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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Short walk

At the end of our meadow the footpath crosses a field
We went to suss out good places for blackberry picking and found lots all growing along the old track bed of The Mid Suffolk Light Railway
At the bottom of the incline is a gate
But when you go round the gate and past the old carriages you find you are
At the end of the line from the Railway Museum.
The museum have permission to extend their line by a quarter of a mile up the old track bed to just behind the houses you can see in the top photo.
On the way back we walked a footpath just the other side of the hedge from the track bed. The footpath skirts a field used for growing willow and leaning against the hedge all the way up are bundles of last years willow waiting to be taken away. To where we don't know.
Interesting things not far from home and we also spotted a cherry-plum tree loaded with fruit so need to go back ASAP.

Back in a while


  1. What a beautiful walk, and right on your doorstep. I expect much of that fruit will be making its way into your Christmas hampers. X

  2. What a lovely peaceful walk and nice to know that nature's pantry will provide some fruit for you-x-

  3. I used to go Blackberrying with my Grandad! We took a basket, he had his walking stick that he used the handle of to pull the branches towards us and I had an old umbrella frame, the fabric and struts had been removed, so it was just a stick with a crook handle. I threw the umbrella out years ago, but have kept Grandy's walking stick, it brings back so many wonderful memories!

  4. So love to read your blog and your adventure. You get so much accomplished in one day its amazing. I too remember blackberry picking with my folks in Fleet when we lived there till I was 8. Again thank you Sue and best of luck with Col's procedure soon. Another Sue from the USA!

  5. I have to walk no further than my back door for my blackberries, so let's hope it's a bumper crop this year for both of us!

  6. We have a cherry tree absolutely laden with ripe fruit at present Sue but it is all so sour that even the birds leave it alone.

  7. What a lovely walk. Hope you get lots of plums and blackberries.

  8. How lovely to have fruit just waiting to be picked just a short walk from your home. Meg:)

  9. I like the look of that willow.

  10. Hopefully none of your other neighbours have their eye on these hidden delights.