Monday, 3 October 2022

From the Summer

 I found this photo sitting in drafts from ages ago during the summer, they're car boot sale finds to eventually give away.................

On the left is an any year diary, on the right a book to keep a record of reading or books to look out for which is on top of a book of things to do for a grandchild and in the middle are two trinket pots that have space for putting in a piece of cross stitch in the lid. It's so long ago I have no idea how much things were but guessing it was probably only 50p each.

I've started cross stitching a small picture for one of the trinket pots so it will make a Christmas gift .

Back Soon


  1. Those little boxes were a bargain - dmc don't make them any more

  2. Love the little trinket pots and also the notebook for books. Catriona

  3. You always make good purchases at sales. I still get online notices for estate sales and the pictures of items for sale are either very high-end and over priced or items of no interest/use to me. I love a good sale.

  4. I love the 'books to check out' notebook, it's very you. :-)

  5. Lovely finds, those little pots are perfect for small gifts.

    God bless.