Friday, 9 April 2021


Anyone who's lived in Suffolk for many years will recognise those initials straight away. Anyone who's lived in Norfolk for a long time will boo and hiss!

There has always been a rivalry between the Tractor Boys and the Canaries or Ipswich Town Football Club and Norwich City probably because they are the only professional football teams in each County. People who live in Suffolk  "have" to support Ipswich even if they've never been to a match in their lives - like Col's Grandad who used to listen avidly to the radio for every match. Admittedly there are a few people who live in North Suffolk who blatantly cross the border and travel to Norwich matches at Carrow Road. Maybe there are people in Norfolk who come down to Portman Road although probably not at the moment as Norwich are about to be promoted from the Championship  back to the Premiership (Top tier of English football) while Ipswich are struggling around the middle of League 1 (3rd tier) and nearly everyone has forgotten that once they won the FA Cup, the E.U.F.A Cup and were among the best in the country. 

For the last 14 years Ipswich  Town have been owned by a bloke who wouldn't even give an interview for TV or the press and they've struggled with umpteen managers and useless players. But they've now been bought by some Americans who own some Soccer clubs in the US.

There is great excitement in Suffolk! Hope they have plenty of money to buy some players who can actually score some goals.

Ipswich Town F.C. Logo

Why am I bothered? Well once upon a time (Before Colin) I used to go to all the home matches and cheer and shout with 1000's of others and about 10 years before that I had a year or two of cutting all the match reports out of the paper to make a scrapbook after meeting the players one summer when they did a tour of villages.

 And anyway I'm born and bred here so obliged to be a supporter!

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  1. A lot of people in Norfolk support Ipswich, particularly from around the Diss, Stratton area. Local derby matches always had stories in the EDP about families split one supporting Norwich, the other Ipswich. Good luck to Ipswich with their new owners. I hope they get back to wherever Norwich are and we can have derby games again.

  2. When my cousins moved from west Wales to Suffolk, they lived smack bang between Ipswich and Norwich. Unlike me, they are massive sports fans, all sorts, and I think they ended up tossing a coin to decide which local team to support. Not exactly sure which one, but it may have been Norwich. Either way, they were very happy to be living so close that they could attend matches live on the weekends!

  3. Nice to see they have a Suffolk Punch emblem.

  4. It's such fun supporting a local team. I could never understand why as we live in a London suburb half the children in youngest son's class supported Manchester United! I hope Ipswich Town start to do well again now they have been bought and have an injection of cash. I think you should start going again when they open up. Nothing like a bit of cheering or shouting at the poor ref to get the blood circulating!

  5. This year is an anomaly. We have TWO Yorkshire teams in the Premier League. But the gods have realised and will rectify that next year, much as we are all rooting for beautiful Barnsley. ITFC have a long climb back.

  6. When I was growing up in Manchester I supported Manchester City one of our two main football clubs ... but that was mostly just to annoy my brother who supported Manchester United ;-)

    For some reason he has still never cottoned on and thinks I am a City fan.

  7. Ipswich was a nice town to shop in and we'd go to see movies there that weren't shown on base at RAF Bentwaters years ago. We watched the 1st Star Wars movie in Ipswich. A nice restuarant as well. German food. First date there. I'm glad there's a new soccer/football team there. Phil used to play football when he was in high school. Take care mg friend.

  8. I've been to one match, we were invited to something where we got to eat at half time, very nice it was too, but to be honest I was there for the food and drink rather than the footie, though it was nice to see it in real life!

    On my mum and dad's wedding day they got married in the a.m, had a do back at my nan's, then went to watch the football later on. so romantic!!

    Bill was a season ticket holder for years, but gave up renewing it a few years back. I have no comment whatsoever about an American buying them. There is only room for improvement!

  9. I know what you mean about having to support your local team. Here it is a rugby team, but every time I watch them play (on TV, not in person) they always lose their game. I'm starting to think I may be jinxing them!

  10. Supporting your local team is definitely a must.

    God bless.