Wednesday 7 February 2018

Car Boot Season

The car boot season is under way - Hooray.
It's a morning walk in fresh air with the chance of spotting a bargain.....what more could you ask for?

The first one at Needham  Market was  Saturday and the weather was actually fine.
A bit wet underfoot and very chilly but there were a few brave booters......maybe 30, although mostly traders and dealers.

 Last week I made a list of what I'm looking for this year and started another of what I mustn't buy!

Looking  for..........................

  • Cotton T-shirts for me - men's ones probably, apart from being nice and baggy they tend to be well made and better material, although charity shops are usually a better bet.
  • Any toys in good condition that will make Christmas or Birthday presents for Jacob, Florence or Grandchild # 3
  • Interesting books  plus Persephone or Virago or WWII Home Front  books for my collections. 
  • Any interesting and cheap bits of kitchenalia.
  • Anything which might save money at a later date. 
Must not buy
  • Craft stuff 
  • And other things that I haven't thought of yet!

 Two items fitting the criteria were found.  An old book by an author who has had some books reprinted recently and another seed feeder for our feathered friends......50p each. I also got a big savoy cabbage for 40p.

 After the boot sale I had to go shopping in Stowmarket and picked up a bag of seed compost on the way by  the garden centre.
Of course a couple of charity shops had to be visited while in Stow .........after the boring food shop, and from the only one that isn't part of a chain I picked up this interesting brass tea-pot stand or trivet, which cost me £2.

Nice to get rummaging again.

Thank you for lots of comments over the last few days and apologies for not replying to many.

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  1. Well those finds were worth getting out of bed for! I hope you enjoy the Winifred Peck.

  2. I must admit I do miss the car boot sales since our move.

  3. Not car booting weather today. We have got snow.

  4. Must look out for sales around here - we don't seem to have any but maybe that's just me not noticing them.
    That's a fine trivet
    J x

  5. Have you seen the pack of 5 men's t shirts in Lidl for £11.99?..we got some for hubby for work a while ago and he's pleased with the or white. x

  6. Always love to see other people's bargains!

  7. How nice your car boot season has started again, I am hoping ours will start in March, I can't wait.

  8. We are "lucky" in Swansea, we have them undercover every Sunday all year round.

  9. Cant beat bargains for 50p. A very useful trivet too, happy hunting xcx

  10. I used to love a jumble sale where I'd pick up lovely bits of old glass. Unfortunately they are few and far between nowadays

  11. I think the one in town is on (only stops for a couple of weeks after Christmas) but from past experience, very few traders around until it warms up a bit so we're not missing much.

    I'm glad you found a couple of bargains anyway.