Thursday, 13 July 2017

Need a Courgette Recipe?

Have you hit Courgette Glut Panic yet?

We've just got 3 plants here and they're not setting well because of the dratted pollen beetle so have been producing one at a time and there hasn't been a glut, but just in case, this is another recipe for courgettes.It's a variation of the recipe on the magazine picture below and is a bit vague as I go by eye rather than scales

First you need to make some pizza topping or pasta sauce (my recipe below) and use a portion . ................. I suppose you could open a jar of pasta sauce but there would be some left and it wouldn't be as nice as home made!
Then you need onions, courgettes, about 2 slices of fresh bread left out to get a bit dry, grated strong cheese and some pine nuts.

For two people
Slice an onion and 3 or 4 small courgettes or  1 or 2 larger ones.
Fry the onion  in a little olive oil ( or rapeseed oil) until soft, then add courgettes and continue to cook but not too much , turning to brown them a little. Tip into baking dish.

Mix in the sauce, just enough to coat the courgettes and onions but not too much, and season with pepper.

Crumble some fresh bread that's been left out to get a bit dry, mix with grated cheese and pine nuts and tip over the courgette mix.

Bake in hottish oven for about 20 minutes until nice and crispy on top.

 I make up big batches of the sauce and divide up to store in the freezer.

Many Thanks for comments over the last few day, sorry I'm so hopeless at replying.

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  1. I'll be trying this.the gult is just beginning!

  2. I wash and grate mine, and pop them in the freezer in usable portions. Throw frozen in sauce and it works just fine.


  3. I freeze mine now, and also make chutney which is absolutely delicious. My favourite recipe is fried onions, apples and courgettes with sage, and it is great hot or cold, or on a blanca pizza. I've never done them this way, but will give most receipts a go!

  4. I make courgetti and chop and freeze for curries. A glut doesn't last long here.

  5. The recipe sounds lovely but I would have to change out the courgettes. I wonder what it would be like with butternut squash instead? Mmmm I might just give that a try-x-

  6. Delicious! A suggestion... Make a risotto base with onion, rice etc, then add all of your stock, stir in a can of chopped tomatoes, add two or three - depends on size - thinly sliced courgettes stir in. Top with grated parmesan and season well. Cover tightly. Bake in oven 200 degrees C for 20 to 30 mins until rice is cooked. Eat immediately.

  7. I have given away 3 carrier bags full today as we have 3 plants and they are going crazy! I will only have 2 plants next time but I wanted to fill the beds and not have to weed too much. I will be looking at this recipe!

  8. I have had a couple about 14cms long but hope to get many more.

  9. No zucchini in the garden at the moment, Sue, but I will plant them in the Spring. When I do have them, I grate them into pasta sauces and also make a Zucchini Slice with bacon, onion, cheese etc. Meg:)