Saturday, 7 December 2019

December 7th and The Christmas Stamps

As usual I bought a few Christmas stamps for using this year

This is the whole set available for 2019

image from Royal Mail website

They are OK but perhaps not as colourful as in the past. So I found  my stamp collection (Philately will get you anywhere!) and looked back to past Christmases.

Thanks to all of Colin's Dad's years and then our years of trimming and sorting stamps for charity I have a good collection right through to 2003. Then the charity stopped delivering and collecting the stamps so it all came to an end. The children still remember back to the 1990's when a huge sack full would arrive and we would tip them all out on the living room floor and turn them over and over to look for something exciting, before putting them back in the sack and trimming and sorting properly.

2003 is where my stamp collection ends and the stamps were bigger then

But look how colourful and joyful they were in the past

From this you can also see how stamp prices have increased over the years.

Eldest Daughter and Grandson Jacob arrived safely, Son-in-law forgot he was due somewhere Friday evening so he may follow on today.

Hopefully the weather today will be better than yesterday evening as we  are going on a Santa Hunt.(No idea!) There were two events of switching on Christmas lights and street fairs in villages  not far away yesterday and it must have been a wash-out for both.

Thank you for all the comments yesterday and apologies for not getting round to replying to all.

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  1. Great collection. Good to look back to see which ones I remember.

  2. I loved the 1994 ones with the children. Royal Mail alternate Christian and secular designs on their Christmas stamps, but you can still ask for last year's ones, if you are like me and want to remind people that Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

  3. If you want to fill in any of the gaps since 2003 I may be able to help you - but only the 1st and 2nd class - I may have some spares since that time as I collect the Christmas stamps but they are not neatly displayed like yours just in an old envelope.
    Lovely to post to remind us of what has gone before.

  4. It's such a shame that the stamps are so dismal this year. I remember being thrilled more with the stamps than the cards when I was a child.
    Also the cards were more interesting them (or am I looking back with rose coloured glasses, lol) Lot of the cards would have glitter on them back then.

  5. I love the Christmas stamps and I have to say I rather love the 2019 ones. They have 'style'. :-)
    How lovely to see ones from the past as well - a super collection.

  6. I have a large stamp binder with all the presentation packs of stamps issued from 1979 to 1989, also some First Day Covers and presentation packs of later stamps to 1994 in a clutch bag, including the Christmas stamps. As I am TRYING to declutter my stuff I did think about getting rid of them, BUT they tell stories of our inheritance and traditions and I don't have the heart to be rid of them. They are much more colourful and imaginative than this years.
    I also have the Millenium stamps in the loft.

    As you can imagine I am not impressed with the present way of computerized bits of paper stuck on envelopes in place of the stamps. Bah Humbug to that!

  7. My, what a lot of you readers collect stamps, as I do!
    These days there are too many issues and buying a whole set is too expensive. Then there's the pain of self-adhesives and the difficulty of mounting them. There are quite a few ideas on YouTube for getting the pesky things off the envelopes.
    I rather like this year's Christmas issue; I bought some this morning.

  8. I can always lose myself looking through and wondering about collections of stamps. Still have my childhood collection, and my dad's.

  9. That's an interesting collection to have! I really used to enjoy seeing what stamps the envelopes would have on them when they arrived from Mum and sisters. Nowadays they just aren't as nice!

  10. I especially love the new blue ones, but you're right -- some of the earlier years are a little prettier. I especially love the ones of the children. Those are awfully sweet and well drawn and painted.

  11. I have to say I am somewhat underwhelmed with this years stamps. Also, it's interesting that my local sub post office only has four of them in stock.

  12. I bought my stamps - and posted my cards - yesterday and I too thought they were a bit dark and colourless. Feel bad posting so early but a trip to the Post Office involves walking and I am not too good at that these days so had to do as much as I could while I was there, much to the frustrations of those behind me in the queue sadly.

  13. What a fun family project.

    Hope the weather cooperates, so the Festivities can be enjoyed.

    🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄

  14. At first glance, those blue angel ones for this year looked to me like Munch's The Scream, or a skull at least! (well, I have recently had a reminder for my eye test lol).

  15. How fun it is to see the Christmas stamps throughout the years. You always have the most perfect holiday posts! Thank you for sharing!

  16. I always wondered why the charity stamp bags had no good stamps in them. Now I know.

  17. I love all these old and new designs! I quite like this year's ones- they is a quiet beauty to them!