Thursday, 20 July 2017

Tarred and Chipped

Or to give it it's proper name..........surface dressed.
Our road has been done, it all looks pristine and perfect, but horrible to drive over with chippings flying up everywhere. Hopefully the sweeper will be along soon and hoover up all the loose stuff.

Once upon a time at the smallholding, whenever we knew the chipper was about Col would ask them to deliver a load of swept chippings and for  a tenner or a bit more we would get a load tipped up to spread over the campsite driveway during the winter.
Now, swept chipping are "hazardous waste" and have to go to be cleaned and washed before being used again.
Colin spent several years working on the roads tarring and chipping each summer, it was a hot horrible job, raking in the stones or standing on the back of the tar-pot directing the man who was driving backwards with the chippings lorry. His boots would be caked in tar and overalls black instead of orange. But the overtime money was good.

Back Soon


  1. Our road was surface dressed last month and I was surprised how quickly everything got back to normal. It has felt as though half the roads in this county have been dressed in the last couple of months.

  2. We had a lot of roads done around our parts but if I'm honest you may not have bothered. It's a very thin layer of tar over numerous potholes, cracks and such like. After a month the road looks no different. They did our footpath last year but didn't use weedkiller first, now the weeds are bursting through the tar.

  3. Yes, it's not as if you have a lot of traffic to help it along, is it? Hopefully all will be done soon. At least you haven't got cavernous potholes as I've got!

    1. They've not done the bit that really needed doing which is round the corner at the end of the road!

  4. Oh that deep pungent smell of tarmacadam - doesn't matter where you are in the world, you only need a whiff of tar to know there are several people with flouro jackets standing around somewhere with shovels and maybe brushes lol

  5. They must be surface dressing everywhere as we have had lots done round here too.
    I can't abide the sound of the chippings hitting the underneath of the sets my teeth on

  6. nice & neat & tidy. Well, apart from the loose chips! x

  7. They are doing it round here too, in North Wales.Isthere a sale on????!!!!

  8. Your re-surfaced road looks wonderful. It's the things that some consider insugnicant that I find especially dear. Have a grand dsy,

  9. Your re-surfaced road looks wonderful. It's the things that some consider insugnicant that I find especially dear. Have a grand dsy,

  10. Our lane was done about three weeks ago - it looks good now but at the time it was pretty deadly to drive along and for days it came into the house on my shoe soles.

  11. The lane looks much better. If we're not going down a pothole we're going over a road hump around here. Drives me mad - pardon the pun!

    Why are the chippings hazardous or is just another over zealous H&S ruling? xx