a bad reaction to the Chemo tablets, which were restarted at the higher rate he was on when they were stopped 3 weeks ago. The "joy" of being a guinea pig taking drugs that have hardly been used before means that the doctors are not sure how patients will react. Nurses on the oncology ward called in a doctor over night Tuesday and he was monitored closely, given various things to counteract the toxins  and eventually sent to Critical Care but by then things were stabilising. Blood levels quickly picked up again and as he was off antibiotics they said he could come home for the weekend and then will go back in again during this week when the Venetoclax will start again but back at the low dose, he'll be in for just a couple of nights.............we hope.

He was  pleased to get out into the garden for a while in the sun on Saturday morning to see what I had been up to in his absence. While he watched on I weeded the beetroot and raised the wire mesh over them and took the fleece off, then pulled the long grass and buttercups from round the edges of the beds. He then spent the rest of the day with his feet up in the conservatory, getting some much needed vitamin D and sleep.
 I  eventually managed to get the small mower going - with the miracle that is Easy Start - and did a bit of grass cutting around the beds and in the bits that are too small for the big ride-on mower. Then it rained...........again. After weeks without we are suddenly getting Too Much. So the ideal time for a bit of card making.

Cards for men were what I needed, but after fiddling about I only finished two and half finished two more
I'm seem to be stuck on 3D decoupage at the moment, it doesn't take a lot of brain power!

Thank you for comments about the unusual and expensive fruit. White blackberries certainly don't appeal to me at all.

Back in a jiffy


  1. It's good to read Col made it home for the weekend. Sitting out in the garden, even if just for a short while, must have been a tonic.
    I hope this week's lower rate will be more gentle on him.
    Take care of you Sue. X

  2. Just want to say the same as Jules (above) really. I'm sure he gentle weekend did him the world of good.

  3. Glad Colin is home, hope his break at home is just what he needed before returning to hospital. There is something very healing about sitting in the sun after having to be indoors feeling unwell. Thank you for you kind and encouraging words about my art, I appreciated them greatly 😊

  4. Lovely to hear Col is home and the conservatory sounded a great idea for some vitamin D. Best wishes :)

  5. Glad col was able to come home for the weekend , Hope the next lot of treatment is better for him xxx

  6. Good to hear that Col was able to come home and enjoy some sunshine Sue-x-

  7. Delighted to hear Colin is home for a few days. Home is always much more restful. I too do card making, but only do decoupage that can be hand delivered. A large stamp is so expensive.

  8. I'm sure that rest in the sun, at home with you, was just what your Col needed. I hope this next week, on a lower dose of the medicine, is a better one for him (and for you). Meg

  9. I'm glad Col was able to go home for the weekend. Hope his hospital stays this week are short. x

  10. Ditto for everything that has been written about Col. I hope the next news we get is that the meds are doing the job for him.

    As for the Easy Start--we use a different brand, but I couldn't start anything without it!

  11. So glad to hear Col is home. I bet he enjoyed sitting out in the garden.

    Your 'men' cards look lovely. I have trouble working out what kinds of cards to make for men.

  12. Glad Cols home again sitting in the sun ,unfortunately glass filters out the suns rays that make vitamin D . He could try a wind break to increase the temperature.

    1. He's under a parasol anyway as due to the cancer he has to stay out of direct sunlight.

  13. Glad Colin was able to come home for a few days Sue, it must have been so nice for you both. Hope all goes well when he has to go back. Let's hope you get sunshine this week.
    Hazel c uk

  14. Life has been so hard for Col and you for the last couple of years Sue - I really do admire the way you have both dealt with it. I found my short time very difficult to manage - I don't know how I would cope in your case. Hope this new treatment works.

  15. He's having such a tough time , as are you watching your beloved go through all this. xx