Friday, 21 July 2017

The problem....................

.........................with scheduling posts and trying to spend less time on the lap top is that things that happen unexpectedly don't get a mention  and other things get forgotten................

Like the spectacular thunderstorm on Tuesday night when the thunder and lightening rolled round and round for well over an hour and the rain filled all the water butts again. The electric went off and on again which makes the doorbell ring and the phone go all peculiar!

And I've done an Approved Food order for the first time for about 3 years, maybe even longer. Now I have somewhere to store stuff it's a good way of saving as long as you don't get carried away and order boxes of Lindt truffles! πŸ˜‰(can't think how that happened!) Got a Christmas present, flour,tomato sauce, mayo, tortilla wraps and fajita seasoning and cappuccino coffee.

And "The Cottage at the End of the Lane" children's book arrived. It is a lovely story with fold out pages showing the inside of three different dolls' houses.
 "Once upon a time there was a little wooden doll called Peggy, and she lived by herself in the forest because she had no home"

 But after being turned away from two other dolls houses she finds a home of her own and a rabbit friend to live there with her. So sweet!
Can't wait for Florence to be big enough so I can read it to her😊

 And I went totally crazy and ordered a small fruit and veg dehydrator. We have access to the cheap mushrooms at the car boot and an apple tree loaded with fruit, so I hope to get busy.

And have you heard about a new series of 6 programmes on Channel 4 starting next week " Craft it Yourself" Tuesday at 8 pm. Looks interesting.

And we went to Addenbrookes to see the consultant. Appointment at 11.45 but you have to be there an hour early for a blood test so the results get to the consultant by the time of your appointment. Notice says " Bone Marrow Transplant clinic running 1 hour late" and we finally got in at 1.30pm. I'm sure if the doctor didn't repeat himself 5 times he could get done quicker! Col has decided to definitely go for the donor transplant as the tablets he is on will stop working in less than a year and then there is nothing else. The side effects and risks of the donor transplant are awful but long term prospects might be good so it's a risk we have to take.😟

And the loose chippings on our road have been hoovered up but WHY the heck did they not do the bit round the corner and for a mile further where the road is like a ridged field! Summer is always surface dressing time but there does seem to be more than usual being done this year. Loved the comment by Busybusybeejay 😊 and I guess cleaning and re-using the chippings is better than dumping them, which is what they used to do.

So that's caught up on news.
Welcome to new followers - 2 or 3 new folk I think......... Hello and I hope you enjoy reading my waffling.

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  1. I'm back on approved food too! Going to do a monthly order for non-perishables. If you can get past all the sweets and chocolates there are some gems! I got a large jar of coconut oil for £2.99 and lots of whole/organic items too. Some of the stuff I've got isn't even out of date, must just be discontinued items. Wish the delivery was a bit quicker, but apart from that I can't fault them! I heard the dragons turned them down for funding a few years ago too, glad they made a success of it anyway, keeping all that food from being wasted. Gx

  2. I think maybe grandma could read that story to Florence now if she's the soothing tone of a voice rather that what is being said that little ones love! x

    1. She just tries to grab and eat every book at the moment!

  3. My hopes and prayers for Col and that the transplant WORKS and not too much in the way of nasty side effects etc. Must be scary for you both though.

    WHAT a lovely book - one to enjoy yourself as well as reading to Florence! I agree with Winters End Rambler about reading it to the wee one already . . .

    Have fun with your Dehydrator. I have a very basic one (didn't go mad on an expensive one in case I didn't get on with it/use it much). Well, I had teething troubles last year - everything seemed to take SO much longer to dehydrate than the instructions. Anyway, I found a 2nd (Idiots Guide) book on Dehydrating for 10p at a car boot sale, so that got me trying it again, and I have dehydrated some blackcurrants and the handful of redcurrants I harvested. Again, it took much longer but I have a nice jarful, and half a dozen apple trees to use up this autumn . . .

  4. I've only ever ordered from AF once and every time I have looked since they haven't had much that I wanted really.

    Oh that book is just gorgeous. I might see if I can find a copy of much for myself as for the

    I do so hope the stem cell treatment works for Col and that he gets through it without too many of the side effects.

  5. Your book looks utterly charming. I'm sure Florence will love it as much as you do.

  6. Gorgeous book which will bring pleasure you adults and children alike. Thanks for the reference to the craft programme-i'll go and unlock the mysteries of the Humax to record it. Colin is really brave in choosing the bone marrow transplant and with you and the rest of the family to support him, he will stay strong. Catriona

  7. That's a beautiful book! I've never heard of Approved Foods, but I think I understand what it is from reading the comments. Quite certain we don't have that here. -Jenn

  8. I do hope that this time things work better for Col - Col I am thinking of you.

  9. It's ages since I've ordered from Approved Foods, what with Lindt chocolates AND all those iced cup cakes in the freezer there is going to be a lot of temptation in your house.

    I love the look and sound of that story book. It's the sort of book I used to enjoy as much as my boys, in fact sometimes after bedtime story time I would take the current book downstairs with me and finish it off, looking at all the pictures in great detail :-)

  10. What a delightful book - I expect Florence will love it when she's older.

    Hope all goes well with Col's treatment when the time comes. xx