Saturday, 23 March 2019

Seven Days in March

 I've had two bits of sunshine in the house this week. Starting with these from the garden

Followed by the tulips from WI

Before I forget...........Hello and welcome to several new followers. Numbers have been creeping up so I hope you enjoy reading.

Thank goodness for Colin's brother A. He's a busy bloke but very kindly spares a few hours now and again to give me a hand with stuff here. On Sunday he came and helped me with several jobs  including bringing the chainsaw to clear the willow that had come down over the ditch and fixing the linen-line post upright again. He also fixed the baskets on the garage wall...... the sunniest spot for the trailing tomatoes that I shall grow in them. I cooked him dinner in return.

The rest of the week passed by as usual with......
 Swimming - quiet-ish pool - forgot to count lengths.
Charity shop, lots of help, so I've cut down to 3 hours as I still find it very tiring
Good weather for a couple of short walks and for visiting a car boot sale
Going across to the coast to visit youngest daughter and Florence

 On Thursday I had one of those days of being overwhelmed with everything that needs doing and the thought of having to do everything myself. I should barrow some of the heap of road planings down the lane to fill the pot-holes and I want to move all the stuff from one of the big compost bins down to where I've got all the grass cuttings from last year and mix it all in.
Just thinking about those jobs and all the other things that need doing made me feel so tired that I ended up doing nothing much all day except a 20 minute walk, reading and watching too much day time TV!
On days when I feel like this I can quite see the attraction of moving somewhere easier but then when the sun shines and everywhere is quiet and peaceful I don't know where I'd want to go.

 This week I'm grateful for
  • Less windy weather
  • Help from BiL to do things I couldn't manage myself
  • Yellow tulips

Hope you all have a good weekend
I'll be back Monday, hopefully with more energy than Thursday and Friday.



  1. Have a gentle, restful, peaceful and rejuvinating weekend, Sue. Much love to you.

  2. The wind hasn't stopped here for the past few days which has stopped all outside jobs. Hopefully, a good rest over the weekend will help you get started again. Take care.

  3. My raw dog feeding rules say, don’t try to do everything correct each day, just each week. Starting to work it into every day life now!

  4. I hope you are feeling better today Sue and got out for a walk, which I always finds helps me. It's lovely to see the evening are getting lighter. I have just put some washing on then make the bed and hope to have a walk and then do a little gardening. Have a nice weekend everyone.
    Hazel c uk

  5. Glad you had help from your BIL and you were right to take a day to rest. Your body tells you sometimes what you need to do and it sounds as if you are listening to it. Fingers crossed for better weather and the outdoors will be calling.

  6. Sometimes I get overwhelmed like that as I have to cope with everything on my own but for me, I've discovered the best thing is to write down all the jobs I have to do and if I genuinely can't decide which is the most important than I cut the list up so each job is on a different piece of paper, fold them in half, put them in a dish and shake them up and then pick one at random. Then the paper and pen come out again and I break that job down into little steps. That way even if I only do one or two of the steps in a week, at least I've made some progress and don't beat myself up as much thinking I'm useless and overwhelmed by it all. Savannah.

  7. I understand how you felt last Thursday as I get overwhelmed with things I have to do also. For me they aren't physical jobs as yours are more sedentary, but they are still taking an age to get done and I get very frustrated that I am not getting on with them. Don't 'beat yourself up' about not being in the mood to do your jobs as your mood will change and 'knowing' you you'll whizz through them when you feel able.

  8. I nearly fell asleep in the cinema yesterday afternoon, very unusual for me. I never get overwhelmed by what I have to do, no lists for me, and no thinking about it, I just clear up when I can no longer see the table surface and dust when I can't see through the cobwebs.

  9. I feel like this often - especially when we come up to the cottage and there is so much to do - but to give it all up would be too hard. The sun is shining here this morning - we can hear all the birds tweating, the sea is calm and silvery blue and life feels good.
    When I am in the garden here or walking on the beach it is like my own little piece of heaven. So I will try and work through the overwhelm - I know even if I get through all the jobs on the list there would be more come up. Have a lovely weekend and just enjoy being not doing. x

  10. Some days I am not an achiever and that’s when I get overwhelmed and doubt my ability to manage. The feelings come and go. A sunny day generally gets me kickstarted. I can’t get enthusiastic about the veg plot at the moment. The OH has a poorly back and can’t help so that seems overwhelming. Moving to a smaller plot is always at the back of my mind somewhere, but I love where I am.

  11. It is nice to have good helpers! I know the feeling of being overwelmed, we have an old house and an old much that should have been done. I hope the lovely flowers and some rest will brighten up your day.

  12. One of the meditations I particularly like is one by mooji who says ‘Nothing overwhelms you!’ When I get the distinct feeling it is, I say a couple of times to myself ‘Nothing overwhelms me!’ It seems to help Sue, try it as you concentrate on your breath.


  13. I understand that overwhelmed feeling. When I feel like that I often get frustrated and accomplish nothing at all. Then I remind myself to just take one thing at a time doing the most important ones first.

    How wonderful that Colin's brother can help out and I'm sure he enjoyed the meal. I love how you do a grateful list each week. Have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

  14. Know what you mean about that compost moving and mixing. Doing same myself. I am limiting it to 1 wheelbarrow a day or 30 mins. Gradually getting it done. Then I take 30 min out to craft or sew asca reward.

  15. I do understand your feelings Sue - I think in our situation it is very easy to become quite overwhelmed by things - then one day you feel much more lively and take everything in your stride.

  16. Lovely that you collected some sunshine to bring inside, Sue. I think yellow blooms have a lightness to them that somehow seems to be happier. It's great that your brother in law can come to help you with some things, extra pairs of hands make lighter work. MegXx

  17. Sunshine inside, wonderful. So nice of your brother in law to help you with some of the many tasks you need to accomplish. You will accomplish them, just take one day at a time.

    God bless.

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