Wednesday, 4 March 2020

The Free 12 Week Course + Thanks

Who knew that a short post about a trying out a coconut fibre soap rest would get so many comments..........Thank you everyone. I'd never heard of a soap magnet or most of the other things people mentioned - I think I must have lead a sheltered life!

 Week 3 of the One-Life-Suffolk Weight Loss group this week. This is the hand-out book full of information and ideas.
 Last week we discussed different methods of losing weight, and the reasons why they might or might not work

Option 3 is the way the course uses and I've got the book recommended to count calories more easily.There was a time when I was in my Twenties I knew the number of calories off by heart - which shows how long I've been on and off dieting!

The subjects this week are Influences and Mindful eating.
This is different to how well know slimming groups work. Hope I can keep going - it might help me lose weight - who knows.

Back Tomorrow


  1. I wish you every success!

  2. If you have a smartphone there is a great app called my fitness pal for tracking calories - has most things in there. You can even scan barcodes of items for the calories to get added. Has some standard eating out things in their listings and you can also input recipes and have favourite foods :)

  3. All the very best with it all. Calorie counting is the bottom line, however one approaches it.

  4. Good luck! It wonderful that this is offered free. Having others in the group to discuss things with could be helpful. I've done so much on and off dieting in my life that it is now difficult for me to lose weight. I usually need lifestyle change and then it is a matter of sticking with it. I do love sweets and that's a problem!

  5. I've never counted a calories in my life, but somehow I know that an apple is 100!!

    I hope it works out for you, and that the numbers in the group keep it viable. So many courses like this start with lots of interest and then it fizzles out and the few that really want/need it lose out as it closes early. Good luck.

  6. I'm using option 1 with smaller portions and no snacking, it's working for me, slowly but working.

  7. I must say Sue I find it easier now that I live on my own - no hearty meals for working farmers - but I would sooner be heavier and have him back given the choice.

  8. Good luck! It's not easy. I've decided that after about 40 years of 'dieting' I'm not doing it any more. I do try to eat healthily and I walk every day but I've always been overweight and I'm not as bothered by it as I once was.

  9. That one page you included in your post gave me a lot to think about. Thanks for sharing.

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