Saturday, 28 August 2021

Last Saturday in August

Heading to the end of August and still no proper summer weather this week, some sun appeared between the clouds, enough to get washing dry but no real heat, no rain either. Everywhere's getting very dry.

 I had an enforced 3 days rest from Sunday to Tuesday, can't remember when I last had a snotty, grotty, feeling yuck head cold but "they" said that once things got back to sort of normal and seeing more people inside we'd catch all sorts of things. The cold disappeared in time for me to go to the Wednesday morning boot sale - lucky!......not that I found anything interesting - just a punnet of plums and a couple more things for the grandsons car collection - red double-double bus and a tanker lorry.

A tingly moment on Thursday.............. I was driving along a country lane and saw the Red Arrows fly across - all 9 of them!!   Looked online at their schedule  and found 521714N 0010901E E OF THORNDON - 11.47am. How lucky to be in just the right just the right moment .Love seeing them!

Flowers on the table this week ........ roses from the garden.

This week I've been grateful for

  • Watching the inspirational athletes in the Paralympics
  • Being able to have a couple of days doing nothing much without responsibilities
  • BiL reconnecting the compressor pipe so I could pump up my bike and car tyres (Turns out I should have been pushing and clicking rather than turning.....Duh!) 
  • Finally organising the repair of the car windscreen  for next week

No idea what I'm doing for this long Bank Holiday Weekend. Son, DiL and the two youngest grandchildren have been away on holiday so I'll probably see them sometime. Otherwise some reading and gardening.......and getting organised for next week which is a bit busier.

Have a good weekend whatever you are doing.
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  1. I used to live below the Red Arrows practice area and never tired of seeing them. They are brilliant!

  2. How lovely to see the Red Arrows. We've had some nice bits of sunshine, but also a lot of's just not consistent.

  3. Your rose is like lovely and the foliage is perfect.
    It looks like rain here, my D and GD are picking my up we are going to do some gardening at my DinL house and then have a meal out.
    Enjoy what you do Sue have a nice weekend.
    Hazel 🌈🌈

  4. That was lucky, seeing the Red Arrows. Enjoy the weekend.

  5. They are over us today, Blackpool airport, I o M for display and back to Blackpool for refreshments before going home this evening. I shall be looking out for them at 5.31pm!

  6. We are hoping to catch sight of the Red Arrows here this afternoon. At least the weather is set fair for the display for a change!

  7. Tam came back from Green Man Festival with a very nasty summer cold which floored her - in bed/isolating all week "just in case". I always think summer colds are much worse than winter ones. We managed to avoid catching it from Tam. At least your immune system has been boosted from having the cold you caught. (Grandchildren?!)

    Enjoy any car boots this weekend - we're doing one tomorrow, and then it's Malvern on Monday.

    Meanwhile, I have some tidying to do in the garden and holes to dig for the two Japanese Anemones I bought at Aldi today (only £3.99 each). They were just what I was looking for but I had no intention of paying 3 times as much at the Garden Centre.

  8. P.S. What a pretty rose. I gave me a good feeding and they are rewarding me.

  9. i also love the red arrows, my late father was in the RAF and used to take me to the airshows when i was little x I hope you have a good weekend x

  10. So glad you are feeling better. Wonderful to see the red arrows, what a delight.

  11. Sounds exciting to see your "Red Arrows"! Here we have the "Blue Angels" but it sounds like the same idea. Such coordination and speed in the air!
    Glad your cold cleared up! Stay safe and healthy!

  12. Many years ago we lived a mile down the Red Arrows Flight Path. We got so used to seeing them we didn't even look up.

  13. Good to hear that you got over the cold. A summer cold seems worse to me in some ways, maybe because of the heat. I'm sure the grandsons will love the addition to their car collection. It must have been exciting to see the Red Arrows. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  14. A lovely rose - what’s its name, do you know? Because last winter the country was in lockdown, this winter the little children have been decimated by a respiratory bug, filling hospitals in an alarming way. Turns out that they hadn’t developed immunity because last year they weren’t exposed to it … sigh…. if it’s not one thing, it’s another!

  15. Wish I could send you some of our HOT and Humid weather. Thankfully we are supposed to get rain (storms) tonight (Sat) thru Tues. The dryland corn is drying too quickly but the soybeans are hanging on. I doubt the soybeans will weight much but at least we have a crop.
    We are busy this weekend with a Farm Landlord's auction (he passed away and she moved to a retirement village.) We watched our local collage's first American Football game of the year. Tonight we may go out for dinner. Tomorrow we are going to the State Fair (I don't know the English equivalent) to watch some friends show their sheep & goats. And then it will be Monday and a new workweek again.

  16. I'm glad you are feeling better. Could this have been a "change of seasons cold?" I usually get a cold when the season changes. Last week it was 90 degrees and humid. Today (Saturday) it is 70 degrees and the acorns are falling. It is great to work outside in the cool. I got the John Deere out and mowed all the lawns.

  17. Nothing worse than a head cold in the summer.

    This has been a strange summer weather wise all over.

    God bless.

  18. That was very lucky. The Red Arrows are amazing to watch.
    I'm glad you are feeling better - I remember them saying these other bugs are going to fight back this year and next. We will see. A summer cold is miserable although I guess it matches the weather!

  19. Living in Torbay, Sue, the Red Arrows have come every year (apart from last year, of course, because of lockdown) to entertain the holidaymakers and residents alike. We can look over the Bay from upstairs in our house (if we stand on the upstairs lavatory seat and lean out of the skylight!) and see their aerobatics, it's an amazing sight. Of course, this past year has also seen our Bay as a parking place for cruise liners, and that has added interest in itelf. But you were lucky to be in the right place at the right time.
    Any idea what has happened to blogger Sadie, whose blog I used to enjoy?
    Your stash of books looks good. Right now I'm reading through the forensic genealogy crime novels by Nathan Dylan Goodwin, and really enjoying them.
    all good wishes from a very busy Torbay, so we're doing our best to keep away from all the holidaymakers for obvious reasons.
    Margaret P

  20. I'm glad you have recovered from your cold and were able to get to the boot sale. We have been watching a TV series about the Red Arrows - they are phenomenal with what they do.
    Enjoy your restful days :) xx

  21. I use to go to watch the Red Arrows going over at Tesco's on London Road in Ipswich for the Queen's Birthday. Not sure they come up here, will have to check. We do have jets coming over to go to Otterburn, I haven't seen them yet, but have heard them. Sorry you have had a cold but glad you are better. I haven't found any car boot sales yet, will have to check that out too, you certainly get some bargains.