Friday, 20 March 2020

More From Strange Week No.1

Spring really begins today with the Vernal or Spring equinox, if only someone would inform the weather Gods!

I love a good list so I've been thinking of things I can do while staying safe at home, this is provided I don't come down with IT and feel very unwell of course.

Top of the list is Reading of course

Paint the skirting board in the kitchen (it's been waiting for 18 months)

Write a letter to my penfriend on a windy island🙋Hi W

Sort out the flower beds under the living room front window and by the conservatory

Cross stitch

Think of ideas for blog posts
Walk over the fields

Chop kindling wood

Sow more seeds

Plant out the gladioli bulbs

Get back on my bike

Write letters to other people

Find odd things to watch on TV

Some of the above need warmer/dryer weather please, yesterday was grey, damp and chilly and didn't encourage me to do much at all, although I did get that cross-stitch lighthouse into a card-blank.
On the growing vegetable front..................
In the conservatory seeds are turning into plants these are the things now out of the propagator - the cucumbers are already potted up into slightly bigger pots - a bit  early. 6 Ildi tomato plants are looking OK, but not many of the Big Mama have germinated. Peppers are a problem - just one seed germinated out of 6. I've re-sown. Basil is a fail, need to re-sow. 5 Aubergines germinated. I sowed Parsley thickly as sometimes they are a pain to get going but plenty germinated - centre left.

At night I cover all the above with various clear plastic lids and put the frost buster heater on if the forecast is for very cold.
Lettuce and leeks don't need heat so they are now sown out in the greenhouse. In a week or so I'll do another round of sowing in pots in the greenhouse - some of the things that go outdoors like courgettes, squash and beans.
I'm glad I ordered some brassica  plants from one of the seed companies as my first thought was to wait to spot some at boot sales - such a lot of people will lose out from not being able to sell there.

Back Tomorrow


  1. It's looking great and very positive. Good for you!

  2. Loving your list, Sue, there’s a good variety! I must get on with sowing more seeds :)

  3. You've started much earlier than me, but I will be starting on some seeds this weekend, which promises to be sunny. I've decided to go through my seed-packet stash and try lots of things that I've not grown before, like some of those packets that came free on the front of gardening magazines. Here's to a colourful summer!

  4. Your seedlings look great Sue. Agree about the weather - sharp frost here this morning - absolutely flattened my hellebores but I see the sun is bringing them back to life now.

  5. I normally buy my tomato plants from the car boot sales too so this year we have a (late) sowing of some seeds Tam had. Those and Chillis in propogators in the greenhouse, and some trays of Hunter and Runner beans. More to go in today probably.

    I have been hand sewing and watching a couple of fabulous programmes about wildlife in Cuba (now I want to go there!)

  6. A list of ideas sounds great - as humans we are not that partial to making changes in our lives, and having a list gives us something to refer to when not knowing what to do. I have a mental list but it would be more helpful if I wrote it down :)

  7. Lovely day here in Lancashire today. The wind is a bit chilly but I believe the next few days will be lovely. My bedding is out blowing in the wind. It is nice to have it outside. Went to Tesco this morning for pensioners hour, it was quiet and plenty of fresh food.

  8. You have a good and varied list. I love to see the young seedlings!

  9. Its very windy here today and we've just had a massive rain storm roll through - however, the sun has now come out so that's a positive. It was supposed to go up to 16C today but I don't think that's happening as it is very chilly at the moment. No gardening here for at least a couple of months I'm afraid, although one friend did say that she has noticed a few spring flower leaves starting to poke up - she has a very sheltered small patio garden. Since I haven't been out in 5 days I'm not sure if anything is blooming around here. I'm going to live dangerously tomorrow and go out for a lonely walk.
    Everyone seems to be coming up with projects to keep themselves busy. I am working my way slowly through my small apt. - it should be very clean by the time this is all over. But yes, reading above all else - I'm starting a new book this afternoon.
    Stay well everyone.

  10. I hope the weather improves - here and there - a good dose of sunshine would cheer me up no end. It sounds like you have a long list of things to do. I hope you do get to chat with family and friends as I'm sure being alone at a time like this is especially hard. Hugs xxx

  11. I hope your weather gets better. The list is wonderful.

    God bless.

  12. Lovely new shoots with prospect of wonderful things to come ... sounds like great positivity and plenty of blog posts to follow with progress.

  13. You are way ahead of me on the growing front. Living on a cold, wet hill means not starting until mid April. If we have some sun tomorrow I'll start pulling the winter debris off the perennials. We don't clear the old stems in the Autumn as they protect the new growth through the early Spring. Still very cold and windy here. I envy you your early sowings.

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