Monday, 24 July 2017

A Week With Nothing Happening.....................

......................would be wonderful.

Colin has had to travel to Ipswich for blood tests twice a week while the tablets were being increased each week and the doctor said once he was on the highest dose he would just need to go up once a week. BUT then the transplant doctor at Addenbrookes said that as they were getting nearer the stem cell transplant time he would need kidney and lung function tests, CT scan and heart monitor. So bother and blow he/we are still up to Ipswich twice a week, as of course the appointments all came through for different days!

We have got back to normal here after having the Surrey bit of the family staying for the funeral. Jacob toddles at some speed now so a lot of time was spent following him round and round the garden.
And of course the slide had to be tried the wrong way
Then Grandad gave him a ride in the wheelbarrow - as you do-

 Col found the Fisher Price Little People in the cupboard under the stairs at his Dad's and Brother's house. Left there from the time our youngest was not much more than Jacob's age. I had to give them a really good wash but they've kept Jacob amused for quite a while. They are the "Vintage" Little People who I think
are much nicer than their modern equivalents.......... for little hands

Little People® Toys
Now they look like this

 This week, apart from hospital, Col is (providing he gets over his cold) hoping to prepare for having a new oil tank by getting the base ready for concreting. I've not got anything definite planned but I'm sure I shall find something to do.

We think we solved the mystery of the ladies at the funeral. They certainly weren't from the villages around as someone would have known them, but on each chair in the chapel were little cards where people could write their names and memories of Dad C. On one card were the names of two ladies from Stowmarket Methodist chapel. The Minister who covers Cotton Chapel is also minister for Stowmarket and as Col's Dad was so well known as a preacher and many, many years as secretary for the JMA (Methodist Junior Mission for All) many people would have known him.  The 2 ladies left quite soon after we got back from the burial so we didn't get to ask about them.

Thank you all for comments and condolences.

Back in a flash


  1. Kid in a wheelbarrow always fun. We have photos of our middle kid in a bucket when we were washing a car 😁 ... and several pictures of all our kids having a ride behind Col's little tractor on the small holding. Happy memories 😊

  2. Hope all goes well for Col with these upcoming tests. It never seems to stop, does it? If little Jacob keeps toddling quickly, think of the keep fit!

  3. Our boy loved our wheelbarrow when he was little. Pushing it, helping to fill it up, going for rides in it. What great fun it was! Meg:)

  4. All good wishes for Colin as he gets closer to the stem cell transplant stage. Jean from Winnipeg.

  5. Sending you much luck that it all goes well with the tests and the eventual stem cell transplant. Your grandson is growing fast.

  6. Keeping everything crossed for Col and you too as he goes through all the tests and the eventual transplant.

    What a gorgeous little boy Jacob is-x-

  7. Very best wishes to Col as he enters yet another phase in his treatment. How tired of it all you both must be. I so admire the way you soldier on.