Wednesday, 28 February 2018

February Thrifty Bits + .............

............Obligatory photos of snow.

Watching the pennies is always the plan

 Took drinks and snacks to Addenbrookes hospital each week for the clinic appointment.
Started some cross stitch from the stash,  will be used for little Christmas gifts
Sorted through part of the craft stash and put some in box ready for car boot sale in the summer.
Ran cold water into jug while waiting for hot to appear  and used  for flushing loos all through month.
Got washing almost dry outside and finished on the clothes horse by the fire all through month.
Filled the oven when baking cake and rusks and mincemeat slices.
Filled the oven one day when doing Tomato and Goats cheese tart for dinner by roasting potatoes and drying breadcrumbs ( from dry crusts)
Filled the oven when making cakes and quiche
Used our own frozen peppers, green beans, courgettes and mangetout peas from freezer.
Used leeks from the garden
Got seed potatoes from Potato day,  more variety and cheaper than shops
Picked up free shopping bag from Potato day to cover the cost of entry.
Darned socks
Picked up twigs from field to use for kindling
Sorted through books again and sent off a small box full to Ziffit worth £13
Printed out a price comparison voucher from Asda worth £1.94
Biggest save, after having the water meter fitted last year..........our water bill for 6 months was £64.52p. Mrs F ( who we bought the house from) was paying £37 a month based on Council Tax! A good saving me thinks.....and we are clean and have clean clothes too!

As it's such a rare occurrence it always needs recording. We woke yesterday to a covering but blue skies.
Following the hare footprints down the field
Across the fields

The bench with more  footprints

Then I took the bin bag down to the end of the lane to await collection and took a couple more photos

Looking back up our lane and then down the road. Our next door but one neighbours have both gone out to work and taking their children to school . Not much traffic along the road. Everywhere was quiet.

Jolly cold and very beautiful..........nice for a change.......but not for too long I hope.

Thanks for lots of comments yesterday and hello to 3 new followers who have clicked the button over the last few days.

And edited in this morning to say - the weathermen got it right, we've had more snow overnight and as I type this at 7.30am it's still snowing.....very heavily. That's made about 4 or 5 inches, the most we've had in Suffolk for many, many years. Roads are closed in Cambridgeshire so a trip to Addenbrookes this week looks problematical!  Maybe more snow photos tomorrow.

Back Tomorrow


  1. Love the snow photographs. It's snowing heavily here just now and the cat is refusing to go out, she's not impressed. Stay warm. X

  2. Blue sky against snow is a beautiful image - it is not until you are actually standing in the stuff, while it goes down the back of your neck as you try to chisel the bird water so the garden birds get a drink - that's when you mutter dark things about cold/wt/white/stuff and where is summer??!!

  3. Heavy frost here along the south coast, just a few snowflakes yesterday, but we should get it on Tomorrow. You have done very well this month, my month is mixed with savings and some spending.

  4. Some good thrifty bits there 😊

    Gorgeous snow pictures, it is beautiful isn't it but can be so deadly, so unless a trip to Addenbrookes is really unavoidable I would try to miss a week ... with medical permission of course.

    Stay cosy ... and safe. Xx

  5. Beautiful photos, hope it doesn't last too long for you though as it always becomes a pain after a while of disruption. Made me smile about your saving your water waiting for the hot to arrive. Just what I do too, it takes 7L of water before the hot reaches our bathroom so I save the 8L water bottles and fill them. I either use that for watering the plants or pour it back into the deposito, unfortunately our deposito only holds 8000L before a refill, so every little helps! stay warm. xcx

  6. I really enjoyed your snow photos and your photo of English money makes me very nostalgic. You can take the girl out of England but you can't take England out if the girl.

  7. I love the Hare footprints, we had bird and cat prints on the patio this morning(hope that cat is still hungry). Kids school closed, so I had to come home after teaching one lesson at my school to look after them. Been sledging in the park, lovely!

  8. Lovely photos. Snow is very pretty but a real nuisance too. Hope your hospital appointments are doable.

  9. Your snow is gorgeous. We finally had some pretty snow here, our winter so far had been cold but no snow.. I don't like to go through a winter without some of the pretty white stuff! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Great frugality as normal Sue. Latest news, coldest weather in thirty odd years. Storm Emma next! I hope you can get to the hospital safely. Is there a local charity that can help you with a driver?

  11. I am a bit envious of everyones snow - we are just getting the bitterly cold temperatures but no snow - so no great pictures like yours.
    We changed to a water meter a few years ago but our cost per quarter is more than yours for 6 months - not sure if the water companies charge different prices per unit -we have a washer but no dish washer and only use a shower so not sure where we are using quite so much.

  12. Very thrifty month. Congratulations on the water savings.

    God bless.

  13. Beautiful snowy photos, Sue. Just gorgeous to see everything blanketed in white. Here, in sunny Australia, on the first day of Autumn, it's 34C. Hot! Meg:)