Friday, 14 July 2017

Our Week So Far

Sue to dentist ✓
Buy curtains✓
Hang curtains✓
Order another set that they didn't have in stock✓
Bid online for two side tables✓
Collect same✓
Babysit Florence✓
Colin meet with Funeral Director✓
Clear up inside garage after roof repairs✓
Cut brambles from hedge ✓
Put pictures up in living room✓
Put up more fixings in conservatory for grapevine✓
Order bookcase✓
Colin meet with Minister ✓
Bake a few cakes ✓
Shopping ✓
Colin to hospital for bone marrow sample and blood test✓
Prepare onions and tomatoes and sort out jars and lids for Green Tomato Chutney✓
Plant out 8 Purple Sprouting broccoli plants that arrived in the post✓
Normal boring housework✓
Sue watch Wimbledon✓
Colin avoid watching Wimbledon!✓

Not yet done
Clear up scrap-wood after garage roof repairs
Make the chutney

Thanks for comments, some replies........................

The books I listed the other day were not necessarily  my favourites - that would be difficult to pin down to 10. They were just books picked from my shelves that I remember because they have started a trend of reading.  A favourites list would go on for weeks!

In the front of Col's Dad's bible, Sister in Law found a note - 'Readings for my funeral'. So she looked in the front of his hymn book and sure enough 'Hymns for my funeral'. What a good thing she found them now beforehand rather than too late. Funeral plans are now sorted.

If we do get a courgette glut they won't be wasted as I'll put them in the freezer along with the mange-tout peas and the excess French beans!

Back very soon


  1. Wow. You have had such a productive week! Mine seems as if it has been mostly child-wrangling and working, but maybe there's been some extra stuff in there somewhere!

  2. That's only your week so far??? You really power through things, Sue. Wimbledon is on here but it's late night viewing here in Australia. I always intend to watch it but rarely see much because I end up falling asleep! Meg:)

  3. I am so glad you found the hymns and readings. In our last church we had a (free) system where people could leave details of their funeral in a sealed envelope in the church safe. It was so helpful for bereaved families. Thinking of you all at this time with love and prayers x

    1. It was only by luck that Col's sister found the notes. That envelope idea sounds very useful

  4. An interesting week of jobs and satisfying to get them done. I understood your reading post and my response to it was likewise, not my favourite books, impossible and non existent as I enjoy many many books, but just some reading that started a pattern of reading for me. Thanks.

  5. Wow and Wow again. Might be time to slow down and smell the roses.
    That was a lovely thought of your father in law's to provide you with a list of the things he would like said and sung at his funeral.

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  6. Goodness me....all those ticks on that big list.....makes me look a right lazy

  7. Trying to fit Wimbledon in but have to keep up with Tour de France daily! My thoughts are turning to red cabbage and beetroot chutney......

  8. You certainly accomplished a lot in one week! Though I don't always comment, I have been reading/following daily and have to say your painting looks fantastic.

  9. You've achieved so much this week Sue. I feel positively lazy. The last two on your list made me smile.
    What a good thing that your SIL found the notes for the hymns and readings. It would have been such a shame if she hadn't noticed until after the funeral. X

  10. A busy week! Glad that you found those lists, it is good because it is easier for you all to organise and nice for Col and his family to know that the selected readings etc are being used.

  11. You have been busy. I am glad that some of the organization was taken care of. It makes things so much easier for the family to finish settling things.

    God bless.

  12. I have requested "Dissolution" from the library. Hope it comes soon!