Saturday, 9 March 2019

A Week In March

March came in like a lion on Sunday as the wind got stronger and storm Freya crossed the county. So no visiting the first-of-the-season car boot at Stonham Barns........... I doubt it even happened. The wind continued to blow through the rest of the week although we didn't get much rain until Thursday afternoon. I was pleased to see rain - the vegetable beds need it.

We've got new helpers now at the charity shop which makes it more interesting. I'm still doing the till most of the time as well as pricing up stuff that's been checked upstairs and brought down ready to go out. Last week some single duvet covers, pillowcases and matching curtains, suitable for little girls, went out for sale . I asked youngest daughter if they would be useful and she said yes, then I forgot to message the shop to save them for me so it was lucky they were still there this week. I also brought home another book to put away for the future for the Grandchildren's advent parcels and another Little Grey Rabbit book which I somehow seem to be collecting.

I headed west on Thursday to Bury St Edmunds  to visit another church and  the charity shops of course, where I picked up..............a bottle that I'll use for this years Christmas Hampers......Limoncello Liquer? One of the 2019 British Library Crime Classics and a £1's worth of tat for the spring mantel-shelf! which was looking a bit bare.
(Very annoying about the book........the library didn't have this when I looked earlier this year.......and now they do....damn! At least it's wanted by Ziffit so I can get some of my wasted spending back after I read it)

I also went to Poundland while I was in Bury and found their hanging basket liners at 2 for £1. Perfect for the baskets I got from the boot sale a couple of weeks ago ready to do the tumbling tomatoes.

This week I am grateful for
  • An invitation to a delicious lunch with Son, DIL, Willow and DIL's sister.
  • Much needed rain for the fruit and vegetable beds
  • The first rhubarb from the garden
  • Safe arrival of Eldest Daughter and (nearly 3 year old) Jacob for a weekend visit.

Many thanks for comments this week. And to everyone in the States who has rhubarb somewhere under snow...............hang on in there!

Have a lovely weekend everyone

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  1. Have a wonderful time with your lovely family.

  2. It's strange how a book collection suddenly starts isn't it ... but lovely too 🙂

    From not buying books in ages, over the last few weeks I have suddenly acquired three cook books by The Happy Pear and a couple of paperbacks, one of which is fiction something I haven't read for ages.

    I love the idea of a bit of 'tat' for your Spring mantle shelf ... we all need some tat in our lives 😁

    My goal this month is to seriously begin reading again and step away from my devices.

  3. I've been hearing quite a lot about ziffit lately. I think i need to investigate x

  4. Our first week of March gone already. You had a good week.

  5. Rhubarb from one's own garden somehow tastes better doesn't it? My father used to put an old bucket over part of the plant to force it on.
    Hope you enjoy it.

  6. I enjoyed your posting - I just couldn't do it. My parents had very little when I was born in 1944, and although food was always plentiful and healthy because they grew their own and worked on a farm, things like clothes for school uniforms was always a problem. I still remember the excitement when my mother an I went into the village store/post office and the woman who ran it brought a brown paper bag out and showed us a lovely velvet trimmed girls coat that someone had outgrown and wanted passed on for a small sum of money. I loved that coat! I still am careful. I borrow books from the library instead of purchasing, I look in thrift stores for toys for the grandchildren, and good quality used clothes. I have a hard time spending frivolously. jean/winnipeg

  7. Have a wonderful time with your visitors. It will be lovely to spend quality time with your Grandchildren.

  8. Enjoy your time with your daughter and Jacob! I bet he has really grown!

  9. You find such wonderful bargains! I looked up Ziffit when you mentioned it before, but it seems they are only in the UK. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your daughter and grandson!

  10. I pulled rhubarb out of the freezer and it is sitting in the fridge waiting to be made into a pie. I can hardly wait (probably two or three months) for the first fresh bits from the garden.

    Enjoy your visitors.

    God bless.

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