Monday 16 December 2019

December 16th and Village Christmas Trees

For the first time my local village church had a mini Christmas Tree Festival. (Not mini as in small trees but mini as in one day and just a few trees.!)

Thought I'd better take a look. This church doesn't feature in the 100 Suffolk Churches book so as a non C of E church goer it's not somewhere I've visited before.

Plenty of water in the stream that has to be crossed to get to the church. Further down the road this stream flows right under a house.
 Many of the gravestones in the old part of the graveyard are leaning

There were more trees than I was expecting, the theme is Christmas Carols

This below must have taken weeks to do, all trees made of folded pages of books

 From the primary school, all made from plastic bottles filled with tinsel and shiny paper

And the font is trimmed for Christmas too

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  1. THey're rather good, aren't they. Not 'high art' decorating but thoroughly Christmassy. How nice to see another knitted nativity set too.
    They've cheered up my morning, thanks.

  2. I love to see the variety & ingenuity. That knitted set is the same pattern as the one at our church. All through Advent we leave it on a table at the back in the children's area. They love arranging the figures and talking about them (is this Wise Man drunk, he doesn't stand up properly)

  3. Those paper christmas trees are a work of art, love the knitted set, it proves that people take time and care over the festive season.

  4. Festivals of Trees are now catching on everywhere. Great community event!

  5. I love to see the Christmas Trees Festival and yours is very good. The knitted one is very popular I think it is the Jean Greenhowe pattern she has lots of knitted toy patterns.
    Glad you had a nice visit.
    Hazel c uk

  6. We have that knitted set in our church too! And the lady who knitted them made a set for our curate to take when she left to become Vicar of her own church.

  7. Lovely photos and some inventive trees

  8. Looks like folk had fun doing those decorations.

  9. This made me smile. Love everything.

    God bless.

  10. Lovely village event to comment on Sue.

  11. Very pretty! And representing a lot of loving "making"!

    Ohhh, a stream which goes right under a house! Wow!!!!!! Now that must be quite a sight!

    Wonder what the history of that, is? I'm sure the stream was there, when the house was built. And there had to be a good reason to straddle it!!!!!!


    1. You didn't used to have to pay any building tax if your house wasn't built on 'land' so perhaps this was the reason?

  12. It's great to support local stuff. Love the folded book pages trees.

  13. I love the Book Christmas trees, I've just seen a Book Angel on a friends Instagram, so imaginative. Unfortunately I have no books that I'm willing to fold to have a go.

  14. The festival Looks really lovely. Everyone seems to have put a lot of effort into their trees and they look so pretty!

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