Monday, 3 July 2017

Beans and Books Last Thursday

There was great excitement when these came into the house on Thursday afternoon. Climbing French beans have a habit of lurking under the leaves so it was a surprise to see just how many we had.
They were extremely delicious and were served with a courgette(also home grown) and ricotta flan and our own new potatoes cooked with our own mint. A home grown meal.........Just like the Good Old Days!
This is the recipe, on a page torn from a magazine and in more detail HERE

When I was looking online to see what was happening at the Felixstowe Book Festival this year I came across a charity book sale also being held over the weekend but starting Thursday afternoon.
The opportunity to look at a biggish secondhand booksale was too good to pass over so we went to have a look and these are what I found, all 50p each.

2 Virago books -no idea what they are but Viragos are a rare find! A Barbara Pym and an old D.E Stevenson with the dreadful 1970s cover. The William book by Richmal Crompton is 'William Goes To War' so falls into my interest in WWII fiction even though it's a children's book and finally The Victorian Chaise-Longue which  is one of the books that have been re-printed by Persephone.
Just looked on Amazon and this Penguin edition is £147!!!

I decided against a trip to Felixstowe for the book festival this year as the only person I was interested in hearing was Tracey Chevalier. Her books  all take a real subject from history  which she weaves around with a good story, but the hours talk was midday Sunday and I wanted to be well into painting the living room by then.

Do you know what starts this afternoon? Yes it's Whoop! Whoop! Wimbledon!

Back in a flash


  1. Your home grown meal sounds delicious. I might try and grow some potatoes next year as I keep reading how tasty home grown one's are.
    Well done on your book haul. At this rate you'll need more shelves. X

  2. Tracy Chevalier - great author. Love the way as you said 'takes historical content and weaves it into her stories'. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy her last book as much as all her previous ones.
    Will you hold onto the Penguin novel or maybe sell it on?

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  3. Your homegrown meal sounds wonderful-x-

  4. Isn't is such a rewarding feeling to eat a home grown, home cooked meal?
    Some books {and even 'used' and out of date calendars} are selling for ridiculously silly money on Amazon. I think people just try it on, and more fool the beggar that takes the bait.

  5. oh your food sounds fabulous! there I am prattling on about my short cuts, and there you are cooking properly!

    Oh Wimbledon! Means a couple of week hearing Bill shouting 'come on' at the TV in his ten, or clapping and bellowing 'shot'! To me, the best thing about tennis are strawbs, pimms, and tennis braclets! ;o) ha ha! I'm not sporty.

    Thanks for your comment. You are far too sensible to worry about The Killer, my imagination needs to be toned down just a tad! xx

  6. Your beans look very long, mine are coming thick and fast now.

  7. I will be glued to the tennis on TV too but I have to get up at 6:30 a.m. to catch the early matches!

  8. Will be taping Wimbledon, it starts at 4am here. Watched Nadal win today. Unfortunately, Bouchard lost her opening match. Will watch Ronic tomorrow. Your flan looks delicious, will be checking out the recipe.

  9. That flan looks delicious, Sue. I have no beans growing in the garden at the moment but lots of snow peas instead. Meg:)

  10. Our kids LOVE the William books. We have loads on audio book and they giggle their way hours across the country when we go on holiday to the sound track of that naughty boy 😊